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This Solatorobo Concept Artwork is Pretty, Stunning

Posted by James Newton

Screenshots look good too

We recently brought you the good news that Nintendo will release Solatorobo: Red the Hunter in Europe, but if the first fleeting glimpses of its furry robots didn't stir your interest this motherlode of concept art from Nintendo should seal the deal.

Showing floating islands, flying robots and almost everything in between, the artwork shows the attention to detail that developer Namco Bandai put into creating its imaginative world. The accompanying screenshots don't look half bad either, showing off the game's mixture of action, combat, open-world exploration and aerial racing.

Solatorobo: Red the Hunter is scheduled for a release in Europe on 1st July, with no North American date currently announced.

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Yosher said:

I recently heard first about this title on Nintendo's website. It looks pretty interesting, actually.



Late said:

First thing I noticed was a Pokéball looking thing on hand when I enlarged the image



Henmii said:

Very nice artwork!

Now I really want to know: Is this based on a Manga/anime series, or is this a original property? I really want to know this, since I almost never buy a game based on a tv-show or movie. It looks very promising though. And it gives me a bit of a Klonoa vibe, wich isn't strange since that also comes from Namco!



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

Known about this game for awhile now. ;_; It better come here so I don't have to import. Oh does anyone know where I can get Inazuma Eleven (European version)? I've been looking on ebay but I've only found the Japanese version.



Vinsanity said:

@Sakura_Moonlight: I say try Play-Asia. Though I've only used them for Jap imports, I know they have stuff from other regions.

Anyway, this looks fantastic! I'm super thrilled that CC2 is going back to the universe for Tail Concerto. But there's a part of me that's thinking, "Why so much fuss over a DS game?". I mean, why not put out a charming, colorful game like this ALSO on PSN or something? Why do Japanese devs seem to hate downloadable gaming platforms so much right now? These guys are already incredibly talented with their HD console toolkits, judging by their other games (Asura's Wrath, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm). I'd love to see them get an RPG like this on consoles again.



Kurona said:

If this gets good reviews, I think I will import. DS games from another region still work fine on a DSi, right? Right?



Issun said:

@James : That I am not so sure : it was a DSi enhanced game back when it eleased in Japan. Maybe they managed to get that lock out of the window ^^
And yeah I'm proabably one of the most hyped person of all the internetz for this game, as I loved everyone of the games CC2 made so far.
@Vinsanity : It may happen ! They announced Strelka Stories 8 months ago, and some predicted it would be a PS3 game. If so, I'm a happy dude !



Issun said:

It just uses the camera and for a stupid reason : take a photo of yourself for the profile ! I really hope they get rid of it for the European version as it's kinda useless.



Doma said:

This game looks excellent from the screens.
Glad to see such a game actually get translated.

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