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Sorry Everyone, There Was No Monster Hunter 3DS Reveal

Posted by James Newton

Give F5 a break

So, despite everyone's biggest hopes and best intuition, Capcom's Captivate 2011 event came and went without even so much of a sniff of Monster Hunter 3DS.

Capcom Europe confirmed via Twitter that there was no Monster Hunter content shown off at the event last week, nor were there any Ace Attorney-related revelations either.

In fact, there were no new games for Nintendo formats revealed, with the only update of interest for Nintendo fans being new screens, artwork and trailers for Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D.

We always hate to be the bearers of bad news, but look on the bright side: at least there's E3 in June, right?


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pixelman said:

What are you talking about, my F5 already is broken.
noooo! maybe at E3 then.



Shade0fTheChaos said:

Ah..... Ok is is ok I can Deal with It......



TingLz said:

So? It's just not coming out any time soon. There's still several years left of the 3DS's life. Besides, I'm sure fans would be happier if it were released later when all the bugs are worked out of the 3DS



Shiryu said:

Try waiting for a new F-Zero for the past 8 years. Besides, I'm pretty sure it's on the way regardless. The tech is already there (MT Framework Mobile) so it's a matter of time.



SuperPeach said:

Well that sucks. D: I still have hope for later though. Although most likely between then and now I'll buy an NGP anyway.



zionich said:

I feel violated.......I know i shouldnt, but I do...

"I feel a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced."



TheBaconator said:

Well now...That's unfortunate. More of my money saved then...Or spent on something I really don't want...



pixelman said:

I guess that leaves me with KOTOR and Zelda to play through this summer. Life could be worse!



ngc628 said:

My heart is broken. They promised us 'some love'; where is our love Capcom?



Link79 said:

I really don't see the appeal in Monster hunter anyway. If they want to impress me announce a new Mega man game. Oh wait Inafune left I guess that's it for the blue bomber. Might as well start digging his grave.
Resident Evil is all they have left.



pixelman said:

Ono did say there'd be a big 3DS announcement this month, and this month isn't over yet. So there's still a little hope. :3



Megumi said:

There better be, good thing that the Dream World is opening up tomorrow that will keep me busy until then, as well as Portal 2 next week. >_>



Malkeor said:

This news is okay for me. I was just a little interested in MH. Since it wasn't announced that's fine with me. If it's coming later, then cool beans.



Chris720 said:

@Link79 Are you saying no more Mega Man? D:

This would've been pretty awesome, but meh, I still have MH3 to tied me over. Even though it is getting pretty boring now...

MH is a good series but is sort of short lived to be honest, once you've done pretty much everything there's nothing left to do.



Link79 said:

@ xDemon720x
The way it's looking I don't have much hope for Mega man anymore.
Without Inafune he might as well be dead.
Imagine Mario without Shigeru Miyamoto. I know, Scary isn't it?



Amorous_Badger said:

I can't imagine a handheld version of MH being anything other than a wrist-aching nightmare, lord knows the controls are 'unique' as it is..



Imerion said:

Oh, figures. No Monster Hunter 3D. Not even a new Ace Attorney.
The only new game was that drab looking Dragons Dogma. Seriously, Capcom games are usually very well designed, but that game just screams generic and soul-less.
Monster Hunter 3DS will probably come eventually though. I'm still hoping.



bonesy91 said:

eh... not really disappointed. I tried Monster hunter Tri and never really got into it...



Traxx said:

Ouwh, I hope this is not a first sign that there wont be any MH in the 3DS history, because chances are Capcom wants to keep the mobile Monster hunters associated with Sony and PSP. On the other hand, there is a smart phone version... well, we will see.

@31: I think MH controls on 3DS can be done, camera controls with touch screen are possible. I see no room for "clawing" though, since D-Pad and Analogue Stick switched locations compared to PSP.

@29 I bet MH Tri offered you AT LEAST 60h+ gameplay. It's pretty harsh stating it doesnt offer much in the long run, especially since MH games are known for the fact that you can make them your very own gameing experience. And Tri is even at the low end regarding content compared to other MH games...



TheGreenSpiny said:

Who care? Monster Hunter is crap anyway... Never could get past the awkward controls and everything else on the Wii version.



thesignpainter said:

what would you prefer? having something announced and having to wait a full year, or waiting for it and when it is announced you only have to wait two mouths?



dizzy_boy said:

there probably half way through making a million different versions of street fighter for the NGP, and don`t have time for monster hunter on the 3ds just yet.



Colors said:

I would say I HATE YOU CAPCOM!!!! But at if it wasn't for them the Monster Hunter series wouldn't even exist.



Wolfy-Boey said:

No biggie, everything else Capcom showed was really exiting.

I do still hope a monster hunter game does show up on 3DS. And where's my new breath of fire Capcom?!?



XCWarrior said:

Capcom just got a -5 in the nice developers standing. No Monster Hunter makes XC very mad.



SwerdMurd said:

oh more monster hunter. Looks like my mindless online hack/slash/endless loot-grinding isn't gonna be reskinned. What will I dooooo!?!?!?



motang said:

Just cause it didn't happen in 2011, that doesn't mean it won't later.



Vinsanity said:

Do not care for Monster Hunter personally. After games like Borderlands, Capcom's "buddy up and kill things for loot" games - Monster Hunter and Lost Planet - need some heavy redesigning and refining of the core gameplay to appeal to me (and most western gamers, I'd imagine). I just wanted to hear about new games at Captivate '11, and I was happy with news on Asura's Wrath (which I know was revealed at last year's TGS), and that Dragon Dogma game. Are they Nintendo-related news? No, but who cares when Nintendo supports third parties so, so badly? I have a Wii and a PS3, so I'm still very happy with what Capcom showed at the event.



SwerdMurd said:

Dragon's Dogma was my biggest @_@.

Crazy to see how Western-influenced gaming is these days....and the Japanese guys seem to be picking out/refining my favorite parts of Western-styled games. Excited for the next couple years



outrun2sp said:

Nintendo fans should be happy with the first party games. Always has been the strongest aspect. For most of the great third party games you really need another machine.

So roll on mario and zelda games that should keep you happy.



evimonkey953 said:

the monster hunter series better get to the 3DS or i'm gonna get pissed i mean honestly the truth is i love monster hunter but never really have time to play it but i take my 3DS wherever i go and they better announce something at E3 or i'm gonna go on a rampage through the convention center (Ifbs)



Rerun said:

Crap. I just hope that there's a new Monster Hunter when the rumored new Nintendo console comes out.



Musashi said:

I haven't played any of the Monster Hunter games, although I want to try Monster Hunter Tri. It just seems it would be a very profitable idea to have a 3ds Monster Hunter title... c'mon Nintendo.

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