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Talking Point: What You Want in a New Nintendo Home Console

Posted by James Newton

Wii 2 HD Remix

This week the E3 2011 Rumour-o-Matic has suddenly spluttered into life: powered by an endless crew of anonymous sources, the rumours claim Wii 2 will contain a Blu-ray drive and screen-toting controller, as well as repeating the oft-heard statement that Nintendo is looking to "recapture the hardcore gamers and third-party developers" with this new console.

Of course, the rumours of a Wii HD have been floating around for years — here's Reggie's response from 2009 — but is this a case of 'no smoke without fire' or just a testament to the ever-persistent Internet Rumour Squad?

Whichever it is, the big question is this really: are these rumours in-line with what you would actually want in a new Nintendo home console? Here's a few ideas from the Nintendo Life office:

  • 1080p output — When Wii launched in 2006, HDTVs weren't as prevalent as they are now, so HD output really is a must for a Wii successor. Throw in upscaling for Wii games too, just for fun.
  • Improved downloadable offerings — For all the griping about the Wii Shop Channel, it's brought countless hours of cheap entertainment to gamers since it launched, and it's something we'd love to see Nintendo build on in future with more formats — hello, Dreamcast — and a far bigger file size limit for independent companies.
  • Hard drive — Where else are we going to store all those Dreamcast games than on a meaty hard drive? With current generation consoles rocking as much as 320GB out of the box, the Wii's measly in-built 512MB just doesn't cut it.

Of course these are just a few ideas, but we really want to hear your thoughts. If you left Nintendo after the GameCube, what new features would tempt you back? How could Nintendo follow the Wii's 80m worldwide sales? Join the discussion below.

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y2josh said:

You can't capture lightning in a bottle, as they say. If it has Mario I'll be happy though



James said:

@y2josh Great idea for the controller — a bottle! Imagine all the incredible possibilities for a new Zelda game.



jaffa said:

I hardly understand why the controller needs a screen though :/



Highwinter said:

The Dreamcast controller had a screen and was used to display information about the games you were playing, it was a pretty cool feature. It would also make multiplayer games like Four Swords or Crystal Chronicles possible without needing a million and two attachments.

Or what about just being able to write notes on a map screen, a la Phantom Hourglass? I really like the idea of the controller having a touchscreen.



Corbs said:

Here's my wish list for the next Nintendo console:
(These are in no particular order)

  • 1080p
  • Hard drive
  • Cartridge medium
  • 3DS connectivity
  • PS3+ graphical horsepower


Wheels2050 said:

Things that might sway me into buying the next console would be:

  • Improved storage (512MB is a joke, really, even with expandable memory)
  • Better online gaming, with friend codes either removed or easier to manage.
  • Better online shop - Australia has been shafted with offerings (and I realise that's partly to do with the price of getting a game rated), with games linked to an account rather than console.
  • Backwards compatibility would be nice, but only if it doesn't compromise the rest of the system. I'll be hanging on to my Wii regardless.
  • Region free games. Unlikely with the 3DS having incorporated region coding, but it's a real pain in the neck.

It's going to have to be an excellent offering for me to pick it up though, as I'm really a PC gamer and the Wii was meant to be a once-off console purchase for me. I think the features that will help it in the marketplace are (but I'm not THAT fussed about) are:

  • HD resolutions. Pretty much a given, but people complain about it a lot. Better resolutions are always nice though, and the Dolphin emulator running at 1080p sure is pretty.
  • Multimedia functionality. If it has an optical drive, it should do playback of DVDs and any other media it can support.
  • Finally, the X factor - I imagine Nintendo's got a pretty good card up its sleeve, but they will need something to draw people away from the 360 and PS3. Simply matching or beating specs won't be enough, I imagine - something will need to be done differently.

I have a hard time believing that Nintendo will reach the same sales as the Wii has done. It was marketed towards non-traditional gaming audiences, and I think that many of those are people who won't see the purchase of a new console to be worth it.

I guess I'd class myself as one of those people, although I've always been a gamer. It's just that I see more value in investing in a PC and the Wii's successor will have to do something pretty special to convince me otherwise!

Of course, the games are always the unknown factor, and that's hard to judge. You could have the most technically impressive system in the world, but if your games are bad (or the library is too small) it'll go down like a lead balloon. I think ultimately, that will be the deciding factor for a lot of people (see the last few years of the Wii with the - at least perception of - lack of quality traditional gaming experiences).



Pew said:

use a hvd as a harddrive.... Problem solved.
Would be nice if u could transfer your vc and Wiiware



WaveBoy said:

Here's my Wish List.

  • 1080p Full HD Games - (Not 720p Nintendo!...Since that means upscaling to 1080p...)
  • Graphics that Rival the PS3
  • Dolby True HD/ DTS Master 5.1 Sound
  • HDMI output
  • Groundbreaking Innovation!
  • Advanced Motion Controller
  • Wireless Nunchuck
  • Wireless Retro VC Controller
  • Wii Backwards Compatability
  • GCN, Saturn and Dreamcast added to the VC
  • Wii VC Transfter!
  • The Return of Cartridges! Muhaha
  • Improved Online
  • Improved Storage
  • Firm ware update for Nes VC games.....Since the colors are completely uncolorful, dark and washed out! Not to mention the image overall is a lot darker. I have my own custom setting on my SDTV specificly for NES VC games, where i've basically maxed the color out to 100, and raised the brightness....Makes a huge difference!

As for Bluray, I'm sure many will wan't it. But I for one could care less, there's just something I don't like about using a video game system to play movies...

Also I'd love to see a fancy new technology just like the 3DS's....I mean it seems that the 3DS can almost match the Wii(depending) in polygon power...Or maybe that's been a smidge generous, but it's superior and advanced PS3/360 like shaders give off an illusion that it looks better graphically than the Wii, it's a really neat hybrid of technology and I hope they pump out something simular with their new Console!

And Smello-Vision better happen someday....I wan't to smell the fresh breezy air in the Mushroom Kingdom, along with Princess Peach's peachy perfume and Bowsers buttox.



Corbs said:

I don't care about the Blu-Ray for movie playback on the new console, just the fact that it offers such a large amount of storage for games.



madgear said:

It has to be compatible with the Wii and GameCube discs (seems likely) and you must be able to transfer your VC/Wiiware collection - if not, I probably wouldn't get it and stick to the PC instead.

I'm not sure I'd be interested in downloadable Dreamcast games, though - on the 360/PS3 they're butchered to hell. Crazy Taxi has lost the original locations and music, Sonic Adventure is a terrible port, only Space Channel 5 part 2 instead of the original because it has a smaller file size, Soul Calibur missing most features and the others unlikely due to licensing rights. I'd prefer it if they just allowed the drive to read GD Roms so the original discs can be played.



Ravage said:

  • Minimum of a quad core cpu
  • Minimum equivalent of a GTX 580
  • If it is to have an included hard drive, there is no reason to not have 1 TB, let alone 500 GB
  • A console that has more than 5 games that actually output in 1080p (I should explain. The Xbox can't output in 1080p for most games that actually have good graphics)
  • Needs moar RAM!
  • The ability to set your Wii 2 up as a dedicated server
  • Ability to upgrade components
  • Ability to run advanced physics based simulations
  • Moar Mario!
  • ooh! How about a large capacity SSD, and the ability to install all your games onto the hard drive or SSD in order to get around slow disc load times


Wheels2050 said:

@Corbs : I'm interested as to what the attraction is to cartridge games for you? Not having a go, just curious!

@madgear : Backwards compatibility, while great news for owners of previous gens, isn't a particularly simple thing to do. From my understanding it was easier with the Wii because the hardware was similar to the GC, but once you make an entire architecture change then it's difficult to incorporate without increasing costs significantly.



Ravage said:

Cartridge games have a distinct advantage of being quick, plus, a cartridge can potentially hold more than any Blu-Ray disc along with the ability to change the amount of storage on a cartridge.

Backwards compatibility is complicated. If Nintendo developed an API for their consoles and used similar architecture (which probably won't happen since I do believe their components are a little too specialized).



