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Another Zelda Remake for 3DS?

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Miyamoto's 3DS Zelda kick continues

It seems that the upcoming release of Ocarina of Time might not be the only Legend of Zelda remake we see appearing on 3DS, at least not if Nintendo's head game guru has anything to do with it.

In a recent conversation with Edge magazine, Miyamoto talked about Nintendo finally getting back to game development after spending a significant amount of time creating their new hardware. He also mentioned that he thinks a certain Super Nintendo classic might be the perfect fit for the 3DS system.

I think A Link to the Past. Do you remember Xevious? It's two-layered and I really wanted to create that at the time. So to see Link to the Past in two layers would be quite attractive for me.

Given how popular the game has remained with Nintendo gamers over the years, you can't help but agree with him that it would make a great addition to the growing 3DS game library. But for now all we can do is wait and hope Miyamoto gets his wish. Of course given the amount of pull he has within the company, there's a good chance he will.


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Noire said:

Bleh, skip a Link to the Past and go straight to Super Metroid 3D please.

... then you can do a Link to the Past 3D.



ShadowSniper7 said:

One of my favorite games of all time (best on SNES). If it's a simple port with 3D thrown in, I don't want it. We got something like that on GBA already anyway. I only want it if it's going to be a complete remake like OoT 3DS. Complete with with all new visuals and extra stuff. Make it happen Nintendo.

By the way its unfortunate the interesting chain couldn't keep going



Corbs said:

I'm with ShadowSniper. I'd like to see this game at least get a fresh coat of paint when it makes the trip into the third dimension. And some bonus stuff would be nice too.



moosa said:

Well, yeah, I'm a fan of Zelda. But we already have 3 Zelda games coming out this year. I really don't feel like I need any more Zelda right now.



Linkstrikesback said:

Skyward sword, Ocarina of time 3DS, Links awakening DX on the 3DS virtual console (Note: this will NOT have 3d or any 3ds features)

Personally, I'd rather, you know, get an original zelda for the 3DS rather than remake after remake. We really don't need the super mario advance travesty again.



Bass_X0 said:

I'd rather, you know, get an original zelda for the 3DS

And you will. In about 2013. It takes that long to make new Zelda games these days. An enhanced port of an existing game takes about half a year or so to produce.

I think a remake of A Link To The Past would destroy the GBA version completely.



grumblebuzzz said:

I might be in the minority, but I'd much rather see Majora's Mask or the Wind Waker remade in 3D. Not a huge ALTTP fan.



Kevin said:

I was hoping they were gonna announce Majora's Mask when this popped up in my twitter feed.



pikku said:

@Feenie skip past Link to the past, do Super Metroid 3D, then do Wind aker 3D, then perhaps you can release Link to the Past 3D, Miyamoto.



moosa said:

Miyamoto just wants to go back and work on his old project again. Leave him alone.



Meta-Rift said:

Could this have anything to do with Aonuma wanting to remake ALttP in 3D?

Hearing this is actually kind of disappointing for me. The way he's saying it makes it sound like the game would still be top-down, like Phantom Hourglass.



ReifuTD said:

Not a bad idea, As far as I know does A Link to the Past have a drect squrel? Maybe add a new chapter to the game like a A Link to the Future? then I'll buy.

I would buy any of the Megaman games with 3D add on the spot



triforceofcourage said:

Not a full game please. I'd be happy to buy this from the VC for like $5-$10, but you're already re-releasing OoT! How about some fresh Zelda? Just put all the oldies with 3D on the VC. But don't forget about the future of Zelda!



JayceJa said:

i was personally never as much a fan of it as other zeldas, the story and everything kinda fell apart when you got to the second part of a game and it was a bit of a mess

not saying i didnt enjoy it, but id rather a new one, or remakes of other zelda games, than a remake of this



AlexSays said:

Just as I predicted. 3DS will be nothing more than a glorified remake machine.

Nice waste of technology.



Knux said:

I say Nintendo should remake Majora's Mask, A Link to the Past, and Wind Waker for the 3DS. I would buy them all!



