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Over 2 Million Players Bought Mario's 25th Anniversary Game

Posted by James Newton

Joins a long list of million sellers

It may have just been a glorified Super NES game, but that didn't stop Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition from doing the business at retail, selling 2.24 million copies around the world since its release.

Other Nintendo-published Wii titles hitting the million sales mark in the past twelve months were the lovable Kirby's Epic Yarn, Retro reboot party starter Donkey Kong Country Returns, Wii Party and athletic compilation Mario Sports Mix

Top dog in the Wii new release stakes was intergalactic masterpiece Super Mario Galaxy 2, which racked up 6.36m units sold across the world. It still has a long way to go to beat plumbing stablemates Mario Kart Wii and New Super Mario Bros. Wii, which have sold 27m and 21.9m units worldwide respectively since their original release dates.

Including third-party releases, a total of 103 Wii games have sold over a million copies worldwide. That's a lot of white boxes on shelves.


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Raylax said:

Your picture's a tad large for the site there

Alternative title: 2 Million Players Feel Slightly Ripped Off



MERG said:

The table you show is partially hidden behind the right-side banners.



Malkeor said:

I was one of those people who bought it. A proud owner of a collectible.



Ryno said:

I bought three originally and sold two for over $70.00 each. I hope those two families are enjoying it, I know I am!



Graph said:


Speak for yourself. Getting All Stars + Soundtrack and history manual in a nice little collector's box is awesome. I personally don't feel ripped off at all and I'm sure most of us who own it don't feel that way either.

I got mine for $19.99, well worth the price.



Tasuki said:

I dont feel ripped off with my copy of the Wii Collection. I enjoy it alot. Yeah the history book and the soundtrack were a bit disappointing but I bought the collection for the game not the extras and I cant complain about the game its just as good as I remember it on the SNES.

The thing that kinda ticks me off is that they said it was a limited edition yet they re released it again how does that make it a limited edition?



Link79 said:

I guess a single Snes rom on a disc didn't stop people from gobbling it up.
I ended up with two copies by accident.
My first one was on back order and fearing that I'd never get it I went and bought it elsewhere.
Then soon after that my original order arrived.
Oh well one to play and one to keep in the box until I'm old and wrinkly.



Raylax said:

@5: Repackaging All-Stars on a disk was a cheap move (it's a completely untouched SNES game, why wasn't it on VC? It can't be using more than a fraction of the disk space), the 'soundtrack' is 50% sound effects, and I used to have a more complete and much better manufactured history manual that came free with a magazine. That being said, getting it for $19.99 isn't so bad, but I wouldn't want to have paid full whack for it.

I gotta love how it turns to Sonic The Hedgehog of all franchises to show Nintendo how it should be done.



LztheQuack said:

@Raylax: Why wasn't it on VC? Read the title

Maybe the alternative title should be "2 million players buy 'cheaply made'
game and this angers haters"



JeanLuc_Vaycard said:

Just goes to show Nintendo can repackage anything and it will sell like hotcakes. Just throw in a little music cd or some cheesy bonus and wallah!



grumblebuzzz said:

I'm so glad that Kirby and DK are in the top 10. Both of those were fantastic games that deserve it.



armoredghor said:

It's a solid game that remade 3 titles on the NES. It's not a ripoff. And if anyone thought this game was a ripoff, then they should have researched or just looked at the back of it. This is like the people who were disappointed in Animal Crossing once they found out it was just an open world game. Just Saying.



EdEN said:

Don't see what the problem is with the 25th anniversary collection. For $30 we got Super Mario All Stars, great packaging, a booklet and a soundtrack. I got mine and you should too while supplies last!



DiggerandIndy said:

I got a copy for myself and got three more copies when the game came back in stores. So far, the value is around $25 (accoring to, so I'm gonna wait until it shoots back up before I sell the three, even if I have to wait a year to do it.



TheBaconator said:

Limited Edition...Ha. Stinks for those who purchased this thing for big bucks off ebay before Nintendo announce the second shipment.



manleycartoonist said:

I can't wait for the wii to be dead for a couple years, so I can pick this and NSMBwii up at gamestop for less than $10.



Yosher said:

This game is great- back when it first released on the SNES! Now it simply seems like way too much of a scam. I got a copy of this and the extras are far from worth the 30 bucks if you already own a copy of this game, or all of the games loose, somehow (NES originals, SNES All-Stars, GBA remakes, Wii VC). No, considering Limited/Collector's Edition, Nintendo really has a thing or two to learn from the competition.