Cia said:

I want it to have only One controller. The hassle with the Wii controller add- ons is just ridiculous.



madgear said:

@Wheels2050 Well since the rumours are all saying about Wii backwards compatibility, I'd say the GameCube would also be a given since it's essentially the same hardware - if they can get one running, then the other will be a breeze.



antdickens said:

Anyone that knows me would know I'm an advocate for HD and even sliding towards 3D games. I completely understand Nintendo's decision to keep the Wii cost effective and not to focus on graphics, but I feel its such a shame we didn't get to enjoy Wii games in 720p/1080p. Nintendo's response was to keep costs down for developers - not sure I buy that - the games (as they are, without updated textures) if output at 720p/1080p would look a million times better, just look at what emulators are capable of. So, Wii outputting HD is a must - we're not expecting PS3/XBOX graphics, just a quality output.

Nintendo's online offering (Wii Shop Channel) feels sluggish and frankly embarrassing in every way when compared to Xbox Live - obviously we love Nintendo for the games - not the system UI - but I feel Nintendo really need to up their game here, otherwise when we go media-less the system UI will become really important. Better online and download features.

Naturally, better download features will require large storage, I don't care if its a HDD or flash - it just needs to be heading towards 32GB+ range.

As for BluRay, not too bothered - I think DVD storage (9GB) is plenty for Nintendo - Ocarina of time was only about 32MB!



skywake said:

@Corbs I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks going back to cartridges is an awesome idea. I literally couldn't care less about blu-ray unless someone can prove to me that the extra storage space can produce a game not possible on a DVD sized medium that doesn't involve "we can do hours of 1080p cutscenes". 3DS games are close to DVD size and likely will be DVD sized by the end of it's life and I'm more interested in getting rid of slowly opening doors in Metroid than high res cutscenes and uber-high res textures.

For me it's a no-brainer



Wheels2050 said:


You're right about the speed, and scalable capacity is a plus but the downside of cartridges is cost - BluRay holds 25GB in a single layer and cost a few dollars each retail (after a real quick google), whereas for even 16GB of solid state storage you're looking at roughly $30 Australian. Adding that to the cost of a game isn't particularly attractive! I know not all games need that much, but the cost for solid state is far above the equivalent optical storage.



SullKid said:

Nobody I know can tell the difference between 720p and 1080p. Not at least with normal sized HDTV's, 50" and so. So I don't understand the hustle about 1080p.
Just make it HD and I'm fine And work the online features!



James said:

Hasn't region lock been a part of every Nintendo home console since the NES? Why would they change it now?



skywake said:

@Wheels2050 Cost is an issue with cartridges, always has been and always will be. The difference is that we are quickly reaching the point where gains in capacity for games mean less and less. All but, from memory, 2 or 3 Wii games use single layer disks so all of those games are less than 4.7GB.

So considering the 3DS has 2GB cartridges I don't see why a home console can't use a similar medium. Besides, we're talking read only mediums in mass production not the writable stuffs you buy for your digital camera.



NintendoLee said:

It needs to be graphically superior to the PS3, if it's not what's the point in launching an 8th gen console?



BedCommando said:

My wants are only what Nintendo needs to do.

  • Built-in hard drive
  • Better online functionality (Specifically having a Gamertag-like account)
  • Good games
  • Backwards compatibility.

That's it. No need for HD, or a ridiculous amount of horsepower under the hood.



Wheels2050 said:

@skywake That's true that I was quoting retail prices, so the chips themselves would be less - still expensive however.

I agree on the 5GB limit for Wii games, but with greater graphical power comes higher resolution and larger textures - these chew up space. Wii games didn't need a lot of texture space but if they're pushing for graphics past the current HD consoles, I think space issues will become a problem again for some games.

There's a few PS3 games pushing tens of GB from a quick search I did, and that will only get worse for greater graphical power.

Long story short - I'm dubious that cartridges are viable, speaking in terms of pricing!



Shiryu said:

F-Zero and Starfox. I have learned in my 30+ years of gamer that it's never about the hardware but about the games. I want my speed fix, Nintendo, no matter how you deliver it, I will buy it.



Cia said:

^ I predict that the next F-Zero game will be called F-Zero HD.



SigourneyBeaver said:

I will base this on areas the Wii needs to improve on, seeing as that's the baseline we're starting from.

Forget hardware based backward compatibility. There has to be a point where this stops and new technology is used. That point is now.

HD would be nice but only 720p. The console does need to produce good looking games but it also has to be affordable, energy efficient and quiet. 720p is officially HD and still looks great.

Like Corbs, I would like to see cartridges return. Sony is going back to them with NGP and the 3DS continues to use them and the games are no more expensive to buy than Wii games, so why not a home console that uses cartridges again? Near-instant loading is a big plus to me and if the graphics are good enough, just do cutscenes in-engine rather than waste space with movie files.

Dolby Digital surround sound. It would be nice to have "proper" surround but I still doubt Nintendo will offer it.

4GB of internal storage and SD card slot. USB HDD support would also be nice, but only to work the same way as the SD card slot does now. I don't think HDD is really necessary though.

Wireless nunchuck



fishman100 said:

I want to see that the WiiWare and VC downloads can be transferred to the new Wii, like the 3DS.



Scarkaiser said:

I would also like to see cartridges make a comeback... Now that we don't have to deal with crappy save batteries =D Plus I don't really like moving parts in my systems. (Noise, heat, they wear out... etc..)

Plus Nintendo will have to let me transfer my VC/Wiiware for free or a small fee, or else I won't bother until 3-4 years after its launch when it's dirt cheap.



NintyMan said:

1. Wiiware and Virtual Console transfer
2. More efficient Shop Channel
3. More channels
4. Not too terribly high prices on the console and the games
5. Great games



Denkou said:

I want a more original title then "wii2" or "wiihd". As far as I remember, the Wii wasn't speculated as the gamecube2 or gamecubehd, and this has really been bugging me personally. And a Vcon transfer system like the dsiware transfer for the 3ds.



triforceofcourage said:

This is pretty much my wishlist also, but I would like a much bigger focus on better online play from nintendo. There are a lot of nintendo games that would have benifited from an imporved online system. Of course as long as it gets some kind of innovation I'll buy it. Because i know that the best games will be there, even if the graphics or something aren't the best.
Thats why i buy nintendo. The psp is way better than the ds from a technical standpoint, but the only games in the entire psp library i would want to buy are the monster hunter titles. Just like wii vs ps3 vs 360. The only quality games you find on those systems are FPS or racers (with the exeption of a fighting game now and then). While the wii can't pull of realistic racers to well, I love mariokart. There aren't many FPS' but more than enough for those who play other games too. Sooooo.... Keep the great games rolling and I'll be getting the wii2.



Slapshot said:

If the system is going HD, then the system need at least 120gb of storage. Ask any PS3 owner how large HD demos and game purchases have become in the last year, and you will understand why that is really important.

Other than that, whatever Nintendo comes up with that my simple mind hasn't, so it will be blown away as usual. Nintendo always has a great way of doing just that!



OldVikingSchool said:

Wii 2 should come with a 32gb SSD internal storage and a open 2.5 hdd/ssd slot.
If not fully backwards compatible with the GC, software and usb addon should be available.



OldVikingSchool said:

Also **** I almost forgot, if Nintendo giving the players Linux support.
They've won the console market for life.



XCWarrior said:

Wii 2 needs to be whatever the oppositte of all these crap rumors that are coming out. I mean why would Nintendo put out a system that matches the specs of the competitor's systems released 5 years ago? There are so many false rumors that everyone is taking for the truth it makes me sick.

I don't want a screen on my controller. I just want a good online system, that's it. And the same third party games the other two get, though Steam is cheaper in the end anyway with my gaming PC.



RYBlast said:

It needs 1080p, Netflix, Affordable controllers, and a Mario game that tops Super Mario Galaxy.

And for heaven's sake Nintendo, please remove the friend codes!



ville10 said:

Innovation. If Nintendo fails to include features that improves on the Wii (which the 3DS hasn't the way I see it), I will have to wait before buying.