Zach said:

I will pay top dollar for this. Especially if they throw in a 3D Xevious.



Meta-Rift said:

@AlexSays: Two Zelda remakes so close together for the same system is really disappointing, but if they end up doing ALttP in true 3D instead of top-down, I can forgive them. That's what they should have done in the first place, and I'm tired of waiting for a 3D Zelda that puts the series back on track.

Don't let me down, Skyward Sword!

I don't have a problem with remakes as long as they feel like a new experience, and I doubt they'll be able to do that with any Zelda game that was 3D to begin with.



Hokori said:

No more Nintendo Remakes please, Remake awesome Sony once exclusives and make it playable for Nintendo fans. Im looking at you FF7 Up



Token_Girl said:

We got a remake of Zelda already on the 3DS, and there's a good chance we'll see the GBA port on VC. I'd rather see a new zelda too. Nintendo is planning on doing 3D classics for download, so maybe this will be one of them. Hopefully they'll keep all the new stuff from the GBA port, if they do this.



TheGreenSpiny said:

I can only see this on the 3DS VC as a port of the GBA game... On the plus side it they get the Four Swords multi working on the 3DS that would be very cool.



Linkuini said:

A lot of SNES games would probably be worth some kind of touch up for 3DS. It would make Mode 7 look new again (maybe )!

Even so, it's refreshing to see so many people here calling Nintendo out for proposing to release a Zelda game for the fourth time. Hooray for not being a fanboy!



Malkeor said:

3D Remake! Bring it on!!!

If I want the classic i'll just get it from the VC shop .



jedikitty said:

Yes yes yes. My first Zelda ! <3 I still remember the Christmas I got this and my SNES. (showing my age woo)



Highwinter said:

He said he'd like to see it in 3D, not that he wants to completely remake it. He actually said it'd be perfect for the 3D classics, which we know already consists of a few SNES games.



Malkeor said:

@49: Yeah it could be either way though. I know he probably means to just add it to the classics collection. But I thought they already expressed interest in a total 3D overhaul a little while ago? If i'm mistaken, bummer.



PSICOffee said:

Damn there are a lot of whiny complainers here! Its not like there wont be future Zelda games, and Super Metroid will come too. So what if they are remaking the game? You don't have to buy it. Myself, I just happened to play the original again yesterday after atleast 10 years, and I can easily see the effect Miyamoto is talking about. Of course, I also thought about how cool the game would look if it were remade Oot style.



Morpheel said:

1 Make it a GBA VC download
2 Add layered 3D
3 Add online for the four swords game
4 Take my money.



FlaccidSnake said:

"Miyamoto talked about Nintendo finally getting back to game development after spending a significant amount of time creating their new hardware."

Slightly off topic here,but who still thinks a new console WILL NOT be at E3 this year? I'd bet my nan on something happening. And as i said in another thread,im hoping it's gonna be called the super megabollocks 5000 entertainment system!!



theblackdragon said:

he said he'd like to see ALttP in two layers/3D... would i like to play a new zelda game with ALttP's art style? hell to the yes i would. straight-up ALttP, though... i own that twice over already. no thanks :3



tinman said:

Man, don't keep releasing the old stuff over and over! This is the kind of nostalgia that's bordering on plain laziness a little too much for my taste.



FluttershyGuy said:

If Link to the Past were remade, I'd rather just see the graphics updated to today's standards, like Final Fantasy II/IV in the Final Fantasy IV Collection on PSP.

What I'd really like to see remade in 3D is the NES original that started it all! It having the most primitive graphics, I think it's a better candidate. To go into the first labyrinth in The Legend of Zelda and see details of the dungeon that you couldn't dream of back then. Spooky underground pathways, each with their own details to distinguish them. And to zig and zag between Aquamentus' (first and seventh dungeon boss) fireballs to get close enough to attack (unless you have full hearts and can target his head with sword beams from afar), in 3D. I think it could be good stuff.

Of course so would A Link to the Past 3DS!



