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ESRB Rating Outs Mega Man 5 for Virtual Console

Posted by James Newton

Charge your Mega Buster

You can't stop the Blue Bomber's exploits on Virtual Console, as ESRB has rated Mega Man 5 for North America.

Interestingly there's no PEGI rating for the game yet, indicating this may be one of the few Virtual Consoles titles to hit North America before Europe.

The ESRB makes what was once the pinnacle of intense blasting action sound as exciting as a trip to the cracker factory:

This is an action-platformer in which players control a small character that shoots and jumps its way through sci-fi environments to defeat enemy robots. Players can use an arm cannon to shoot tiny pellets at enemy creatures (e.g., mouse-, bird-, and bug-like robots); effects include small white bursts and brief explosion sounds.

Those tiny pellets are bullets, guys.


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Cia said:

Mega Man shoots bullets? I thought his ammunition was some kind of energy.



Corbs said:

This is my favorite Mega Man game of all time. I can still drag this one out and play it from start to finish.



Chris720 said:

Bullets? I thought he shot some sort of energy, y'know like Samus? Not just some dinky bullets... unless they're energy bullets. <.< >.>



Rensch said:

Yay! Almost there when it comes to having all NES Mega Man games on VC.



WaveGhoul said:

YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Finally!
This was my 2nd favorite Mega Man Nes game growing up. Although I only played snippets of it...I used to play it at my friends house, while we used to flip through that Nintendo Power magazine with that MM Robot Master contest where Readers would submit their RM drawings in, haha I'll never forget it.

As for MM5...Gyro, Gravity and Crystal man's stages were the three stages that stuck out for me, and you can't forget those Robo

But suprisngly, I never got too far in it. MM2 will always be my favorite, but out of the Nes MM titles, MM5 felt more in tune with MM2 than any of the others. I also remember enjoying it more than MM3. But Wave man's stage totaly annoyed me as it didn't take place underwater...I guess Capcom was trying to change things up.

And it was a nice return after experiencing the incredibly stale and dissapointing Mega Man 4.
Hopefully MM6 doesn't take too long afterwards, i never got the chance to play that one as a kid...It looks pretty awful though I must say. Imagination seems to have been thrown right out the window, couple by it's lame soundtrack.



SNK said:

i dont know what all the fuss is about, the Megaman games are to old and Dated now,Nintendo should bring killer Instinct 1+2 to the VC instead of these boring Nes games.



Kevin said:

One more to go. I'm now officially gonna get rid of anniversary collection.



Link79 said:

Yes! About time this was announced for VC. Keep the Mega man coming Capcom!



GeminiSaint said:

Mega Man X out today and MM5 confirmed to follow suit soon? Is this a dream? Somebody pinch me. Or rather don't. If this is a dream I don't want to wake up. Keep it up, Capcom! Only a few more Mega games to go!



blackknight77 said:

Next to Mega Man 2 this is my favorite for the NES series. Now hopefully some Gameboy Mega Man games will hit the 3DS



Link79 said:

@ Tony
What sucks about the gameboy versions is that only MM5 Is completely original. The others are just rehashes of 1-5 on Nes with a small amount of new stuff thrown in.



Philip_J_Reed said:

This is a great one. The Gravity Man battle and stage is some of the coolest stuff in the series. The music feels like a big step back from the previous four games, but there are still a handful of excellent tracks there.



bezerker99 said:

With the release of MMX today, I wondered what would happen to MM5 and 6. Good to hear Ninty hasn't abandoned the regular MM series o' games now that this has been rated! w00T!!!!



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

Neat, glad Capcom havent given up on the classic series just yet.

Just 6 and 7, and then that's all the possible main classic MMs on VC (Unless 8 is remade for Wiiware, and the spin offs arrive)



Ryno said:

Thank you Capcom for sticking with the VC! Konami please come back and bring Metal Gear, Rush-N-Attack, Contra, and Castlevania: Bloodlines.



MasterGraveheart said:

Yes, DrDaisy, EarthBound WAS, and still IS, rated by the ESRB. Contuary to what the talking heads at or Earthbound-Central may suggest, the legal issues that the game is supposedly facing, are insignifigant enough for a true lawsuit to be brought about. In fact, many games upcoming or already on Virtual Console allegedly "borrow" riffs from popular diddies.

Elec Man's stage from Mega Man borrows from Journey's "Faithfully," Final Fantasy VII's Costa Del Sol is like "Oye Como Va" by Santana," Super Metroid's spore spawn battle is inspired at least by the Twilight Zone theme, ActRaiser's ending is almost exactly like the 20th Century Fox fanfare, Mega Man X's third Sigma Stage is like the Peter Gunn theme, Ken's theme in Street Fighter II (original) is like Cheap Trick's "Mighty Wings," Neon Tiger's stage in Mega Man X3 is like "My Michelle" by Guns 'n' Roses, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest's "rock theme" is like "Johnny B. Goode," Mill Fever in Donkey Kong Country 3 is like Peggy Lee's "Fever," Shinobi III's "Inner Darkside" is like the Halloween theme, the wack-a-mole game in Legend of the Mysticall Ninja is similar to Mambo No. 5, Lemmings borrowed from The Good The Bad and The Ugly, Yoshi's Island's intro is "Waltzing Matilda," Sonic the Hedgehog's Marble Zone is from Andy Williams' "Music to Watch Girls By," Spring Yard Zone is Bobby Brown's "Every Little Step," Scrap Brain is like the end theme from Blade Runner, and my favorite, the Final Zone, is inspired by Duran Duran's "Planet Earth." Heck, even Robo's theme in Chrono Trigger is more or less Rick Astley's infamous RickRoll song, Never Gonna Give You Up. The Kingdom Trial theme is even borrowed from Pink Floyd's trial diddy. Most of these are bigger games than EarthBound, borrowed heavier from their respective songs, and had NO legal reprecutions.

