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It's Cafe Time on Nintendo's Development Site

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Update: Images now removed

Update: The images have now been removed from the development site, but are archived here for reference.

Many gamers and media outlets have been snooping around Nintendo's development site Wario World for some time now in the hopes of catching even a morsel of information about Nintendo's upcoming home console. Now it seems like all of that nosing around has finally paid off with the recent discovery of an image containing a rather familiar name.

The image below was found and still resides on Nintendo's Wario World developers site, but whether or not this is real or a joke Nintendo wants to play on all those poking their noses into the development site is still up in the air. Of course you have to admit that it's a bit interesting that this banner was uploaded to the site on the very same day that all of the rumors about the console began circulating around the internet.


It appears that Nintendo uploaded another image to the servers at Wario World on April 4th. That's about ten days before the internet rumour mill picked up on the name, meaning that the image is not a response to fan speculation but the genuine artifact. Rejoice! Concrete, non-rumour information!

Tell us what you think about this new official Nintendo image and whether or not you think it has merit or is Nintendo's wild sense of humor at work.


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DF2506 said:

I think its just Nintendo's brand of humor. I still think the people who believe these rumors are going to be disappointed when E3 arrives. Personally, I just want lots of great 3DS stuff announced and some good Wii stuff too. That would be a perfect E3 to me.



Corbs said:

Oh it's there. Use the direct link we quoted in the source above.



citizenerased said:

Has to do with redirecting I think, but sometimes it doesn't work. Just remove the Nintendolife part and it'll work fine. For me all the links work fine anyway.



Corbs said:

It means that we know about as much today as we did yesterday, except now Nintendo has joined in on the fun. LOL



Zach said:

@Arcanum That's right, Wario World is the site that Nintendo itself sets up for developers and publishers to register, acquire devkits, etc. So Nintendo themselves put the image up.

Of course, it could be some random dude at Nintendo, but I'd think they'd need approval from the higher-ups to post such an image. And, then again, the random dude could be some higher up at Nintendo. Who knows! But it's cool to see, I think!



antoniorsh said:

This is very real, indeed. Look at this link:
Inside of the developer's site, any web page has it's own header.
Try this one:
Or this:
So, this mean that image of the "Café" (in French or Spanish, it's exactly the same in both languages) is the header of the Project Café page for developers. Once they release the console, that image can change to one with a real pic of the hardware.



Sadsack_Awesome said:

@antoniorsh The fact that the pictures you posted were the actual hardware, I have a feeling that this is going to be either a cup of coffee...
Or a virtual reality simulator, in which you're actually IN the game



daznsaz said:

im waiting for e3 next we be seeing a piece of toast with the face of miyamato strong blinding light and choir singing



Rapenzie said:

It would be cool if Nintendo revealed a toaster at E3 so people would be "WTF?". It would be so funny. Of course they should reveal the real thing after that.



Arcanum said:

Rabbit? looks a bit....mis-shapen to be a rabbit...What is that thing...?



James said:

Must have been something in it as the images have been taken down now. Interesting stuff!



JayArr said:

Looks like a bunny to me. I think its just a random pic of fancy coffee, doubt its supposed to look like something Nintendo related.



Malkeor said:

No way that is Maxwell House!!! (At caption )
But it does look mighty delicious.

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