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

No more remakes, please! Nintendo should focus on developing new games (sequels at least). Where is a brand-new Triple A videogaming franchise? I haven't seen one developed by Nintendo this generation.



tweet75 said:

so we may get Link to the past rereleased 2 times this year? once in the 3ds shop and once on the wii zelda 25th anniversary compilation?



ueI said:

What was wrong with Link to the Past GBA? That cartridge came included with a second game! If that isn't good enough for a remake, I don't know what is.

EDIT: After reading some more comments, I must say I like BetelgeuseWC77's idea.



Malkeor said:

Agreed with Betelgeuse

It would be nice to see it taken out of it's 16 bit origins and re-introduced to the modern crowd too.



Radbot42 said:

I would definitely get this over OoT but I would also like to see an original Zelda game on 3DS. But we also cannot forget this is Zelda's 25th anniversary this year. This is a valid excuse for all the remakes. For all we know this is packaged in with Oot and no one has been told yet (also I highly doubt this and don't know why I said it)



Bass_X0 said:

No more remakes, please! Nintendo should focus on developing new games (sequels at least). Where is a brand-new Triple A videogaming franchise? I haven't seen one developed by Nintendo this generation.

They are making new games. Its just takes longer to produce awesome games than it used to because people have come to expect so much more. Hence why remakes are common - they make Nintendo money during the time they are developing the new games. Even if they don't do remakes, that wouldn't make the new games come out any quicker and Nintendo would be down the profits that would have been made from the remake. And we would miss out on the definitive version of a much-loved classic.



1080ike said:

@28: yeah, it did have a sequel, but it was released for the satellite thingamajig that was only released in Japan.



Punny said:

3DS remakes: you either like 'em or you don't. I for one don't mind seeing a 3DS remake of A Link to the Past. It would make a great 3D Classic. However, a completely new Zelda would be loved much more by me. It's too early to accuse the 3DS of being only a remake-maker, though. After all, this is only the first year it's been out on the market.



akacesfan said:

I'd love it personally. I thought A Link To The Past was a lot of fun and a remake would be awesome.



BalrogtheMaster said:

Nintendo needs to stop remaking things, what's with them living in the past? At least start with something fresh for a fresh system, all of the games released for 3DS so far are tech demo garbage. That is, besides Street Fighter.



Chrono_Cross said:

So to see Link to the Past in two layers would be quite attractive for me.

He never said it was coming out or any information regarding it's in production. So those of you who say "ooooh yeeahh i cant wait for this/i need this!!!!" just calm down, and those of you that are saying negative things about the 3DS having too many remakes well, have you ever heard of the GBA? Let alone the fact that ALttP 3D wasn't even announced?

Thats what I thought.



fishman100 said:

The remake for GBA was very good. However, unless they throw in some additional features i think I'll stick with the GBA version.



komicturtle said:

To the complainers of remakes:

One of my favorite songs happen to be "Deja de Llorar" by Lucas y Angel.

You should take that as an advice

Anyways, bring it on. Would be sweet for the 3D Classics because the way he describes a 3DS remake is to simply leave it as an original overhead view but build it up using 3D.

I'm doubting it will be going to retail if it happens such asZelda OoT.



SunnySnivy said:

Verrrry interesting.

Anyone who is sick of remakes, haven't you gotten used to it yet? Come on. Nintendo does this all the time and they will continue the tradition.



DarkLloyd said:

i own the cartridge, then the gba version but my phat is broken sad face, so i say bring on the portal version with 3D anything else on it is a bonus for me



Corbs said:

We know an original Zelda is coming for the 3DS, but in the meantime, I would love to see what I consider the best Zelda release of all time get a beautiful makeover in full 3D. I saw bring it on!



Skotski said:

People who complain about the remakes and sequels, hardly look at the originals that are being made. XP
... such is the fate of Nintendo in this day and age.
Pikmin was hardly pointed out, Chibi-Robo's often forgotten, Steel Diver's often ignored, and the upcoming Pandora's Tower is barely mentioned.

Yet people see 3rd party releases or 3rd-parties-being-hired-by-1st-parties in other consoles and claim "OH THEY HAVE SO MUCH MORE ORIGINALITY"... yet barely no one seems to be asking the 3rd parties what they're doing for the 3DS, they blame it all on Nintendo.