That being said, backward compatibility with Wii and Gamecube games is a must, and so is improved online functionality.



rubikon said:

  • i want Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo to team up and create one platform together. No more exclusives, no more flamewars. I would rather be willing to buy one console for a higher monopoly price than to buy two additional consoles (+ accessory) to be able to play all the excellent games...
  • i hope that the new controller is optional and that there is backwards compatibility with the wii remote & nunchuck. Besides: a controller with d-pad, circlepad, motion-sensing, display/touchscreen, camera? Hello 3DS! Just let us connect the 3DS and use it as a controller if you really need a display on your controller...
  • well, one special wish: integrated screen capturing/recording. making youtube videos would be so much easier, and is essentially free advertising for big N, i wonder why they haven't done it before...

@sigourneybeaver Wireless Nunchucks? YES!



WaveBoy said:

Why do some people keep saying 'if' the console is going HD, of 'course' it's going HD. DURP! And i think it is infact important games be 1080p instead of 720p. MOST HDTV's nowadays ARE 1080p for crying out loud and there's zero scaling involved.....720p would result in upscaling to 1080p or to those fixed 720p HDTV's. I for one will be getting a 50" 1080p plasma in 2012, so 1080p at that size does matter.....Then again, it depends on how close you sit to theTV. I'd be rocking around 9 1/2 feet. Either way, i just wan't a native res.

And yes, forgot to mention better online to my list. And hell yes to the return of cartridges! But I highly doubt that will happen.



iphys said:

1080p, way bigger flash drive or a hard drive, blu-ray optical drive, just use the motion plus controllers and save us from buying yet another set of controllers, more online multiplayer/leaderboards in games, more downloadable games, new Tetris and Punch-Out games



KaiserGX said:

If this is true about the screen, I see Gamecube games being on the VC, A lot of them hard that GBA link feature. Oh and dreamcast too.



Kyloctopus said:

The extinction of friend codes
A tablet controller would be nice
Graphical power
Camera on the sensor (even though I play in the dark)
The play coins idea should come back somehow
Do what the PSP does with their discs keep a protecter because I lost plenty of good games (Rabbids 2)
Better graphics



DrCruse said:

Backwards compatibility with as many consoles as possible. Put a SNES cartridge slot in the console's stand.



Highwinter said:

I would generally agree, I don't think blu-ray is an absolute necessity.. but we have seen 360 games begin to struggle with the limitations of DVD's. Forza 3 for example, required an install to the HDD to be able to access a good chunk of the cars and courses, simply because there wasn't room on the disc.

As games become bigger and more complex, it's going to become more of a problem.. Probably not for the Xbox, for as long as it can do games like Skyrim with a single DVD but if this new system is "significantly more powerful" than I think we will need blu-ray as the standard game format.



ThomasBW84 said:

I agree with some of the priorities:

  • improved HD capable visuals
  • Proper online play, as this should be much easier to implement now (eg SSFIV on 3DS is performing well on my internet connection, whereas most Wii online titles seem to struggle with lag or connection issues)
  • Innovation, something different that will allow fun gaming experiences, Wii did that for me and I hope they have something else up their sleeve.
  • Better support for indie developers in the new eShop, without painful file size limitations. Wii has missed some indie classics (such as Super Meat Boy) because of this.

However, I want it to be affordable. The 3DS was a tough buy at £197, but was just about right considering the 3D effect and fantastic potential of the device. But if rumours about the graphical power and the controller having a 6 inch HD screen etc are true I'd be worried about the price. If targeting hardcore gamers means ridiculous pricing (just look at how much the PS3 was at launch), then that'd be a problem. My Wii cost £220-230 in 2007 with an extra set of controllers and Mario Galaxy, but if they drift into pricing of £300+ then that, in my opinion, would defeat the purpose of a Nintendo console.

If people want graphics that thrash the PS3 as well as crazy feature like controllers with screens, then they can't complain about the price.

I just hope Ninty are savvy enough to bring something different and exciting but at a sensible price.



GEOFF said:

A tiny band of electronic fixing gnomes that can get to work if it breaks down.



Wheels2050 said:


I keep banging on about cartridges, but I just want to point out about your 3DS comment - the cartridges are only 2GB, so the storage is cheap, and I imagine the games are cheaper to produce than a full-blown console game (art assets etc. are not as big). Consequently, {cost of media}+{game dev costs}={cost of game} can be the same for 3DS and Wii (I'm obviously simplifying that a lot) but for a next-gen home console both game dev costs and media costs would go up for a cartridge, resulting in a much more expensive end product.



AcidFox said:

You can keep your HD, your Bluray and your million teras hard drives, all I want is new Star Fox developed by Nintendo EAD.
An affordable price would be nice too, I love my 3DS but the price was a little steep.



Hokori said:

All I want

. GCN and Wii compatability
. DC and Saturn on VC
. Transfer VC/WW/Wi-fi Files
. Wii Motion + Plus Controller
. One FC
. more Mii stuff
. HD (to make people stop complaining about graphics, sheeesh)



daznsaz said:

a screen that flips up on the controller when you look through that at tv its 3d



rwq said:

A 'panic' button so when the boss walks in you can press it and Microsoft Excel shows on the tv instead of the game.

Oh and no optical, and when people mean 'better online' i think that means basically copy Steam from start to finish. They got it right.



melvin2898 said:

Way Better Online System with Friends
The Friends List should be Extremely long
Facebook and Twitter Sync
Maybe more games. Multi Platform games
Play 3DS on Tv(No 3d)



Odnetnin said:

Hardware capabilities and marketing that will make it attractive to all of the best HD third-parties.



The_Fox said:

HD graphics
Graphical capabilities to be at the PS3/360 level minimum
Built in hard drive
An online system that is totally rebuilt from the ground up
Sex bot capabilities whoops, said too much there....



XyVoX said:

Makes me laugh about people wanting 1080p, unless im mistaken 'which im not' by far the vast majority of games on the PS3 & Xbox360 are all in 720p their are very few true 1080p resolution games out there. Owning all 3 consoles its my experince that art design and level geometery are far prettier to look at than resolution.



SigourneyBeaver said:

Indeed. In PC gaming if I can't run a game well I lower the resolution before turning off graphics effects and texture detail.



The_Fox said:

Of course the 360 and PS3 are also 6 and 5 years old, respectively. Expecting a system that comes out next year at the earliest to be able to do better isn't too much of a stretch.



Nintomdo64 said:

A major improvement would be including a classic controller out of the box. Although I love the wii remote, it's necessary to give 3rd party developers and even nintendo the option to develop traditional games without worrying if their user base has the required controller.



motang said:

1080p, hard drive, and better online experience all stuff that is essential for Nintendo do have in Project Cafe, they know that and they will have those.



DJ_Triforce said:

I am in shock that no one has mentioned the inclusion of a trophy/achievement system. Seriously, I don't care who you are, everytime one of these pop up on our screen, we all feel a sense of accomplishment, not to mention it increases the replay value significantly. And, it would be amazing if they incorporated into downloadable titles as well... think of it... The Legend of Zelda (NES) - "You've collected the Magic Sword" unlocked!, Super Mario Bros 3 (NES) - "You beat the game without the use of Warp Whistles" unlocked!

You get the idea... it would give gamers a whole new way to play these games, and just one more reason (as if we needed any) to play them again.



TheBaconator said:

I want:
-1080p HD graphics
-A strong Hard drive
-$350 as its maximum launch cost
-A free online system that competes with that on the 360
-Achievement system
-Normal controller
-Usernames, no friend codes
-Streaming Media such as movies, music, and more
-Shop channel with Game Demos, Gamecube and Dreamcast games, Games on Demand, DLC
-Ability to play regular Wii games in HD
-Support from more 3rd parties that normally don't support Nintendo such as Rockstar, Epic, and Bethesda
-Repurchase Rare (Now I'm getting a little off the scale)
-A new Star Fox and Pikmin 3 at launch



theblackdragon said:

@DJ Triforce: speak for yourself, plz; i don't give a rat's behind whether the next Nintendo console has achievements or not. they don't really do anything for me :3



geox30 said:

I am a big fun of Nintendo games and its innovation.Whatever they are planning-innovation wise-this time,this system should be powerfull to keep up with the others and ensure third party support.It's not too much to ask for 1080p output these days,since even smartphones can handle this...



