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Miyamoto: "I Will Do My Best to Deliver New Mario This Year"

Posted by James Newton

Pulling out all the stops

We haven't seen much of Super Mario on 3DS save for a few early screenshots, causing some to speculate the game won't see release until 2012 at the earliest. However, Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto wants to assure fans that he's doing everything to bring a new Mario game out this year.

Speaking to, Miyamoto said:

Je vous promets de tout faire pour vous livrer le nouveau Mario cette année!

Which a quick run through Google Translate reveals as:

I promise to do everything to deliver your new Mario this year!

Of course this doesn't necessarily refer to Super Mario on 3DS and could be a hint at a further Mario game for release this year, but we'll find out more about Nintendo's plans at E3 in early June, or potentially next week's much-anticipated investor's meeting.


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James said:

Apparently he made this comment when the interviewer showed him a figurine of Mario, which is a slightly... er... unconventional interviewing technique, to say the least.



Corbs said:

Then I'll remember to take my plush Bowser with me to E3. Of course I was taking it anyway to sleep with, but now I can claim it as a business move.



b_willers said:

With Mario Kart and Paper Mario already coming Nintendo will hold this one until at least late spring 2012.



Arcanum said:

I hope Shiggy takes his time making this game. I hate it when some games feel 'rushed'. I really really really hope that they have been working on it for atleast 2.5 years. That way, they would have had enough time to make a Great game by the time it releases.



NintyMan said:

I'm not surprised, since I was hopeful this would try to come the end of this year, so as long as Miyamoto isn't rushing this will be another great game to the Mario line. Still, if he didn't say exactly which Mario game would come out, that might be a little confusing. But I think he still refered to Super Mario 3DS, since that's going to be a new game for the main series and not a spin-off.



Yosher said:

If anyone can do it, Miyamoto can.

Still, I hope they won't make a rush product out of this. Mario games should be of high quality! They always have been (the main series at least).



daznsaz said:

question i did a system update on my 3ds out and about ive tried to connect to my homehub but cant is it because the eshop isnt up yet or should i be able to connect to it now



sillygostly said:

My guess is that it will be Mario Kart 3DS as all handheld installments of Mario Kart so far have been released around 6 months after the console's launch.



motang said:

Do it man, even if you have to stay in the office and neglect your family...JK!



TeeJay said:

This may sound selfish, but I hope Mario 3DS doesn't come out this year. My wallet is dead thanks to Mario Kart 3DS and Ocarina of Time...



Highwinter said:

Paper Mario still hasn't been officially revealed, beyond the tech demo we saw at E3. It's likely still very early in development, I highly doubt we'll see it this year.



Ryno said:

Help! Please direct me to the nearest reducation center because I no longer care about Mario.



PSICOffee said:

Didn't Miyamoto promise Zelda 2 to be released on time before a "circuit board shortage" excuse was implemented? OOT, Windwaker, Twilight Princess, SSBB... I'm not getting my hopes up that there won't be a delay.

THEN AGAIN.. this is Mario, and seeing those few screen shots look like a spiritual successor to Mario 3 only in 3D. Sooo...I can't wait and I hope this is released by the planned 12/31/2011 give or take a few days release.



1080ike said:

This is Mario Kart. It looks pretty close to complete, from what I've heard.



Capt_N said:

I'll be considering a Mario game coming later this year, then. I won't be surprised, if we get none, however.

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