If it's a remake, it'll be done quickly - don't worry about it folks. Nintendo still has time for originals, but they don't dish 'em out every friggin' month.



AlexSays said:

Wind Waker....NOW!

Yes, that is precisely what we need. How about they just forget about that new Zelda and re release all the old ones again, 'cept in 3D! Woo!

They are making new games. Its just takes longer to produce awesome games than it used to because people have come to expect so much more

Do you know why they take so long?
Because never in their history has Nintendo dedicated so many resources towards remakes as they are today.

That is why. No "oh but technology means longer dev time" crap. They have more technology and workers and resources than ever. They could be producing new games at a more efficient rate than in their entire history.

You should take that as an advice

Even if your analogy did make sense, very few people would know what you're talking about. You should take that as advice.



Squiggle55 said:

i'm very pro remake and retro for the record. new games are lame. i didn't much like twilight princess and don't even know what the heck is going on with Mega Man legends and what not and mario galaxy isn't necessarily my cup of tea either. folks can complain all they want, but geez nobody is forcing you to buy anything. Let the nostalgic enjoy themselves. I'm going to eat it up because these remakes are exactly what I want.



AlexSays said:

new games are lame.

That is terrific. There are also people out there that love classic cars. Should manufacturers not evolve and produce new vehicles?

That's fine if you don't think gaming should evolve, but that doesn't mean you should encourage the industry to stagnate so you can play the same games over and over and over.



Squiggle55 said:

you should relax and vote with your wallet. i'm perfectly fine with a mixture of classics and new ideas.



jerryo said:

i would love to have the minish cap remade for 3DS! that game would make so much sense in 3D!!!



Corbs said:

Remakes sell and are significantly cheaper to develop. So for Nintendo it's win/win. I myself like about 30% remakes and 70% new titles.



Squiggle55 said:

@ corbs
that sounds like a pretty good ratio to me. and with the new technology i'm very happy to see the remakes at this time because of games like starfox that will really benefit and feel new. can't wait for that one.



jerryo said:

Skotski is right! pikmin is an awesome game, not many people bought,

steel diver is awesome too! not many people care,
critics gave it a mediocre rating too (wtf do they know? if their a$$ was ever on a real boat they would feel what's good with it! it feels so much like handling a boat to classify that game as a "casual" submarine simulator and the levels and gameplay are top notch!)

Chibi Robo the poor thing got lost in the transition,
and Pandora's Tower looks like a supreme game.
(Could we please get something like PT on 3DS?)

Originality is often burried from the same people that yell for originality. Yet all the awesome experimental games made on gamecube got the shaft. PN.03 for instance (not from nintendo but awesome game) Zak and Wiki on wii and so many others.



AlexSays said:

Edit: On a side note, a few of these games being mentioned as ones Nintendo fans have overlooked, have been overlooked for good reason.
Steel Diver? Most agreed it was mediocre at best and was just "published" by Nintendo.
Pikmin, I'll give you that one. Chibi? No. >.>

because of games like starfox that will really benefit and feel new. can't wait for that one.

It's like this..

A. Play a game with new technology.
B. Play a game with new technology except you know everything that happens.

Why people wouldn't prefer sequels, at the very least (God forbid Nintendo tries a new IP..) is so beyond me it's not even funny. I'm pretty sure I have a better hold on the string theory.

So far I can name as many remakes in store for the 3DS as I can new games from Nintendo. That's pathetic. If that's your thing, awesome. I'm just glad the rest of the world doesn't share your perspective, or I'd be riding a horse to work.



Zach said:

He only said it was something he would like to see, not even that it was in production.



Megumi said:

@Alex: Wind Waker is the only Zelda game I feel that truly deserves a remake, I'm honestly just wanting it to see this canned 3rd dungeon



misterquin said:

I would prefer a new 2D Zelda game than another remake. By 2D, I mean "non-polygonal," yet still utilizing the 3DS' 3D capability.