..which makes it suck even more that this sells so well because now Nintendo knows they can get away with crap like this! It's nice for those who don't own these games yet but come on, who on Earth doesn't have at least 1 copy of these games yet besides the Lost Levels?

.. kay, done ranting. I know there's several who don't have these games yet so it's good for them I guess. But the Mario fans would have wanted something more special, something more COLLECTOR worthy, ya know.



bonesy91 said:

eh.Didn't pick this up (not a huge mario fan, but I do love the little mustache red cap wearing hero) because well, this is just a port of a snes game to the Wii (which has already been done on the Wii shop channel) would have been cool if they updated it to NSMBW style graphics (sort of like how they are updating the graphics for OoT re-release)

just sayin.



madgear said:

"It may have just been a glorified Super NES game."

It wasn't even glorified - it was just a Super NES game! Anyway, I'm betting the reason this has sold so well is because of people buying up a ton of copies for ebay - making it not actually a rare title and, therefore, practically worthless. Well done - enjoy your 14 copies of one of the Wii's most popular games.



Rapenzie said:

To everyone saying that Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition is a good deal, look at Sonic Generations and you will see what is a nice anniversary edition. Really, I don't even like Sonic that much but I'm considering a download for my PS3.

I would rather have this game on Virtual Console. The soundtrack and booklet are not that good. I found a Nintendo Power magazine with Mario's history and it's much better. It's not even that "Limited" as they put another million or so on the market when the first one sold out. >.<



OldBoy said:

LOL ,mugs! People really will buy anything. 50Hz!!!??........pah....forget it.



Link-Hero said:

Wow, so over 2 million were scammed into buying a cheap SNES rom port with no change to it whats so ever? I feel sorry for all those people...



NintyMan said:

I could care less if it was a scam or a cheap port, I got it for the soundtrack and am totally satisified. Don't diss everyone who bought it, people. Not all of them were disappointed. Anyway, happy to see Mario Sports Mix sold over the million mark. I love that game!



BalrogtheMaster said:

I'm willing to bet money that half of those buyers are 8-year-olds who saw Mario on a box and begged their parents to death



Hortencio said:

Yeah, this anniversary collection sucked, price, booklet, any-other-argument aside. Now, c'mon Nintendo, teach us all a lesson for dissing you by releasing a truly worthy, collector's edition of The Legend of Zelda (LoZ, LoZ II, A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening). I'd pay $50 for that, but the booklet better be good...



SuperLink said:

please leave the moderating to us — TBD

I'm trying not to be (too) rude, but I'm kind of tired of hearing that a lot of people did not like it. Yeah, okay, we get it, it wasn't what you were expecting, let it go. You really don't want to comment on the other games that were on the chart (even though there were no labels, so we really didn't know what the numbers were exactly)? It was still cool to those of us who didn't have it back in the day.

@The Picture Caption Yes, he certainly does.



JeanLuc_Vaycard said:

I didn't realize you were a moderator of this site superlink. You have no right to say what any of us can say just as we can't do the same to you. If we choose to voice our opinions here that is our choice. If you can't deal with that well can't help you there.



OldBoy said:

@The_people_defending_this_game Do you really think this was the best way of celebrating 25 years of ,arguably, video games most famous character? Surely not. It was a cheap, lame ,half ed cash in, they couldn't even give us a 60Hz version FFS.
Great that your pleased with your purchase ,many were not. Each is entitled to their opinion of course but I expect more from an anniversery collection.The Zelda one better be good!
@30 I'll say what I like thanks.



1080ike said:

I don't feel ripped off. The only one of the games in the collection I already owned was SMB3. I USED to have the GBC port of SMB, but I lost it ages ago. So, I was basically getting three games, one of which is a classic known to all videogamekind, one of which is a curious black sheep, and the final is quite possibly the hardest Mario game made, all for $20. Oh, and a pretty much useless CD and history thingy too, but I don't count them.



Wheels2050 said:

I bought it, because I'd never played the SMB games very much before. I think it's great! And, for the $25 I bought it for, it was priced as a bargain game here in Aus.

No denying that Nintendo didn't spend much making it, but I've already got my money's worth from it and still haven't made my way through all the games. That's what matters to me!



Tasuki said:

The thing that cracks me up with all of you people who are complaining is that over and over you all asked when is Super Mario Allstars coming to VC when is Super Mario Allstars coming to VC. So Nintendo releases Super Mario Allstars but its not the way you wanted it released so you are going to complain. Did you realize that if you bought it on VC it would be exactly the same? So its on a disc instead of VC who gives a **** you got it didnt you? Do you all just like to complain or something? Honestly I just dont understand what all the complaining is about.



