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Capcom Objects to Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Translation Costs

Posted by James Newton

(Not) Coming to America

Capcom's spiky-haired Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney has enjoyed considerable critical success since his first DS appearance several years ago, but it seems the latest outing for his nemesis/friend Miles Edgeworth won't see the light of day in the Western world.

Capcom's corporate officer Christian Svensson recently revealed the publisher had decided not to localise the game into English due to a projected lack of sales to cover the translation costs. Naturally fans were not pleased about this, starting up petitions and taking to the Capcom Unity forums. Svensson also posted to explain a little more about the reality of bringing a text and character-heavy title to the West:

The costs of localization are higher than the forecasted return. And no, it wouldn't sell more than Okamiden (which has already sold more than the first Investigations).

Could this content show up on some other platform somewhere down the line? Possibly, but there's nothing on that front for me to talk about. I realize there are fans who would like to have this and I'll be sure to explore ways that could happen viably in the future with our strategy and R&D teams but no promises.

While it looks like we won't be playing through Edgeworth's latest solo adventure, Svensson is keen to stress that this doesn't mean the end of the series as a whole:

I said Investigations 2 isn't planned to come on Nds to the West. I've said nothing about the franchise as a whole.

With Level-5 handling localisation duties on Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright hopefully we'll still see Capcom's characters make their way to the West.


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LunarJade said:

Later on in that same forum thread that you got this from though there is a moment where he says:

"I'll be having some conversations tomorrow with our roadmap planning team on this topic given the feedback here. I have a few ideas. We'll see what happens."

It's on the 11th page.



Mayhem said:

Yeah, I saw this over the weekend via Court Records... not happy at all...



Yasume said:

I already knew this from a recent interview with Capcom but this pretty much confirms it. It looks like 2011 is going to be a year without a new Ace Attorney game. I guess I'll replay the previous installments then.



KDR_11k said:

Kinda expected. They've been cutting the translations down more and more with every iteration, you can see it on the European versions. The language options got fewer and fewer until Investigations only had English left, now they've cut even that for Investigations 2...



Incognito_D said:

we can only hope that the Ace Attorney fan base is hardcore enough to pull together and produce an unofficial fan translation like happened with Mother 3. I was looking forward to this game too...



JeanLuc_Vaycard said:

Good. AAI was awful, so can't say I'm sad about this. I paid $10 for the first one and it was still too much. Bland characters, dry humor and way too obvious logic puzzles. I was super bored.



Lotice-Paladin said:

Capcom have really dropped the ball this generation.

Lost Planet 2 was pretty poor and the directions to RE5 and DMC have really hurt them.

MvC3 has DLC already on the disc and now to top it all off, they make this game unavailable in America?!? You have to wonder what happened in HQ for them to completely do SEGA decisions...speaking of feels like the two have swapped roles...

Anyway, I thought AAI wasn't a bad game...but it was certainly not to my taste when I sold the game (due to the difficulty rather then the enjoyment...which is a shame but I bought it new if that helps).



FluttershyGuy said:

What is THIS garbage (and on a day with no VC too)? First, Mega Man Universe cancelled and Legends 3 in question. Now this. Pretty soon, Street Fighter and Resident Evil will be the ONLY Capcom franchises we see in America. Never mind. There's been no news on SF III: Third Strike Online Edition, so that's not even a sure bet. Capcom is going to find itself on my crap list next to Konami if they keep this up.

Then, no announcement yet on The Last Story here. Is it getting to where only the safest bets for great sales will get translations? It's starting to suck being an American gamer... oh yeah. It's sucked being an American gamer FOREVER. Almost forgot. Add this to skyrocketing gas, groceries and lousy economy.

We need to get Jack McCoy to take this to a court of appeals (btw, where the Hell are Jack McCoy/Law & Order games?).



theblackdragon said:

after the steaming turd that was AAI, i really can't say i didn't kinda see this coming. it's whatev' to me, i guess, so long as his latter statement holds true.



JayArr said:

Bad news if you are a Ace Attorney fan. Once they say no to one it makes it all the more easy to say no again. Regardless of the second statement.

Shoot, maybe even a Ghost Trick sequel could be next on the chopping room floor. It's even less established and who knows if they were impressed enough with the sales of the first game.

Sad, sad, sad news Capcom. =(



Einherjar said:

Its funny...i once was a capcom adict. I bought every game the capcom logo was on and now i think that capcom is one of the worst companys in the industry...i mean, how many horrible decisions can you make in such a short time ? At least platinum games kept a little "capcom spirit" in their games. If capcom stays like this, they will be dead soon. They should release a book: "How to lose your fanbase - a quick and money savng guide for bad decisions"



Stine said:

I hope it's released here in some form eventually. And Layton vs. Wright MUST come here!



626b said:

Why does everyone hate AAI? I liked the game to be honest. And I heard from some Japanese people that AAI 2 has a great story, so what's not to hate?



theblackdragon said:

@626b: where are you seeing that everyone hates AAI? there's a handful of us who weren't fans of it, sure, but the general consensus seems to be positive regarding AAI and genuinely saddened to not see it coming to the west.



Gameday said:

always something. need to get their minds right and do your fans some justice



Mayhem said:

@Stine - Level 5 are handling the game in the main so the decision to bring it westwards for translation will be down to it or Nintendo directly. Not Capcom.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

3DSWare port perhaps? Could be very possible, and if size is an issue, release the cases as episodes just like the WW versions.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I hate, hate, HATE translation costs preventing games from release here! I didn't like AAI as much as the rest of the series, but I would totally have gotten the sequel anyway, day one buy just like every other Ace Attorney game since I got into the franchise (and I do own them all).



MeloMan said:

And I've played ALL of the Ace Attorney games too. At least Svensson is looking into it... it's better than "we ain't doin' nothin'!" about it. Until I officially hear AAI2 IS NOT coming for sure, I won't lose hope yet.



Bobpie said:

Surely there are some multi-lingual fans who'd be willing to translate?



Vinsanity said:

well, it's not entirely unheard of. This is why NOA decided to pass on Sin & Punishment back in the N64 days, or Star Fox 2. Once the "New" Hardware is out (this case, it's the 3DS), the "old" hardware loses support but quick. Except for publishers and developers too small to jump on the new system's bandwagon.

I don't care either way. I picked up Ghost Trick instead of Miles Edgeworth. I only pick up one quirky Capcom DS game a year, on average



Despair1087 said:

aww... once again i wish i could read japanese... maybe i should learn, cuz man i hate when games dont make westward



Despair1087 said:

signed the petition and i was reading some of the comments on the signatures. wendy oldbag signed it! her comment is hilarious



Noire said:

I didn't like AAI either, so I'm not too bummed. Now if this was a proper GS5 then I'd be really steamed, but it's just ... bleh, Miles doesn't work as a protagonist imo. :/



JakobG said:

Oh, it's not like the translations were worth whatever they payed.
The german translation of Apollo Justice was so filled with typos and mistakes, it was painful.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@JakobG: Sorry to hear that...but the English translation was just fine, and that's what they're saying they won't do, hence the problem.

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