DJ_Triforce said:

I don't see how this would hurt the company in any way. I feel that, for myself, it gives the game a whole new sense of not only re-playability, but a whole new challenge, difficulty and sense of accomplishment. There's nothing wrong with this. If someone plays through a game on the normal setting (as most of us do from the get-go), what do they have left to do with the game besides playing it on the highest difficulty setting? And after that, what then? This is why I have no problem with the inclusion of a system like this. Instead of getting 30 hours out of a game, why not make it 50? 60? 100? I can't help it, I'm a completion-ist. For example, I've purchased Bioshock 1 and 2 (brand new) on both the 360 and the PS3, and I've unlocked the trophies and achievements... that's more entertainment for me, more money for the 3rd party developers. Some people even buy games just to boost their score.

If you don't feel the same way, that's fine. You're entitled to your own opinion. I just thought I'd throw in an idea that, even after 75 comments, hasn't been brought up.



Wheels2050 said:

@DJ Triforce

In shock? Really? I've been playing games for about 20 years now, and I've never felt the need for achievements. Good game design makes you want to replay games, not a little window that pops up in the middle of your game to tell you "Congratulations! You just beat the 278th zombie over the head with nothing but your bare hands! Here's a little star for your trouble".

If I've achieved something in game, the recognition for that should come from me. I don't need game developers telling me I've achieved some menial task that they only thought of right before the game went to print just to fill out their required achievement list quota. It's a shallow, pointless practice that is levered into games just because people seem to enjoy collecting points for a little number next to their name more than they seem to enjoy playing the game itself.

Achievements are indicative of the way game development has gone in the last few years. Banking on the umpteenth game in a series to bring in the cash, while tacking on an ultimately irrelevant and tedious system just so people can think, "You know, I feel like I'm playing exactly the same game as last year - but hang on! That little box in my list of achievements is still greyed out! It's NOT the same game with a different texture pack! This was totally worth my $90!" makes me sad.

I want games to make me care enough about them to go back and replay them. I want them to be good enough that they don't feel old, even though they came out 10 years ago and I've played them over and over.


(Sorry Triforce, that wasn't really directed at you - just achievements in general! Apparently I had a lot to get off my chest...)



Malkeor said:

I have to agree with DJ Triforce on achievements and such. I think it would be fun to include them. Of course I usually like playing through a game once, then going back and collecting all the goodies and doing all the challenges, and this would be a fun "checklist" to try and do everything once you've finished the main game once though ( depending on the game) And I mean actual challenges...not oh look I just got 50 headshots...yippie.
If you don't like them, then you don't have to worry about them, it's just simple. Enjoy the game how you like

Of course besides that HD graphics, with an incredible online system.
That's really all I want. The rest is up to them, surprise us, and continue to bring on top quality software!



DJ_Triforce said:

I disagree. Sure, you'll always come back to great games, but what recent titles have you played (on the Wii, that weren't 1st party releases), and beaten more than 5 times? I'm betting that the list is pretty small - as is mine. How many of you beat Super Mario Galaxy and started it right over? Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess? ... I'd say the only replay value titles would be short games like Mario Kart Wii or Super Mario Bros Wii... but again, these are all Nintendo titles, made by Nintendo. I mean, the reality is, trophies/achievements, by their very nature, increase replay value. There's no arguing that. In fact, it forces multiple playthroughs, and 100% completion of collectables, secrets and goals. Sure, you can beat a game and get 100% everything, but what do you have to show for it? Your word to your friends? Is there something SO wrong about having a little icon next to a game saying that you've beaten it in it's entirety? Does it really bother you THAT much? I don't understand why everyone has been so up in arms against this.



Slapshot said:

@Highwinter.... yes, we have seen 360 games scaled back because of disc limitations by third parties. FFXIII had elements taken out of it on 360 so it would run, and many developers claim that the disc itself is why some PS3 exclusive games couldn't run on the 360, not the system hardware itself. As for a HD Wii and cartridges, that would be like buying a motorcycle, but only rolling down a hill on it instead of riding it. Why upgrade to a HD format, and severely limit the system by the cartridge? That would be an asinine choice for Nintendo to make!

I think achievements are a good thing for a system. I use to be quite big on them, but now I really could careless, but a lot of people adore them, and Nintendo should add them. For those who don't like them its not a big deal, just ignore the whole thing, but not putting them in for the millions of gamers who want them doesn't seem to be the better hand.



PSICOffee said:

I don't like hearing rumors of a new console, seeing as last years' 3DS and DKCR's rumors turned out to be true. I don't mind being spoiled with other stuff, but I want to be as surprised as I felt when I first heard about Kirby's Epic Yarn on the showroom floor.



DJ_Triforce said:

Exactly. If people don't like the, ignore them. People do the same with the PS3 and 360. It's not like I'm standing here saying that anything anyone else mentioned was a bad idea. Why not have Nintendo include every idea everyone has mentioned in this thread? Haha.



Malkeor said:

@88: I feel you, actually I love being surprised more than anything.
I guarantee we'll still be surprised though by more than a few things, don't let the rumors spoil the fun!



The_Fox said:

@DJ Triforce
I'd like to see an achievement style system implemented in the next Nintendo console, but I guess it should be optional to keep the noise down from the awesome people (including a moderator) who posted up there about it.
thank you for not bringing the namecalling — TBD

I'm just going to point out what was edited out of my post was pretty obviously lighthearted. Or so I thought.



SanderEvers said:

@78: I want a FREE online system. If it's like the XBOX 360's they can NEVER keep it free.

And I will NOT buy it if they'd add achievements. They are f*** lame.



SigourneyBeaver said:

@94 I took exception to the assumption that everyone likes achievements, rather than whether or not they should be added.



DJ_Triforce said:

I think the reason for that mentality is because some people don't have the determination and perseverance it takes. Of course, their argument would be, "No, I just don't care about them.", or something to that effect.



theblackdragon said:

@DJ Triforce: are you saying you have a problem with apathy? lol, just give me the option to turn the notifications off and i'll be just fine, thanks. that way i get to play my games uninterrupted, and the people who do care about them can have their fun too :3



DJ_Triforce said:

I believe the PS3 and the 360 both have the option... actually, I'm a little more sure of the 360 being able to turn them off, than the PS3.

On a quick side note, I'm not even really all about trophies and achievements, but when I have beaten a game for the 3rd time, they definitely give me a reason to return to it.
please use the 'edit' link instead of double-posting to a thread :3 — TBD



astarisborn94 said:

If Nintendo wants the core gamers they lost back, they're going to have to appeal to them as much if not more so then the casual gamers. Nintendo cannot feed off them forever. With that made, here are my long list of suggestions:


The console should not cost anymore then $400 max, otherwise, people will not buy. $300 or less is preferable, thought.

The Wii has an advantage in motion controls and reliability, but there are other areas where they need to improve.

  • An actual hard drive. This has kept developers away from the Wii. The hard drive MUST encourage developers to buy one, not steer away from it. Nintendo should start out with at least 100 GB and upgrade throughout it's generation.
  • NO ****ING REGION LOCK: Seriously Nintendo, there is no reason to region lock your games. All it does is infuriate your customers and drive people away from it. It even encourage piracy.
  • Be more powerful then the Xbox 360 and PS3. Not that hard to do while still keeping it cheap.
  • Be reliable: One thing I like about Nintendo consoles is that they are always reliable. Keep that tradition with the next console.
  • Let it be capable of multi-platform titles without gimping it down: Like I said before, I will not put up with inferior versions of a game. I expect Nintendo to at least make sure that even after the Xbox 720 and PS4 gets released that they can do multi-platform games.
  • Able to output HD up to 1080p. I would most certainly be in favor of this, although it's not nearly as huge as a concern as other issues.
  • 3D: I know it won't be their main support, but at least include an option for those who are rich and can easily afford 3D TV, especially glassless ones (I won't be able to afford one in the future, but I'm just suggesting it for those who can afford one).
  • Wii backward compatibility: This is a given for Nintendo, please don't go the way of the PS3 and remove it like Sony did with their PS2 support.