Raylax said:

That table means nothing whatsoever. Seriously what do the numbers even mean.



Pj1 said:

Well I bought several copies of the game, I was in New York recently and they Nintendo World had lots of the NTSC version. I wanted to buy it just for the box but I felt N.W wouldn't sell me a copy and the fact I can't run it on a PAL system wasn't worth it....... Sorry Nintendo but I saved the money and bought a N.W t-shirt. The game meant a lot to me when I was younger and does now, so sadly I can only Thank Nintendo for releasing it for the Wii, I wish the soundtrack was longer and the 'special' booklet didn't keep putting the word fun on every page. I reckon SMAS will make another appearence soon......



Yosher said:

@Tasuki: Did YOU realize they sold this game for 30 bucks in stores, while, as an SNES game, it would have been 800 Wii points, or 8 bucks, on the Virtual Console? So people pretty much spent 22 big ones on a lousy booklet and soundtrack CD with this and I don't think that's worth it.



Tasuki said:

@Yosher: I dont think if it were to come out on VC it would have been the standard 800 Wii points. Look at it this way its 500 per nes game so if you bought the original NES versions of SMB, SMB2, SMB3 and SMBLL you would have spent 2000 points total or $20. Now why would Nintendo shoot themselves in the foot by releases those games on VC as an 800 point game. Yes I understand its one cartridge on the SNES but what do you think would have happened if they did release it at the 800 pts? You would get people complaining that they spent 2000 for all four games for the NES versions. So to avoid all that they just released it on a disc.

Now lets do the math.

4 NES games on VC $20

4 SNES games on VC $32

4 SNES remakes on one disc with a soundtrack and a book $30.

So buy doing it that why they avoided alot of unnecessary complaints and offered it 2 dollars cheaper .

So now do you still think it wasnt worth it?



Alfred_ENG said:

2.24M LOL, I remember some of you saying this is a "Limited edition". It will be worth something in future. It's not rare, Big N got you again.



Chunky_Droid said:

Limited Edition is more about the time frame it came out in, not the amount that they make. I'm still seeing Super Mario 64 DS on game shelves, this collection won't be out for anywhere near that long.

I am one of the ones who bought it, and I don't regret my purchase. I'm seeing it as a free game with my book and soundtrack, and I plan on keeping it in mint condition



Yosher said:

@Tasuki: Yes I still do think it wasn't worth it, because IF they would have released this game on the VC, they would have released for 800 points. The fact that the 4 games are obtainable already for 2100 points (since TLL is 600, being an import game) doesn't have anything to do with this: Super Mario All-Stars is, and always has been, an SNES game and Nintendo knows if they would have released all 4 games of these loose for 800 points each, they would have gotten hell from the fans for ripping them off (just like they're doing with this game actually which is why you hear people complain). This is pretty much the reason they never even released it on the VC; they would have indeed shot themselves in the foot by rendering the originals pretty much useless on the VC aside from those few preferring the originals.

In short, if they would have released this on the VC for the $8 it SHOULD have costed, you could have gotten the originals AND this version for $1 less than this sorry excuse of a celebration of SMB's 25th birthday.

That said, I know not everyone feels ripped off by this, and I'm happy for those people! These games ARE among the greatest of all time after all and very much worth the money if you didn't have the resources to play them already.



Tasuki said:

@Yosher: I doubt that they would have released this game for 800 pts on the VC, honestly why would they do that when they have all three NES games for 500 each and the one for 600 making it a total of 2100pts for all four of them? If they did release it for 800 pts what do you think people would have done pay 2100 pts for the NES versions or 800 for the SNES versions of all four games. Obviously people would pay 800 for the four games.

In the end paying $30 for the collection isnt bad since buying all four NES games on the VC is $9 less but

1) You are getting an actual disc not a download that if you Wii breaks you dont lose it.

2) You get a CD (which granted isnt the best in the world)

3) You get the book.

With those points pointed out I cant see how you can still say its not worth it.



Yosher said:

@Tasuki: You know that's exactly the reason why they haven't released SMAS on the Virtual Console in the first place. But IF they would have released in on the VC, it WOULD have costed 800 points. It's just common sense for them not to release it on the VC though because of those NES versions.

Which is when they came up with a way to peel more money from people by slapping a cheap ROM onto a disc, include a lame soundtrack CD and a booklet barely even worthy of being used as toilet paper and put it in stores with the Collector's Edition or Limited Edition label for 30 bucks instead of the 8 it should have costed.

$30 isn't bad if you haven't played any of these games yet, or don't have them and want to have them in any way or shape. If you already do though, then you honestly can't get around to knowing this is a rip-off.