Squiggle55 said:

i'm sorry you're so bothered about this. and it's certainly your choice not to buy ocarina of time or starfox or a link to the past. i'm equally baffled by someone becoming so enraged about A Link to the Past in 3D. i would be equally as happy with news of a sequel, but of course the problem is I might not like it. Like I said I'd much rather play A link to the past than twilight princess. I see no problem at all with Nintendo outsourcing a proven fantastic game to another studio like they did with ocarina and letting me replay it in 3D. It's like a more expensive virtual console with the whole new way of seeing something you love. I really don't see anything to complain about when Nintendo has another studio enhance their golden games to attract people to the 3DS with proven winners, unless you think I'm paying too much for a game I already own, but that's my business. And you're right I think getting rid of most cars would be great for the earth



Malkeor said:

Well you see a reason they are doing this as well is to get the younger audiences not familiar with their older gems to give it a try.
YES, yes this stuff is on the VC, but to make it more accessible (of course more marketing) they put it on the 3DS.

Another reason is because they are re-doing these games the way they envisioned them, doing things they wish they had done before, but they tech wasn't there for example. And making Hyrule in a prettier form for the 3DS is indeed something extraordinary that is truly what Ocarnia of Time was meant for. (In my opinion) xD

Besides these re-makes are cheaper like Corbie said. We know they are short on cash
Hysterical laughter



theblackdragon said:

Just a friendly reminder, guys — we've all got our own respective viewpoints on the 'remakes vs. original stuff' situation, but we can have this discussion without insulting one another. Please keep it civil.



timp29 said:

please no remake of wind waker UNLESS they make the underwater hyrule accessible
That game has too much sailing and not enough dungeons



Corbs said:

I wouldn't mind seeing Super Mario World in 3D as well, while we're on the subject of SNES remakes for 3DS.



WaveBoy said:

This is awesome!
ALTTP was just magical...Easily the greatest Zelda game ever made.
Bring it on in 3D i say.



Corbs said:

The more I think about this "layers" thing the more I wonder exactly what he has in mind for the game.



RedYoshi999 said:

Don't like ALTTP, got it on VC and didn't enjoy it. I would much rather a Majora's Mask remake. Or Wind Waker if they can.



WaveBoy said:

Ew...You said Wind Waker. lol hehe
Wind Waker and TP are the worst Zelda games ever created. I'd rather have a sequal to one of those CD-i games. ...I kid I kid, hardly.



Linkstrikesback said:

Funny, because I think the same think about link to the past. Strange how not being affected by nostlgia does that. I've finished LTTP on the wiis VC and the GBA version, but its never really struck me as one of the better zelda games. I'd actually go as far to say I think its the 2nd worst (the original being the worst) 2d top-down zelda.
Personally, I think Links awakening is the best 2d zelda, probably because its the first one I ever played. I'd much rather play twilight princess or wind waker over LTTP.



Corbs said:

I like the 3D Zelda titles, but I'd much rather play the 2D games like Link to the Past or Link's Awakening any day.



Dodger said:

I was hoping a remake of this (or even the original version) would be included with OoT 3DS. I want to buy it but I spent all my money on a 3DS, no room for Nintendo Points cards. I'm sure they have room on a 3DS card.



brandonbwii said:

A Link to the Past will likely be in 3D Classics so I doubt there's reason to worry about some expensive remake. I agree somewhat with Alexsays about Nintendo remaking games. OoT and Star Fox are both coming before anything at all new is released by them.

Steel Diver is developed by not only Nintendo, but head honcho Miyamoto was in charge of the project.



jerryo said:

i repeat. If you are into boats and such, Steel Diver is an awesome game. A bit on the niche side i admit but a great game none the less. Periscope mode challenge is great fun, and the whole concept of treating each level as a challenge is great. plus the naval battle "table" game is great. I only wish they had world ranking for the challenges and online multiplayer for the naval battle game.



AlexSays said:

Steel Diver is developed by not only Nintendo, but head honcho Miyamoto was in charge of the project

Really? Then that's kind of embarrassing.
I guess just further proof Miyamoto has lost his touch with modern gaming.

