As part of Satoru Iwata's presentation at Nintendo's Financial Results Briefing, the CEO spoke about the upcoming Japanese release of Star Fox 64 3D and what gamers can expect from Fox McCloud's stereoscopic return.

Launching in Japan on 14th July, the reworked version of the classic scrolling shooter is described as:

... a newly-arranged version of "Star Fox 64," the most well-known game of all the 3D shooting games in the time of Nintendo 64, and in which we offer a new feature that uses a gyro sensor to control [the] Arwing, [which] flies around the 3D space.

Gamers looking to blast and barrel roll their way past Andross' minions using motion controls might be concerned that they might have to sacrifice the 3D visuals for that pleasure. Although the game will have button-based controls, keeping the console in that sweet spot whilst using the gyro sensor's motion controls might be tough in an intense action game such as this. Can Nintendo provide that playable balance? We say: "Good luck!"