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Get a Gold Blanka Figurine Via SpotPass Now

Posted by James Newton

Or read the code inside

SpotPass, so we're told, will deliver fresh updates straight to your 3DS: new characters, new content, all automatically and for free. Don't believe us? Ask a Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition player, as they recently received a new figurine from Capcom through thin air.

While a level 7 golden Blanka statue doesn't sound like much to the uninitiated, to those engaging in the game's surprisingly addictive Figurine Battle mode it's a devastating weapon for wreaking havoc on unassuming passers-by.

Just in case you haven't yet got your 3DS configured for SpotPass just yet, here's the code you need to get a golden beast in your game: DmdkeRvbxc.

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LordJumpMad said:

Did you say Free?
I wonder if Capcom will add more then just Figurine
like more Fighters



6ch6ris6 said:

sadly no other games have had updates via spotpass. as far as i know. or are there other games?



KrazyBean said:

Got it yesterday! Too bad there's no one on the streets to test this bad boy out =(



Kriedler said:

I didn't get one? Dude, weak. Looks like I'm gonna have to take a walk later. My wireless is down and my loser neighbors' routers don't seem to be cutting it



R-L-A-George said:

KrazyBean wrote:

Got it yesterday! Too bad there's no one on the streets to test this bad boy out =(

All you have to do is have it in your house connected to WiFi.....Whoops I misread, I thought you didn't get it but all the same yeah, the closest to that I would get is a friend of mine that I have yet to fight in street fighter.



Token_Girl said:


Sounds like it's already on the cart, and if you don't have wifi you can just use the code at the end of the article to unlock it.



R-L-A-George said:

Token Girl wrote:

Sounds like it's already on the cart, and if you don't have wifi you can just use the code at the end of the article to unlock it.

Very true and @Deesotilio its good to go on a walk you might run into somebody on street pass....I've had no luck so far.



TeeJay said:

That's it. That's the last straw. I've been holding out for this long, trying to convince myself that "I hate fighting games anyway" but I know this isn't true. I'm getting Super Street Fighter IV tomorrow. (Sigh) A whole new series to learn the ropes of. Just as I had mastered pokemon.



Scarlet said:

This is nice, but it isn't exactly unique to Spotpass. I found the same code a few days ago on the forums!



LightSamus said:

Any other Australians found this game is disgusting lagy online? even against other Australian players... Get's me so mad!



JohnDoe123 said:

I am pretty dissapointed with SpotPass. wWith the charging cradle and notificatations, Nintendo seems to want users to keep their 3DS on all the time to recieve spotpass stuff. Why would we want to do this if we get nothing? So far, I haven't received anything at all since the notifications on day one and I think those were built in to the system.



zionich said:

Got mine, just waiting for my buddy to bring his 3DS to work so we can figure battle



JakobG said:

@13: I don't understand what you are referring to.
It's not like there is only but one chance to catch the SpotPass-update, and the reason for the lack of SpotPass usages is, well, the lack of content; there aren't really a lot of games available at the moment; let alone games that use SpotPass.
However, the first usages have been made; the japanese version of Samurai Warriors recently got DLC in form of an additional battle via SpotPass.
I am sure the 3DS will offer many uses of this feature in the near future.



GammaGames said:

maybe pilotwings resort will get a new island through streetpass, or... wait. that's WAY to big of an update for streetpass XD but you can always hope!



Seichii said:

I believe that I`m the only person in town that even owns a 3DS



Hoffkage said:

Got it myself today.

I was luck enough to have my first Figurine battle too (along no less than 3 encounters in a couple of hours ) and guess what, the other guy also had it and both were rivals. I lost it but ultimately won the match.



Sadsack_Awesome said:

I'll be able to get it in 2 days- I foolishly left my 3DS behind in an area with no internet D: D: D: D: D:



jangonov said:

Can someone help me? It asks if I want to use spotpass and I select yes, then it stays on the home screen and never moves from there until I tap power>home menu then try again, where I have to select no or have the same issue. Am I doing something wrong?



Colors said:

I already used codes to get all 21 gold, silver and platinum figures.



Funem said:

This is the best featured game so far, I really hope more games use as much of the 3DS features as this does.



tripunktoj said:

@TheColorsOfSonic: I am pretty sure we have got a little past 21 codes on the forum topic, it may be worth for you and everyone to take a little moment to check it out and watch it, since I am sure that there are many more codes out there and the topic is intended to be updated with those often (I think those figures really give you an edge over other players on battle)



SonicDialgaBoo said:

I have streetpass and wifi and wireless but I haven't met anyone yet.
I do have friends though.
Hopefully I might get some friends in streetpass like you.



multiplayermadness93 said:

i got the 3ds on lainch day and i was the first one to get it at the store because i got there likwe really early it was awesome

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