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Get Animated at Inchworm Animation's Impending Release

Posted by Trevor Chan

Approved, dated and priced

Five years in the making, Flat Black Films' animation software Inchworm Animation is finally approved and penned with a release date.

A hot contender to Flipnote Studio's reputation as the premier animation application available at the DSi Shop, Inchworm Animation certainly packs a punch in the functionality department, supplying users with a large proverbial canvas on which they can create their masterpiece.

The external camera can be used to create stop-motion pieces and users can experiment with rotoscoping techniques, the art of tracing individual frames from live-action footage. Flat Black Films has been involved with two Richard Linklater films, providing rotoscoping animation for Waking Life, and A Scanner Darkly.

Here's a list of features the application will allow the artist in you to utilise when it launches in North America on 25th April at the delicious price of 500 points:

  • create multi-layer flipbook animations
  • variable-thickness antialiased brushes
  • use the camera for stop-motion & time lapse
  • rotoscope by tracing on top of camera footage
  • different layers can have different frame lengths
  • circles, rectangles and polygons (w/ border)
  • translucent color and pattern fill
  • custom palette storage
  • pattern editor
  • individual animation frame timing
  • onionskin
  • 6 levels of zoom
  • export to SD card (SWF, BMP sequence)
  • work on images up to 9999 x 9999 pixels
  • cut/paste to clipboard
  • rescale clipboard images
  • flip and 90-degree rotate
  • undo

Twelve animations have been added to the gallery section over at the official Inchworm Animation website and the trailer below should give you an idea if this upcoming release is for you or not.

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Thank you to all the readers that sent this in.


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Funem said:

Looks good, I can't draw so flipnote wasnt for me, this on the otherhand has loads more options to express yourself with. Looking foward to it.



SwerdMurd said:

"The external camera can be used to create stop-motion pieces and users can experimenting with rotoscoping techniques" - first sentence, third paragraph.

Come on Trevor...



James said:

@Swerd We all make mistakes.

I've been keeping up with the development of this one for a while and I have to say it looks absolutely fantastic. 500 Points? An absolute steal. If it's as versatile and powerful as the video makes out — and simple to use, too — this could be a real winner!



Late said:

This is a must-buy for me when I first get my 3DS (at summer).
When I first time thought of buying DS, I had two choices, Lite and DSi. I picked up Lite as I can play GBA games with it, only thing that I made me even think about which one I'll get was Flipnote Studio.
Now when I get my 3DS, I'm sure that I'll get this as soon as I can!
Only thing I wanna know now is how long animation you can do with this.



moosa said:

I never used Flipnote... but this exports to Flash? Really!? I was afraid that these creations might end up trapped in the game data forever (far from ideal for something you'd put so much time and work into as animation), but then I saw the export options.
The only thing I have beef about: this is for DSi, and I don't have a DSi, but I do own a 3DS. I have a feeling the difference in display resolutions for the DSi and 3DS would cause issues with this type of application. How unfortunate is that?



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

Flipnote Studio is extremely limited compared to this but it has two things going for it that Inchworm doesn't: Nintendo backing it up, and SOUND.



WiiLovePeace said:

Man this is AWESOME! I'm gonna get this when/if it comes over here. I'm gonna make comics yet!



Ultra128 said:

Very ambitious, especially for DSiWare. I just love stop-motion. I also hope this actually gets scored on Metacritic, because this looks incredible and more people need to know about it. I didn't even know about it until I read this article!



Robo-goose said:

Flipnote Studio is very impressive, but this belongs in its own class of awesome.
It's like the Mozart of creative programs, and it only costs five bucks!



Supremeist said:

This actually looks pretty.. awesome!! Too bad I traded in my DSi XL. Oh well Hope it comes for 3DS eStore at Launch, maybe...



JohnDoe123 said:

As moosa said, I'm worried about the resolution differences. Otherwise, I'll buy this.



paperskyx said:

500 points?! I know what I'm buying next time I get a DSiCard!

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