Honestly, I usually swallow everything Nintendo throws at their fans. I bought the Super Mario Advance series with pleasure, as I did with other remakes like Super Mario 64 DS and will buy Ocarina of Time 3D as well (even though I played the original of both to death). Heck, I even have every title in the main Pokémon series aside from SoulSilver and Black (which I still do plan to get). But with this rom-on-a-disc they just went too far, especially since it's SUPPOSED to celebrate the birthday of the game that pretty much single handedly saved the video game industry back then.



Tasuki said:

@Yosher: Well I see that no matter the facts you are just going to be mad and feel ripped off cause you want to. I am sorry you feel that way and cant just enjoy a good game.



Yosher said:

@Tasuki: Who says I'm not enjoying the game? I do enjoy it. I enjoyed it all those years on all the versions before and I enjoyed this one as well. It's just a very unworthy celebration of SMB's 25th anniversary and a sorry excuse of Nintendo to cash in, no matter how you put it.



Tasuki said:

@Yosher: Yeah ok obviously your not enjoying cause your complaining about it, just cause you dont think its what it should be. It was well worth the price of $30. Now I wouldnt have paid $60 or more for it like some people did but thats them. But for $30 I dont know what you expected.



Yosher said:

@Tasuki: What I expected was more than we got. You know. A true celebration to the SMB's 25th anniversary. Something like:

  • Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World
  • An actual informative booklet instead of one with random trivia, and little of it
  • A soundtrack CD with either 3 songs from all games already represented on it, or additional songs from other games in the Marioverse like Yoshi's Island or the Mario Kart series
  • A poster or an artbooklet including several pieces of art, including never-seen art
  • 60Hz support for ALL regions

That's the LEAST I would have expected for $30, but if they wanted to make it a TRUE collector's edition they could have stacked another $30 ontop of that if they included several of the following:

  • The Super Mario Advance versions of the games instead of the actual SNES versions, as well as unlockable games like Donkey Kong or Super Mario 64
  • An exclusive figurine of Super Mario Bros., not unlike that Super Mario Platinum Club Nintendo figurine gift US owners could get
  • A download code for a neat Super Mario Bros. themed skin for the Wii menu
  • Exclusive trailers to upcoming Mario games, or a short Behind-the-scenes movie
  • Etc, etc, etc

I would easily and gladly have payed $60 for that because that would have actually been a celebration worthy of the name Mario. I swear though, that I DO enjoy Super Mario All-Stars. I've always enjoyed the Mario series and will continue to do so for a long time to come, with both the old AND the new games, but as a big-time Mario fan, this SNES rom-on-a-disc is a big disappointment for me and many others. They couldn't even give us PAL users a 60hz option, for Petey's sake!



Tasuki said:

@Yosher: Why would they have included Super Mario World when you can get that Exact same version of Super Mario World on the VC. I dont know about you but I already have SMW on the VC.

I understand about being upset on not getting 60hz option that is valid.

As for the Super Mario Advance versions people weren't asking for those they were asking for the Super Mario Allstars versions. As for Donkey Kong and Mario 64 again why include those when you can get the exact same thing on the VC?



theblackdragon said:

come on, guys... can we just agree to disagree? you're just arguing in circles now, lol, and if neither of you has persuaded the other yet, it's just not gonna happen :3



Yosher said:

I'm just enjoying the talk, really. I've got nothing against Tasuki by the way, if that's what you think! I'm glad he likes it, but he should also understand that people can also be disappointed in it. It's all about opinions anyway, no matter how you put it. But alright, I'll stop, sorry!

I'll just say, though, that the VC version of SMW isn't the exact same, since the All-Stars version had seperate Luigi sprites instead of being a palette-swapped Mario.



Tasuki said:

@Yosher: I did not know that the sprites were different for Luigi in the SMW on the All-Stars version. Of course Since the only way you could get that game was bundled with the SNES and by that time I already had a SNES there's no wonder why I never played that version.

And No I dont have anything against you either Yosher I just dont understand why some people claim that this game is a rip off and a quick cash crop for Nintendo when they gave people what they want with a little extra and that is Super Mario All Stars on the Wii, but I guess its just not for me to understand. Its just as you say its all about opinions. Its just like TBD said we arent going to persuaded the other and its not gonna happen and I will stop as well. It was interesting to see your points there Yosher and I have to say I did enjoy the talk too

extends the olive branch to Yosher



SpicyDuck said:

I was playing this on my snes about 20 minutes ago. So I'll buy this one as soon as that one breaks

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