Offline/Multimedia features:

  • Let us design our own backgrounds. Loved this with the PS3. I always like looking at my McLaren F1 '94 from Gran Turismo 5.
  • mp3 support: Not many people care about AAC files nor know how to get them to play on consoles, so I would like for this to see a return.
  • 3DS compatibility: Enjoyed this a lot with the DS and the reason why I got Dragonball: Origins (Which I like).
  • DVD/Blu-Ray support. I have quite a few movies at my house that I like to watch, sadly with me not wanting to go to the living room and see it, doing so on the Wii was impossible. Make it so with the next console.

The most important part of a console, no question about it.

  • Less shovelware please. This has been a huge nuisance to the Wii and that alone gives the Wii a bad name.
  • Better third-party support: The Wii has received decent third-party support, but I would like to see Nintendo to reclaim the great third-party support they once had with the NES and SNES.
  • More advertising: Many games disappointed due to a lack of advertising. Nintendo needs to get third-party to support core games more and they need to support their core games more as well.

Virtual Console:
The Virtual Console for the Wii was pretty disappointing to say the least. There were so much potential in it and yet Nintendo didn't do the best that they could to ensure that it met up to people's expectations. So we need a complete reboot of it as I highly doubt it'll be in a healthy state right now for the rest of it's life.

  • They need to keep their promise. If they say they're going to bring a game to the Virtual Console, they need to do so. They are good with this for the most part, but it bothers me to no end why they put forth no effort toward ensuring that Earthbound licensing issues don't prevent it's VC release permanently. One game is not going to close them down permanently.
  • More moderate speed of VC releases. I want the service to actually be supported, not mostly be left for dead after a few years. By the end of the service life next gen, we should be getting at least one game a week. And yes, this can be done.
  • The following consoles should be supported: MSX (I'm fine if it only appears in Europe/Japan, although it technically did appear in the US), further arcade support (Meaning games up to Gamecube specs), Sega CD, Sega 32X, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, and Nintendo Gamecube.
  • Online multi-player for Virtual Console titles. Honestly, Sega is doing this, let other companies do the same as well.

Online Functionality:
I'm not expecting it to be up to PSN's and Xbox Live's excellent standards and I do think that the Wii's online is decent, but it still needs major improvements if we ever hope to have good online multi-platform games on a regular basis.

  • Keep essential online features free, while extra should be paid for.: If they make us pay for online on a repetitive basis, I will not ever use the online function. I am not going to put up with paying for online. They should implant it like Sony did with PSN.
  • Either removed Friend Codes (Preferable) or at least reduce it to one home ten-twelve digit friend codes. I'd be willing to deal with that.
  • Improve quality of downloadable titles. Very few people support the current state of WiiWare and even I think it needs improvement. For example, get rid of the ridiculous 40MB limit.
  • Most good online games should not be a lagfest: Most online games on the Wii are ruined due to this. Nintendo absolutely needs to deal with lags on the system.
  • More space for DLC: This should be obvious.
  • An official Nintendo headset: Not a huge gripe, but I would just prefer if they did this to satisfy core gamers.
  • The online shop: I like the appearance of it, although I believe it should look a bit better. Speed needs to improve by like a lot. Having more games appear on a screen would be great as well. Also, let us use PSN-like currency and 3DS as well.
  • Lobby for games. I like matchmaking and all, but lobbies would be great as well. Really like how it's implanted in Gran Turismo 5.
  • Let us text and voice chat. This has been a great feature on the PS3, it makes sense for Nintendo to do the same thing.
  • Demos: Honestly, this worked out pretty well for WiiWare, don't remove stuff that will help people make ends meet.
  • Be able to see what your friends are doing: I like how they're doing this with the 3DS, let us see that for the next console as well.
  • Cross game chat: Why hasn't this been given more suggestions? It isn't the most requested PS3 online feature for no reason.


theblackdragon said:

@DJ Triforce: that's what i was talking about. I know one of them has the option for sure, wasn't sure about both though... and god knows we can't go assuming we'll get anything. if Nintendo opts in to achievements/trophies, it would be greatly appreciated if they also gave us the option to opt out :3

that said, i'm more than capable of replaying a game just for the hell of it, without any kind of tacked-on incentives. ymmv, of course, but it takes all kinds to make the world go 'round.



DJ_Triforce said:

I understand what you mean. And I tend to go back to classics all the time, but I have somewhere upwards from about 600 games or so. It's difficult to determine which one to go toward... however, if I was missing trophies or achievements, I would tent to lean toward that one. So, let's hope that if Nintendo realizes the audience for it, that they understand that there is also a large audience that would like to opt out of this feature.

One thing I just thought about is that this would also boost 3rd party sales. Some people just buy games for the trophies and achievements (again, this isn't me).



DJ_Triforce said:

i don't follow you around and laugh, i'd appreciate it if you'd afford me the same courtesy. that was uncalled for — TBD



1080ike said:

As long as the system has great games, I don't care what happens with the new console.



artofmana said:

For the boring stuff, I'd say there would need to be a solid state drive (no spinning disks or slow acess times). If that was even 250 GB it would be more than enough in my opinion. I think game saves should be stored on HCSD cards. Perhaps there could be two slots. Saves could then be backed up on a computer if need be.

For the exciting stuff, I'm thinking of the controller. If the rumors have any validity, I think a screen would be awesome. I would like to see it be large (but not unwieldy) and capacitive with multitouch. Impagine the back was also a touch pad like the NGP! There should also be a gyro in addition to the cameras.

Why all this? I think Nintendo has identified what a handheld can do differently than an iPad or iPod touch--even the NGP. They are doing something Apple can't and shouldn't compete with. 3D is perfect for a system like Nintendo puts out an I really don't see it as a gimmick. But with AirPlay, I imagine more and more people will be playing iOS games on their TV's. Nintendo can't compete with the price and convenience of iOS gaming but it has always competed in terms of quality so bring a controller that looks like an iPod touch with actual controls off of it and gives you the same functionality as the handheld world is espousing and you bring all the good ideas into a package that is immersive and not bound by the need to be portable. That way you can blow the competition out of the water.



Zach said:

I want trophies too, but I want a way so that they don't automatically show up on-screen while you're playing the game, I want to be able to hide them. That way people who don't like achievements won't be bothered, and it is a bit jarring in more immersive games.



ToneDeath said:

Instead of friend codes, what if when you accepted a friend request you chose whether they were someone you know in real life, or someone to game with but otherwise a stranger. The limits to how much you can interact would be determined by this setting, so if they're a real friend you could swap photos, offline game saves, gift VC games and maybe even use a channel that works a bit like a simplified Facebook with more of a Nintendo gamer focus.
Parental control could be set so that you either have to input a password to approve a 'real friend' or never allow it, so that all friend interaction is limited to playing online multiplayer games and sharing Miis.
Basically make adding friends as simple as typing or clicking on a name, but also limit the potential for inappropriate behaviour from strangers.



daznsaz said:

would be nice to get some of the rpgs you get all over pc or new ones either way



argus said:

My wishlist:

  • Not too expensive. This is important.
  • Can play Wii games.
  • Can transfer and play all old VC/Wiiware games, and can continue to buy from the old VC/Wiiware shop.
  • One friend code per system, like 3DS.
  • Something innovative. It sounds like it will be the controller again, and that's cool. Maybe take the best ideas from the DS and Wii and combine them into one console?


TKOWL said:

All I want on this system is an HD Mario game. And the ability to transfer all my downloads from my Wii to this new system.



thesignpainter said:

it doesn't matter, nintendo next system will be awesome, and it'll create a happiness ripple that will eventually lead to world peace.



BulbasaurusRex said:

If they are going HD with the next one, please make sure that the SD quality isn't compromised for those of us who still don't care to update to an HD TV.



kurtasbestos said:

The only thing I care about is that if Nintendo decides to call it "Wii 2", they take the next logical step and call it the "Wiiii". Also, if they call it "Wii HD" then I'm burning down their headquarters. I'll still buy the new system, though.



