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Star Fox 64 3D Entering Japanese Airspace on 14th July

Posted by Trevor Chan

The fox that can fly makes his return this summer

Fox McCloud and his motley crew of wingmen are back this summer as they barrel roll their way into an upcoming Japanese release.

Announced back at E3 2010, Star Fox 64 3D is an updated 3DS instalment of Star Fox 64 on the Nintendo 64, and thanks to the depth perception achieved by the handheld's 3D visuals, it will hopefully be a prime example of how a game can take advantage of this unique benefit.

Speaking to the Guardian newspaper, Konno talks about how beneficial it is to be able to express three-dimensional space in a game like this:

... in StarFox, there's the mode where you're flying through rings: on a 2D screen, sometimes that's hard to do, because you can't understand how far one ring is from the other. But now, with the 3DS, it's easier to see where they are.

The game page on the Japanese Nintendo website reveals the launch date has been set for 14th July, so hopefully, that means the rest of the world won't have too long to wait. Expect more information about the game by the time E3 2011 kicks off in June.


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Urbanhispanic said:

sweet...I loved the N64 game. I know it's a long shot but maybe they'll add extra content??? **crosses fingers in vein**



Kriedler said:

If I don't have it by the end of the month of July, people will get hurt. Same goes for Duke Nukem Forever. Anyways, I disagree about the rings being so hard to fly through. I could nail every one every time with no problems Though, I did play SF64 until my atomic purple controller broke
Whatever, though, this is a day 1 purchase for me



PSICOffee said:

I've been waiting for a "new" Star Fox game for years. Hopefully this will be just the spark Miyamoto was looking for to garner interest back into the series (as if it wasn't obvious enough that the reason the other games have failed is because they aren't made like this one).

I'd like to someday see a Star Fox game where you play as James with Pigma and Peppy as your wing men.



MasterGraveheart said:

Show of hands, everyone. How many of you think they should just reboot the Star Fox series with this game and leave Krystal to doher own tribal magic thing in a Dinosaur Planet-esque franchise? Not that I hate Krystal, which I don't, generally, but after Star Fox Adventures, Assault, and Command (each of which I have varying opinions on), maybe starting the story over woudln't be the worst thing in the world?

But, DANG, this game looks beautiful...



CJ_Vick said:

OK that's good news. Here's the problem: I'm in the US. WHEN WILL WE HAVE THIS!? I NEED STARFOX!!



HawkeyeWii said:

I remember when I got the Star fox on DS, that game would have been amazing if you didn't have to control your arwing with the stylus, lets just hope the 3DS game will have fully control on D-pad.



Chrono_Cross said:

Weird, if my memory is spot on then I recall that Star Fox 64 originally came out here in the U.S. July 1997.



MeloMan said:

I'm not a hater of the storyline regardless to what's transpired lately in the SF universe, I just want them to tighten up the ideas they've introduced since SF64. Similar to what MasterGraveheart what saying, I've liked varying things about SF Adventures, SF Assault, and SF Command-- I just think that there needs to be better balance of what made SF good.



suburban_sensei said:

Such great news. Seems far away in a sense, but I know it will creep up on us sooner than we think...I just hope the US/EU release dates aren't far behind. Early August would be cool!



NintyMan said:

Neat, that actually doesn't sound too far off to me. Maybe the rest of the world will get it a week or two later?



Sylverstone said:

Somehow, I think the future of the franchise hinges on this. Just a feeling.

So if you want a brand new Star Fox adventure, buy this game!



WaveGhoul said:

The only StarFox game I've ever bothered with and actually have nostalgia over is the original on SNES, which was pretty damn spectacular in it's own weird way at the time....And I love that frog! ;p

I managed to put in around 15 minutes of StarFox 64 using the rumble pack back at my friends house in the N64 days, and I wish i could of..and 'should' of played more.

Just like Zelda OOT, looks like I'll be experiencing these 2 for the first time with a visual uprgade boost and in 3D for the first time. It just really annoys me that i was more of a PS1 fantastic back in the PS1/N64 era. There are a few or so N64 titles i seriously missed out on.... Zelda: OOT, Zelda: MM, StarFox 64 and Kirby 64....But i played many manyyy other titles and the classics for that system, and aside from maybe a few amazing titles that i loved most of the stuff ranged from mediocre to junk. I felt that the SNES era before it was soooo much more amazing....And they're all timeless.



StarDust4Ever said:

Star Fox 64 and OOT: Two games I sorta missed out on the first time around...
I for one am glad they are doing this!



Junkface said:

Will it still have multi player? Cause above it says one player? That would be rubbish if it didn't have it.



Doma said:

I'll only buy this if they substantially upgrade the multiplayer. Not too much to ask for really.

Looks great. But the N64’s controller and VA are likely to remain superior.



ToneDeath said:

I definitely want 'Star Fox' in the title more than 'Lylat Wars,' but I think having both 64 and 3D looks a little clumsy, and that they should just use one or the other...or neither.

But the title is hardly the most important thing. If the voice acting has been redone, then I think that's the thing I'll be the most fussy about.

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