A couple side points:

1. Wind Waker is the greatest Zelda to whoever said they wouldn't mind that remake. If it's any consolation I would hate that one the least.
2. Surprisingly I don't actually care, on a personal level, what Nintendo does with their time, as I hardly ever play Nintendo games.
Zelda (Except WW), Metroid, Pikmin, Star Fox? I'm not a huge fan. The only franchise I REALLY like is Paper Mario. (And there's something about Wind Waker..)

It's the principle I have a problem with. If every publisher did this, half the games being made would be remakes.
At least Sony bundles a couple/few games, puts them in HD, adds a bunch of new content, and sells them on a single Blu Ray disc. Nintendo? Take one game, add average to flat out awful motion control, and release again.

If Nintendo's lazy philosophy of "rinse, release, repeat" carries over to the consoles/ handhelds I actually like, then you guys can be like "lolol Alex take that" lol



TingLz said:

"1. Wind Waker is the greatest Zelda to whoever said they wouldn't mind that remake. If it's any consolation I would hate that one the least."

Well I guess I hate it the least too. Well put Alex Anyways, perhaps WW was just different from the rest of them. I dunno how to put this...exploring islands was fun!



Knux said:

@AlexSays-There is plenty of original content coming to the 3DS. Super Mario 3DS, Mario Kart 3DS, Paper Mario 3DS, and Kid Icarus:Uprising all say hello this year and they are completely original.

Remakes are perfect for developers to become familiar with the new 3D technology while they develop original games.

Nintendo is not bogged down by these remakes like you are thinking. Ocarina of Time 3D is being developed by Grezzo, and not directly by Nintendo. This gives Nintendo all the time they need to develop original titles. The GBA has more ports and remakes than the 3DS will probably ever have (five ports of Mario games for example), and at least on the 3DS we are getting an original Mario platformer and not a port of Sunshine.

I love both remakes and new titles, and it looks like the 3DS will provide both. We are getting an amazing amount of games during this launch year (both remakes and original titles) and it looks like it will overshadow the GBA's and DS's launch years.

Oh, and my favorite Zelda game is Majora's Mask. But I also love Ocarina of Time, A Link to the Past, and The Wind Waker.



Luffymcduck said:

Nah, Capcom´s 2-D Zelda´s are better than A Link to the Past, never really liked that one. Just give us Majora´s Mask 3D.



jpfan1989 said:

thats cool an all but i still dont have a 3DS, finding a job is higher priority right now



komicturtle said:

Oh dear. There's only 2 remakes from Nintendo on the 3DS now and it's a HUGE deal if another is considered and most likely to be a downloadable title through the eShop's 3D classics.

The 6+ original titles being published by Nintendo outweigh the remakes. I tend to look at the big picture- not minor petty details.



retro_player_22 said:

As much as I want to see A Link to the Past in 3D for the 3DS, I rather see it as a GBA VC port (since sources already stated that you could play some of them in 3D at some point) than a full blown remake. No need to fix what is not broken.



ueI said:

@AlexSays: Maybe Nintendo doesn't have remake compilations because their games are good enough to stand alone after all these years. I didn't even realize most GBA games were ports when I first played them.



bonesy91 said:

I can't wait for this also but like others said we do need new games (I personally wanna see another new type oracle ages/seasons thing for 3ds with Zelda... but not a remake of those games)

I personally think Nintendo is scared to create new things. Just sayin.



turtlelink said:

I think they should remake The original Zelda, A Link to the Past, 4 Swords, and Minish Cap for the 3DS on one cart with the ability to change the graphic style of the game for each one. For exmaple, be able to play the original with Minish Cap graphics or A Link to the past with Phantom Hourglass graphics.



Henmii said:

Don't forget about a totally new Zelda for 3DS, Nintendo! By the way: I guess if they do Alttp it will be on the Virtual console.



Hatza said:

I enjoyed a link to the past. It would be great to have it remade but it already got a remake for GBA. Wind Waker or Majoras Mask should be remade. The old gba and SNES games could just be put on the Shop Channel.

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