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Nintendogs + Cats is Nintendo's First 3DS Million-Seller

Posted by James Newton

1.7m pet lovers served

Of the 20 or so 3DS games available around the globe, so far two have broken through the million sales barrier — Capcom's Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition and Miyamoto's cute 'em up Nintendogs + Cats.

According to Nintendo's latest investor report, the canine collection sold 1.71m units since launch, an impressive total considering Nintendo has sold 3.6m 3DS consoles worldwide. By our maths, that's nearly 50% of 3DS owners picking up a pet to go with their new machine, though it has a long way to go to beat the original Nintendogs sales of over 23m units worldwide.


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Arcanum said:

Wow thats a bunch...i kinda doubted it would sell too much, but i was proved wrong!



Pod said:

Can't blame people. Those dogs and cats are awfully cute.

People may fault the game for being a tad shallow feature-wise, but there are so many areas in which Nintendo's attention to detail exceed their competitors' in the virtual pet market, making their furry critters the absolute most life-like out there.



Lobster said:

Considering all but one of my Street Pass encounter so far have included an encounter in Nintendogs as well, I'm not really surprised.



Malkeor said:

I kind of figured
Maybe I will pick this up one day since I didn't get a chance to experience the original.



Token_Girl said:

I just wish I could have a real cat. Virtually sitting on your lap (or ignoring you) just wouldn't be the same.



Morpheel said:

I'm part of that number.

Considering the original nintendogs was the DS best selling game ever, this doesn't surprise me.

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