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Japanese Virtual Console list - May 2011

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Five games for this year's fifth month

Normally, Nintendo reveals its Japanese Virtual Console plans for the upcoming month on the last Friday of the month, but this time we have it a day early.

Next month sees a bit of a Neo Geo resurrection, with three new games being released for the system. Japan will also get the fifth NES outing of the Blue Bomber, as well as a SNES fighter already released in Europe.

The full list for May is as follows:


  • Mega Man 5 — Basically more of the same, this one didn't really introduce any major new gameplay elements.

Super Famicom:

  • Rushing Beat Ran (10th May) — The second game in the Rushing Beat series, which was retitled for North America as Brawl Brothers.

Neo Geo

  • Tsuukai GANGAN Koushinkyoku (10th May) — A bit of an unusual fighting game, in which the fighters have very large health bars, the ability to pick up weapons and the ability to jump into the background. It was released elsewhere as Aggressors of Dark Kombat.
  • Fire Suplex — A wrestling game featuring ten fictional wrestlers from around the globe. It's known elsewhere as 3 Count Bout, and should it come to the West would only be the second Virtual Console release based on professional wrestling.
  • Fūun Mokushiroku: Kakutou Sousei — A game somewhat similar to Samurai Shodown, as every fighter uses a weapon. It's different in that, like Aggressors of Dark Kombat, you can also jump between two areas of the battlefield. It was released in the west as Savage Reign.

Lots of Neo Geo games! Would you like to see any of these in Europe and North America?


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Cia said:

Mega Man is always great, although 5 and 6 could have been more creative. 3 still has the best story and level progression.



Rapadash6 said:

I'm beginning to think Yoshi's Island will never be released on Virtual Console. Mega Man is always good though.



weirdproq said:

I would like to see these Neo Geo games come to the North American Virtual Console and maybe Brawl Brothers.



Bass_X0 said:

I'm beginning to think Yoshi's Island will never be released on Virtual Console

FX Chip powered games probably won't.



Cia said:

^How is it then that some crappy emulator can deal this prehistoric FX Chip easily and Nintendo supposedly can't? I'm doubting that theory.



Rapadash6 said:

I use to think that too but the fact we've not seen nor even heard of any FX chip based games in the queue, leads me to think that maybe it won't happen afterall. At least on Wii. Maybe Nintendo's next console will make it possible.



Tasuki said:

@Faron: I am guessing thers more to it than that Nintendo cant emulate it. Perhaps it has something to do with the rights of the technology. Maybe if they used the FX chip they will have to pay a bunch of parties thus making the cost too much for a VC game and not worth the money or time to emulate it on the VC.



Tsuchinoko said:

@Tasuki It has always been about the rights to the technology. Its the same reason the original Star Fox also isn't on the VC either.



niner said:

Meh, nothing interesting here. I was never a fan of NeoGeo and I already have Mega Man Anniversary for GameCube. The only thing I'm waiting for on VC are the remaining Enix games.

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