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Fan-Made Metroid Game Miniaturises Our Beloved Heroine

Posted by Trevor Chan

Minitroid tech demo now available

It must be one of those enigmatic laws of the universe, that if you shrink something, anything, then it instantly becomes cute. Thanks to three Metroid fans, that's exactly what they've done in their interpretation of the retro platforming series.

The Metroid Database has unveiled the Minitroid tech demo, developed by programmer Tokinsom, artist Betatronic, and audio composer Jamie Billings. Fans of the Metroid series will notice that Samus looks a little different, in fact, she looks little.

At 27MB, the tech demo can be downloaded for free but it will only run on a Windows PC. Take a look at the trailer and see what you make of it.

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MasterGraveheart said:

Nintendo, hire this guy and bring it to 3DS-ware! C'mon, you did it with Cave Story!

Actually, this kind of reminds me of Cave Story... no wonder I'm so high on it... Metroid + Cave Story = Automatic Win.



JakobG said:

@2: I just knew someone is going to say that.
we can do without the insults, plz — TBD



Scribbler said:

Things like this remind me of the raw potential, and passion Nintendo used to have back when they were the underdogs designing the original Metroid. They're just kids (or kids at heart), Nintendo, and they're your biggest fans. Try not to kill 'em.

If nothing else, see what makes them tick and learn from them.



Ickaser said:

Melvin2898 brings up a good point- in order to defend their IP, this will probably get shot down.



Golgo said:

@3 and 17: Protect their IP? Heh! Should've kept the franchise away from Team Ninja then. These guys look like they're doing a much better job.



thesignpainter said:

i don't see how nintendo could not bring this under its wing, besides, how can you resist that helmet!



MeloMan said:

And big N issues a cease and desist to another fan movie/game/etc. in 3... 2... 1...



Bassman_Q said:

I agree with MasterGraveHeart; if Nintendo were to team up and make a 2D Metroid game in the same style as this for 3DSWare, I would buy a 3DS JUST for that.



art_kevinc said:

At 0.43. Couldnt stop laughing at samus running with her tiny little legs. This is awesome.



Golgo said:

@Gamesake: Fair point. The IP wrecking crew was a collaboration of 3rd party and in-house. That's much better, isn't it?



Rensch said:

Nintendo, license this game now and let them make this a WiiWare project! This looks awesome!



TheGreenSpiny said:

Am I the only one who thinks this looks ugly as hell? Way too low rez. The gameplay looks awesome though.



3DS said:

think i might be finished it. if there is only two energy tanks and two missile tanks then iv finished it



Steamboat_Willie said:

I think there are three of each. I had a total of four life bars and four missile bars on screen when I finished it.



Bretonultimate1 said:

This is exactly what we need on DSi Ware/3DS Ware. This game is incredibly fun and mini! Soooooo RETRO! Not to mention the game is very cute!



Henmii said:

Looks much more pixelated then the original Metroid, but awesome all the same!



JebbyDeringer said:

Great, Looks like Gameboy Colour. In fact I like that everything is tiny because Metroid II Samus was too big, I would have preferred it more like this.



Cia said:

I'm glad that the "fans" are not making Metroid games. Otherwise we would play a slightly modified versions of Super Metroid for the rest of our lives.

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