King_Boo said:

I figure it'll still use blue tooth to connect to the controller, I'd bet they'd still just use Wii remote plus for the motion control games, and have a regular controller as the first option now



MasterGraveheart said:

All right... MY TURN!

Graphics - I don't think they're important, but obviously third parties beg to differ. You can't lose that third party support. You need to BUILD it. Give us perfect 1080p with more horsepower than PS3 could hope or dream to. It is rumored that graphics can be updated without the need to buy a new system ever again. If you can do that, then awesome. Keeps everyone hapy. I don't think that it CAN be done, but IF it can be done, amazing.

Sound - Obviously important. Time to drop the midis and go for a full orchistral soundtrack on as many of your first party games as possible. It was WONDERFUL for Super Mario Galaxy. It would BE wonderful for Zelda. Make your sound card the best in the industry by a wide margin.

Storage - See that high-end PS3 and X-Box 360? Take both of them. Now get another pair of them. Now another. Combine their storage space. Bam.

Processor - I hear three-core and quad-core. Screw it. Go nine-core.

Online - Improve it all around. No more friend codes. Give us an account. Heck, use our Club Nintendo account. Improve your Internet processing speed to nearly eradicate lag. This is important.

Controller - Tthey say you're backwards compatable with the Wii. Nice, but don't make the motion controller your primary interface. Perhaps more than the graphics, that is what SCREWED you out of some of the more mainstream games. Don't get me wrong. I LIKE motion controls, but when I got Monster Hunter Tri and Goldeneye and played with their bundled Classic Controller Pros... it felt RIGHT. You had the GREATEST controller of all time in the GameCube controller, even if the Mega Man Anniversary Collection didn't work out so well. The ergonomicy was amazing and to date I call it the most comfortable home console controller of all time. Even the shoulder buttons contorted to your fingers naturally and that was great. Now about this screen you're supposed to have. Great idea. I'd love the idea of a 6-inch HD screen that streams the system to it. Pretty darn cool. Here's the rub, though... can we make it detachable? I might be playing more frequently on my TV screen, so the controller screen may be a bit intrusive at times if I'm doing so. If you can make it detachable and make it quality, then you'll have the next greatest controller ever. Oh, and don't just stream gameplay. Stream menu screens, Netflix streaming, the shop channel, everything. Heck, if you can DOWNLOAD the game temporarily onto the controller so I could play it at college during one of my 1-hour breaks. But, that's just fantasy a bit, I suppose. But if we ARE going to stream, PLEASE make the range sizable. Maximum 500' and can read through walls would be awesome.

Peripherals - Okay, peripherals now. I want an earpiece wireless voice chat device. I want a USB keyboard. I want a Blu-Ray/DVD remote controller for when the regular controller just won't cut it for movie watching. I also want a return of the Zapper. Not that Thompson Submachine gun we had with the Wii, I mean something that looks like the old-fashioned NES Zapper. I want a quality arcade stick. I want your new system's motion controller and nunchaku to be of a higher quality. Sony and Microsoft are using cameras now and they work pretty good. The sensor bar was great to start off with, but don't stick with old technology. Do what they're trying to do and do it better. Bring out your own camera system. Oh, and don't make it too bulky. Please? Efficient though they are, the Move and Kinect look TERRIBLE on your TV like that. Then again, my sensor bar matches my TV perfectly, so I can't speak for everyone on that. I also want a wheel for when you come out with your racing games. And finally... I want them all bundled with the system.

Game Medium - I'll always love my cartridges, but time to get with the... well... times. Blu-Ray discs are in. If you can't improve on those yet, make sure your discs can contain more storage than ANYONE ELSE CAN DREAM OF. It'll help. And hey, if you do go Blu-Ray, you can get movie support. People may buy your platform just to watch movies on it if it's inexpensive enough. Oh yeah... and step up your downloadable service games. One day, they WILL be bigger than physical format games. Not yet by any means, but its gonna happen one day.

For Non-Gaming - I've already said it. Netflix. DVD. Blu-Ray. Heck, we have a news and weather channel service. Improve those and it'd be great. Hey, look at what Apple is doing with the app store? Woudln't you like a piece of that for home interfacing? Make more apps available for a customizable experience

Launch Titles - This is important. Tech demos are nice, but if you're just offering a suped up version of what's out there and doing it better, stuff like the Steel Divers and Wii Sports of the world probably don't have much business being available outside of being bundle titles, fun though they are. We need a strong launch lineup from not only you, Nintendo, but third party partners. Get us a Mario Bros. game. Get us an F-Zero. Maybe resurrect Eternal Darkness. Bring Star Fox out for a test run. Heck, remember StarTropics? A third one of those would be great. As for your third parties? Get something from Konami, hopefully Metal Gear or Castlevania. From Capcom, Mega Man, Marvel vs. Capcom or, better, Nintendo vs. Capcom, would really make a mark. Get something from SquareEnix ready. Maybe a Final Fantasy VII compilation series game staring Tifa Lockhart that's, in fact, a brawler? Oh, and how about those who AREN'T already big time contributors? Get a Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead game from Rockstar. Treyarch could bring a complete Call of Duty experience to appease the "grim and gritty" fanboys. OOH! Talk to Konami about their Hudson properties... and bring out a sequel... to Ufouria: The Saga! Now THAT would turn some heads. Point is, you need a STRONG launch lineup.

Shop Channel - Just improve it. Take the best of your competitors and use it to improve your own. Oh yes, and don't necessarily make new additions limited to once a week. Trust me on this one.

3DS Connectivity - Do it. Heck, if you could do your streaming to IT, it'd be cool too.

Price - I'm not expecting something cheap with all this. As long as it doesn't surpass $500, I think people would pay for it so long as it did just about everything listed above. And I don't mean list it at $499.99 or $499.95. As in not even the tax could knock it over $500 by itself. THIS is important as your competitors' stronger platforms are at approximately $300 now. Even if you can obliterate them, you need to make it inticing to the buyer.

More Third Party Stuff - SHANTAE!!!



LuWiiGi said:

I could post a huge list of things I want, but I'll keep it short:

It needs to do more than just catch up with the HD consoles. It needs to bring something new to gaming that isn't just a gimmick. It needs awesome games of all types, for all gamers, and from all developers. And it needs to have a built-in coffee machine.



Punny said:

The stuff listed before, plus transferable WiiWare and Virtual Console games.



Treetop said:

Better Wii shop,ability to play all nintendo and sega games including portable Nintendog would be great on Tv, bluray But if you still have the Old game roms e.g. N64 there will be a slot for them on the wii stand which will be stuck to the wii.



dizzy_boy said:

nintendo need to use the holographic data storage that they were devoloping with InPhase.
the ram needs to be beefed up considerably
the online function need to be improved upon.
and an online version of wii sprts.



SuperSinSlayer77 said:

I'm hoping for more memory space, backward compatibility with everything the Wii can do (Wii games, WiiShop channels, and possibily Gamecube games), and more downloadable games. That's mainly what I'd like to see, though I'm sure the next system will be great even without these things.



artofmana said:

@Zaphod Beeblebrox Oh, wow, yes, I guess I wasn't really paying attention there. But still, I don't know that a massive hard drive is all that necessary. I wonder what a good happy medium would be. . . .



BulbasaurusRex said:

They could switch out friend codes completely for usernames with attached accounts, but their online will still stink if the games keep using this random match nonsense instead of lobbies.



komicturtle said:

The whole thing of Achievements is kinda... old. Stuff like that has been in video games for a LONG time. Xbox 360 and PS3 just glorified it. Melee, Kirby's Air Ride are the two that stand out in my mind on the Gamecube. I believe Kirby's Adventure for the NES has some 'kind' of Achievement system and that was 1993. I guess the 'sharing' aspect is what people want. It's cute, but I don't see the big fuss is. I do like achievements that reward me. If Nintendo were to ever implement something like that, I would hope I could spend them points.

I'll give you an example (if you played Animal Crossing Wild World or City Folk and remember the Nook points system, then you'll get the perfect idea):

So, you have 2000 points. Okay.