The reason EarthBound hasn't come out? Well, if you released in Japan, other countries would expect a release. And the problem with RPGs is that they are text-heavy, requiring loads of translation time and money. EarthBound was a financial failure outside of Japan and to only release such a beloved game in one region would probably be worse than not releasing it at all.

I have three theories on this. First, they want to save the EarthBound trilogy for something special. No idea what that could be, but it sounds nice.
Two, Nintendo just doesn't want to bother when they have more profitable games on the backburner, i.e. Mega Man X, which we just got today.
Three, someone in Nintendo's higher up offices just doesn't like EarthBound and wants to bury it along with the likes of StarTropics... they were probably the ones behind StarTropics 2, too. ^^;

But I do believe that companies DO listen to their fans... unless you're the WWE. I believe that eventually, the rabid fanbase WILL shake the EarthBound games out of Nintendo when they're convinced that enough people will buy them.

However, there is one caviat to it. You guys need to buy more Virtual Console games. They see it. The reason we often get shovelware is because we haven't been buying the big stuff. And yes, I do buy Virtual Console editions of games I already own. Not only to show I still have interest, but because they're fun. Same with WiiWare. WiiWare hasn't really sold big in general sense and bigger companies or higher marquee indy companies are gonna pass us up. It's why Super Meat Boy just flat out gave up on us and it's why Ii fear La Mulana will give up on us eventually too.

I don't care what all the slappies or egotistical webmasters say. EarthBound IS in the works, but it has to work period for Nintendo, otherwise there is no point in releasing it. So, fans, I say, keep letting your voice be heard and one day we'll be rewarded.


...Mega Man 5, you say? Awesome! I know it was probably one of the worse ones in the series, but I still had fun with it... just not with the powers. ^^;

Music Research Credit: RetroWare TV's "16-Bit Gems."



Tasuki said:

@Waveboy: I remember that contest in fact my brother and I entered it lol.

As afar as wave man goes have you ever heard of Waves being underwater?? Usually waves appear on the waters surface hence the design of Wavemans stage.

I am glad that this is coming out but I wont be DLing I still have my copy of the Anniversary Collection on GC.



Supervada said:

Man, The Europe box art for Megaman 5 look better than the USA version. He weird XD



Corbs said:

I think the US version looks better. He looks almost cross-eyed in the European version. LOL



FluttershyGuy said:

Just when I was going to cry and moan at the weekly VC/WiiWare release thread about Mega Man X released without MM V even being announced, I decided to actually do a thorough reading of today's news and found this! Can't wait. Want to complete the NES collection on my Wii!

Yeah, tell me about it. Been waiting quite impatiently for Genesis Castlevania/Contra, since I never got a Sega Genesis. And with all the interest Konami's showing Wii Shop Channel and Nintendo in general, I'm not holding my breath for anything.



Megaman256 said:

I'm glad to see Megaman 5 is finally coming to the VC. I would say Megaman 2 and 5 are my favorite. These two games are bit easier but very fun. Not compared to the brutual difficulty of Megaman 4 and 9. Way to go Nintendo especially brining out Megaman X.



Ryno said:

@ Corbs I agree with you, I like Rock with a tan and focused as opposed to the pastey and cross eyed Europe version. Haha

@ BetelgeuseWC77 the only glimmer of hope that I am holding on to in regards to Konami is ever since they purchased Hudson we have seen qute a few Hudson releases. Hopefully after they are through with that catalog they will get back to all the great Konami games we are missing. Probably not but I can hope!



Gamesake said:

@xDemon720x That's a good point. What exactly is spewing out of the Mega Buster? Plasma Nuggets? Proton Steamers? Atomic Discharge? They look like Birdo eggs.



Henmii said:

Cool! It seems there is a VC revival going on at the moment. That's a very good thing!



StuffyStuff said:

Sweet. Maybe this release will drop the price of the cart. Sorry, not paying 40 bucks for an NES game.



OverlordMao said:

Awesome,I can finally play this game the way it was meant to be played. Sideways-wiimote style on my TV.



Urbanhispanic said:

I've always liked this entry in the Mega Man series. I still kick myself for not buying the original cartridge when it came out in '92. The only way I can play this game is by firing up the Mega Man Collection for Gamecube. It's a great collection but it was weird that you couldn't customize the buttons to what you wanted.



Capt_N said:

This might be to get ppl interested in retro games, as the 3DS vc comes next month. I'm glad this is being released.



deggs said:

prob my fav megaman game after megaman X and mm2. 5 was sooooooooo good. yeah, it's often poorly reviewed. they're just missing out. this game is a ton of fun



SazMelthic said:

One of the most underrated Megaman title and yes I might buy it for a Wii port, rather much having a proper Wii controller then using ether the Gamecube controller's weird reverse controls that was on the adversity collection.



theJudeAbides said:

Holy Hell, it's about time! This is pretty much the main reason I bought my Wii in the first place: VC -> Mega Man V -> Greatest game of ALL time, and certainly WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY better then those crappy Mega Man 1-3 which don't even have the Mega Buster! Finally a reason to get some more points!!!



Megastar8271 said:

One of the worst in the series (IMO) but still good. (Mega Man 4 is my favorite Mega Man game of all time.)

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