You see a special hat for your Mii that costs 500 pts. You spend your 'achivement' points so now you have 1500 points to spend however, your score is still 2000.

So, you spend 1000 on something and now you have 500 to spend. Your score/points is still 2000. You get an achievment that rewards you 500.

Now, you have 1000 to spend but your score in total is 2500 now.

See what I mean? I want to make use of those points someway to get rewards and all that. Club Nintendo uses a similar method to reach Platinum or Gold status. You have earned 300 coins but if you spend it, you won't lose your place/track. Getting another 300 coins will promote you to Gold as you reach 600 coins, but you only have 300 coins to spend.

Yeah, lots of text but I'm trying my best to make you all understand. This would essentially be better than the trophies and Gamescore stuff that PS3 and Xbox 360 offers respectively.



CerealKiller062 said:

As some of the other commenters have said, I hope to do away from the blu-ray and go for the catridge medium. I mean look at all the 64 gb sd-cards that match a blu-ray dual-layer disk. They are more sturdy and definatly quicker loaders than a blu-ray disk.
EDIT: Oh and one more thing, A STARFOX GAME!!!!!!!!!!!



Henmii said:

This is what I want:

  1. A console that's more powerful then xbox360 and ps3
  2. Good third-party support. There are just to many cool games that I have missed just because they where only released on xbox36 and ps3.
  3. No size-limit for wiiware games. The size limit is one of the reasons why many developers ignored wiiware.
  4. Get rid of all the shovelware found on wiiware. I could be wrong, but I think that there isn't that much shovelware on the ps-store and xbla. It seems microsoft and sony are blocking those crap, and for good reason!
  5. Better N64 support on the VC. So far there are only a few N64 games on the VC. I want more!
  6. Added consoles to the VC
  7. Modern arcade titles added to the VC, like Mariokart arcade 1 and 2
  8. Since there can't be a Playstation or xbox360 VC channel, ad those games (altered where necesary) to wiiware. It can't be done with all games (copyright issues), but it is possible. Just look at Final fantasy 1. Originally only on NES, but now also on celphones!
  9. New entries to all the beloved Nintendo franchises (of course!), and maybe 1 or 2 new franchises that totally blow me away!

That's all!

"As some of the other commenters have said, I hope to do away from the blu-ray and go for the catridge medium. I mean look at all the 64 gb cards that match a blu-ray dual-layer. They are more sturdy and definatly quicker loaders than a blu-ray disk."

If you want bad third-party support, Nintendo has to do just that!! Third-party's want discs, those are cheaper. The N64 had cartridges, and that was the biggest reason that Square-Enix left Nintendo!



amh said:

@CJ Vick: definently, it needs better graphics if it wants to compete with the xbox360 and ps3



NESguy94 said:

■Hard drive
■Cartridge medium
■3DS connectivity
■PS3+ graphical horsepower
-The abilitty to play DVDs and Blu Ray disk
-backwards compatability with Wii and GameCube
The abilty to copy all WiiWare, Virtual console gamealong withe the ability to copy ALL your Wii's save data (Goldeneye, Brawl, Mario Kart Wii)



mikecm87 said:

WiiWare/VC Transfer - Free or a couple bucks
HD resolution
Graphics that are at least on par with 360 and PS3
An ethernet port so people can have faster downloads
Hard Drive and/or at least have people use USB Flash memory and SD cards
In and Out of game enhanced friends features and voice chat
An achievement system of some sort that could actually make them worth getting (easy ones don't really matter - harder ones give you more bragging rights or something)
Backwards compatibility with Wii games (upscaled and sharper) and accessories
Better channels that allow more interaction and competition with friends and also linking to social networking sites
The ability to create your own channels
Better rewards program for buying Nintendo Products and add something for digital items as well
More innovative exclusives



JayceJa said:

more comprehensive use of the wiimote than the gamecube/classic controller had on the wii would be nice

better friend system, hard drive space, HD resolution and graphics closer to on par with the other next gen consoles; i dont care about graphics overly much myself, ill play PC for beautiful looking games, but the low specs of the wii would have alienated a lot of developers who made games cross platform only for ps3 and 360

backwards compatibility has to be in, along with transfer of data

that with all the fun nintendo games and more third party support is all i really want



Sakeraf said:

I've never been big on graphics, only reason i want HD is so the sony-fans will stop complaining!
I do want improved online capabilitys. (no lag)
Also im hoping for multitasking, (i wanna play one game while waiting for another to download, ect)



Big_A2 said:

@69.XyVoX: The closer the console's resolution to the TV's resolution, the less input lag.



Ren said:

I won't get into the obvoius stuff, storage, online, motion. why wouldn't they include such things AFTER the Wii? but the screen thing is a nice idea.
It needs to include a similar dual camera system in controller + the power of the console to do what we've been seeing from the AR cards and beyond.
with that many refererence points it's possible to have extremely immersive motion tracked games where we can walk though a house and interact with clues like a Resident evil kind of thing but more in a Virtual Reality setting with moves tracked and the room visible through the TV and controller screens.
two halves to controller - one half ('nunchuk' side) with little touch screen, stick, 2 buttons, other half is like the current remote, each has camera in the end and can click together to read 3d images, or come apart to track both your arms' motions.
Together they can read things and project parts of the 'in game' room that your tv can't while you move through with your pointer to shoot/ interact. Anyway, thats my 2 cents, I think they're close to that with the 3DS but no one will have the guts to do it on 3DS even though nintendo has already paved the way showing that it just needs reference images and then the sky is the limit.



Cia said:

I'm guessing that the next console is revolving around online. Project Cafe which is it's code name reminds me of those online cafeterias.



SigourneyBeaver said:

It is a word that suggests a social aspect. Not sure if that necessarily suggests online improvements though. Perhaps part of the system will be portable, introducing a social aspect there.



Malkeor said:

ALSO. Project Cafe, coffee. Coffee has Caffeine. Caffeine is addicting.
It could mean that this new console is super addicting and makes you hyperactive with joy and laughter and spastic jolly kid-like!



zezhyrule said:

Just do everything the PS360 can do now (effectively being a generation behind again) and I'll be fine.



vherub said:

echoing what everyone has said about online. Don't need to reinvent the wheel, just copy the best bits of steam, live and psn



Ultranintendofanboy said:

I want Virtual Console with Gamecube games and all the games from the other consoles that are already on the Wii virtual console in HD of course :3 that would be badass!



Pew said:

Glasses as surround screen and Ultra super duper high definition (USDHD) And MASSIVE STORAGE!!
And Ultra IRL responsive motion controls.
Don't think backwards, Nintendo
think FORWARD!!!!!!!!!



Varoennauraa said:

Tablet or virtual reality. Virtual reality might be harmful for your eyes and I guess its still too expensive for home console, so a tablet is my ultimate Wii 2 -dream.

I don't want to go back to game pads from Wiimote, so I'm wishing that the console it self would be a tablet with GameCubeish controls in it. I'd like it to be 7-10"...I guess the rumored 6" would be barely ok. At home it would be connected to HD-tv and use Wiimote(2)s, but of course you could also take it with you or use it as separate screen for example in 4 swords 2. Somebody suggested somewhere, that AMD would be responsible of CPU and GPU, and the relatively inexpensive AMD Fusion could push processing power beyond the HD-Ready generation and still be able to work even in tablet form.

I'd like to buy every game online and never again worry about the availability of games in my home town. I also love to have all my games in the console, so I would even be ready to get rid of optical media all together.



ThrowdownN64 said:

I would like
gamecube and wii backwards compatibility
a slot for ds and/ or game boy games
better virtual console (earthbound please!)
i would like it if instead of blue neon they started leaning towards origanal nintendo red
and a normal controller thats like the game cube but different and an amazing rumble pak



Rapadash6 said:

Here is more my realistic expectations of the next Nintendo console based on the rumors I've heard thus far rather than what I want (truth be told I'm happy enough just playing my Wii):

-The system will be comparable to 360 in terms of graphics power. Maybe only slightly more so, if at all.

-The system will be fully backwards compatable with Wii, GCN, Wiiware and Virtual Console. However, these games will NOT be improved in anyway playing them on the new system. They will run just as they would on a Wii, 480p anamorphic widescreen and all.

-The power PC CPU and ATI GPU rumors seem most likely to be correct as that is what Nintendo has used for Wii, making the afformentioned backwards compatability easy to accomplish without any issues.

-The system will likely feature a newer version of bluetooth but will also be fully compatable with current Wii controllers and accessories. I also think this new system will retain the 4 GCN controller ports and 2 memory card slots.

-The system will feature the same multi AV out that the Wii uses in addition to a single HDMI out for HD video and digital audio. HD resolutions will NOT be available through component video.

-They system will use the same media discs as Wii. As anyone with a PS3 knows, Blu Ray, as far as loading procedures, isnt the best solution for gaming. As with the Xbox 360, this means duel layered discs will be much more common than you see on Wii right now.

-I am hearing a lot of rumors about 1080p being standard, but I just don't see Nintendo doing that. Games will top out at 720p but will run in 60fps more often then not.

-The system will feature a much needed harddrive.

I really don't want to speculate on the controller as that seems to be a bag of worms I'd really rather not dig into. The thing to remember though, is that Nintendo has always been about making hardware cost effective for both them and the consumer. That means compromises will be made and we should all expect that.



SmaMan said:

Meh, I just bought a Dreamcast at Play N' Trade for $20.... that's probably what Nintendo would charge for one DC game on the VC!



erv said:

A lot of fun. Preferably quality online experiences, high quality visuals and account-linked downloads, saves, file imports etc. so when a console dies or you play at a friends, your characters or data or whatever can be retrieved in full glory.



thesignpainter said:

KEEP motion controls please, i know a lot of you think its a gimmick, but you obviously never played sword fighting on wii sports resort.



Simmer_E said:


Imagine with me:

Your playing a new Paper Mario and you have to go through a maze. There are no signs or ANYTHING that tells you where to go. So Mario relies on his nose to smell Princess Peach's baking cake.

New Mario Kart out. A new item lets you release a smell that is horrible and makes the racer release the joystick and close his nose.



shinesprite said:

The next console needs all of the above, plus a microphone and lasers in the controller.
Which reminds me, how come we haven't seen a decent laser tag game yet?



GameLord08 said:

Totally need to e-mail Nintendo. Integrated screen capturing would be awesome and useful, and I agree with what MasterGraveHeart ranted on.



TheGreenSpiny said:

Here's what need:

  • no oline support of any kind
  • no acheivements
  • no shovelware
  • 1080p graphics


armoredghor said:

@kurtasbestos If they call it wiiii, we're gonna get more jokes about sounding like a kid on a rollercoaster
@MasterGraveheart The wii already has netflix, usb keyboard support, and they're already changing the internet on it. The 3DS allows us to change our names and friends come up as what they named themselves, they'll probably have searches just like that and we will also be able to have multiple users under the same name that way. The shop is already being remade.
@DJTriforce Nintendo added powerups instead of achievements to their games, if that doesn't give you a lasting appeal then look at the metroid prime games. You earned art galleries from the number of scans you had and your difficulty settings. I could turn off the notifications but it bothers me to know that people judge each other based on their gamerscore and that's just something that you can't ignore. If you have an option to hide people will just look down on them even more for "being too embarrassed to show it". That's why I like having super weapons, extra health, extra ammo, galleries, and theaters instead.



CaPPa said:

The console would have to be considerably more powerful than the 360 or PS3 to stand a chance as they are already aging and struggling to keep up with the demands of high end graphics (very few games at 720p or 1080p now, most are around 540p or 640p and run at 30fps). They need to give us games running at 720p and 60fps for it to be better than what is available.

The controller sounds an interesting concept, but if this is the direction they are taking then they should have designed the 3DS to be more similar so that it could also be used as an additional controller.



Funky_Gamer said:

Maybe a little camera so you could chat with friends... or at least a microphone.
Better internet browser with flash...

And the controllers need two things:
1. A call signal, so if one was misplaced it would start making a loud noise and you could find it.
2. Finger print scanners so people can't mess with your gaming progress or erase your files or whatever



DrDaisy said:

Let's see:
A detachable hard drive.
Stable online.
A built-in ethernet port.
Power comparible to the PlayStation 4 and whatever XBox 360's successor is called.
HDMI compatibility.
Blue-Tooth compatibility.
Blu-Ray compatibility.
Options to mute Mario's, Luigi's, Wario's, Waluigi's, Toad's, and Peach's voices in every video game they are in,
Backwards compatibility with GameCube, Wii, WiiWare, and Virtual Console.
A controller that can also function with GameCube games, but with a control stick that doesn't wear out. Seriously.
The ability to transfer WiiWare and Virtual Console games to this new system without having to buy them again.
Compatibility with Blu-Ray and DVD movies.
Compatibility with music CDs.
The ability to play 3D movies and games in case third-parties want to make them for this system, even if Nintendo has no interest.

I know that's asking a lot, especially from Nintendo, but you asked what we wanted.

A nice extra would be to have Nintendo Puzzle Collection included out of the box.



realar said:

As long as it has great games, downloadable content (namely I want downloadable characters in SSB4), good looking graphics, a quality control, instant screenshots in game, and other fun features I'm good.



WWammy said:

The main things I want in Nintendo's next console is
1. for Nintendo to support 3rd parties more so they create games for the Nintendo platform.
This means giving hardware comparable to competitors so they can create the games they want to create and we don't have to miss out on those games or have to buy an additional console.
Which means less space and clutter created by games and peripherals and less investment into what is now usually at least 2 consoles.
Wii/PS3 or Wii/360
2. More storage I love Nintendos back catalog of VC games but with the space restrictions it makes it just awkward to have the ones u want to play and we missed out on some games that should have been on the Wii.
3.Less controller swapping and peripherals I understand motion controls being in their infancy but mannn it really started to get on my nerves that I had to keep changing the controller attachments depending on which game I wanted to play and sometimes even during a game (Wario Ware and Wii Sports / Wii Sports Resort)
I hope 3rd parties develop motion controls to the same high standards as Nintendo themselves have in their games
4. DLC would be nice I remember the whole thing about Metroid other M bug



JimLad said:

Also make it affordable, or it will wipe out the market lead you've built up over the last five years.



Ayer99 said:

Well, as much as I would like to see a mega awesome super console, I have a feeling it would cost somewhere in the 4 to 5 hundreds.



XyVoX said:

@158. Rapadash6 your comments are about the most realistic out of all of these comments. Well Done my thoughts exactly about Wii 2.



leon_x said:

  • 1080p Full HD Games
    • Dolby HD/ DTS Master 5.1 Sound
    • Backwards compatibility with GameCube, Wii, WiiWare, and Virtual Console
    • GCN, Saturn and Dreamcast for VC
    • Wii VC Transfter!


davidrooster said:

I don't want a Wii 2, and I don't any of you people to have one either. I want Nintendo to continue to support the Wii...



DrSlump said:

Ati 5800 based graphics, with 1Gb Gddr5 memory, full band (don't cut the band).
Quad core cpu.
At least 2Gb ddr3 ram.
320Gb disk drive



DrDaisy said:

I half-agree with davidrooster. I think Nintendo should continue to support the Wii even after releasing its successor. The casual audience probably won't give too much of a **** about graphics and the Wii can still be used for all the gimicky stuff.



thesignpainter said:

how about a pressure plate on the controller so when you lift somebody in the air you'll squeeze em vader style!



WWammy said:

I want to support your comment @ davidrooster
but some problems such as storage will only be fixed with new hardware.
It would have been nice they did some incremental hardware upgrades to the Wii like they did with the DSI to allow for more storage and address other gripes such as hdmi / 720p output.
Also while still technically possible on the Wii it would have been nice to download a Wii channel to allow DVD and General Media playback.
Either way I'm in no rush for a Wii 2 in all honesty but while we just discussing what we would like in a Wii 2 I hope the major issues will be addressed and everyone knows what they are.



Pj1 said:

@ Wheels2050

I don't need to post anything and it's thanks to you.

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