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3DS is the Fastest-Selling Nintendo Handheld in Europe, Too

Posted by James Newton

Cue global hootenanny

Nintendo of America was quick to shout when the 3DS had the best first-day sales of any Nintendo handheld, and now Nintendo of Europe has joined in the sales trumpeting by confirming that it too has enjoyed record-breaking sales.

According to the press release, 303,000 3DS consoles were sold across Europe in the first weekend of availability, citing figures from a Nintendo Europe internal Sell-thru Panel.

113,000 of those machines were sold in the UK, beating the Wii to become the fast-selling Nintendo console ever in the territory.


Nintendo 3DS becomes fastest selling Nintendo handheld device

1st April, 2011 – Just two days after going on sale, Nintendo 3DS has helped put 3D technology into the hands of everyone. Selling 303,000 units* across Europe in the first two days, Nintendo 3DS has become the fastest selling Nintendo handheld device over a launch weekend.

In the UK, Nintendo 3DS sold over 113,000** units during the first two days of sales, establishing a new record for the fastest selling Nintendo console ever in the UK, even beating the number achieved by Nintendo’s market leading home console Wii.***

Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo’s new console which offers portable entertainment in 3D without the need for special glasses, allows you to play games in full 3D, take 3D photographs and enjoy unique engaging applications that will offer a new surprise every day.

"Nintendo 3DS allows people to experience, for the first time, 3D technology on the move and at home, with fun and surprises for all to enjoy. With the built-in pick-up-and-play Face Raiders game and StreetPass feature adding new dimensions to the already diverse line-up of launch titles, Nintendo 3DS has struck a chord with gamers old and new,” said Laurent Fischer, Nintendo of Europe's Managing Director of Marketing & PR.

Thirteen new 3D games, including nintendogs™ + cats, Pilotwings Resort and Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition have also been released for Nintendo 3DS which is on sale now.


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PSICOffee said:

Yep, April Fools. Nothing can sell well over there. Just look at Trip World and all the other great classic games the US never got. Nice try, though.



Sadsack_Awesome said:

April fools indeed- there are only a few hundred owning it over here because most think it's too expensive... Hint that Nintendo should set an RRP



Supremeist said:

Lol, April Fools.
Let me tell you guys something.
One of my buddys works at Gamestop and I was there talking to him and he told me that they didn't sell 1 3DS yet. Not one.

I'm picking up mine tomorrow, so I guess I'll probably be the only one in my town with a 3DS. So Streetpass kinda passes for me.



pixelman said:

Nope, it's not working James! You'll have to do better than that! >:3
if you really want to break peoples' hearts just post an article that announces Monster Hunter 3D



Samholy said:

yeah, my local game seller sold only 3 !
i know i live in a small town, but still...
im crazy, so i rushed to it immediatly. still, its a lot of money, made the wife angry a little (but still had a couple of play times at it !)
But i feel it will have its own masterpieces that will be all worth it.
kinda like the gamecube did to me with titles such as smash bros melee. the game itself accumulated so much hours and fun that the console paid itself rightfully. i wasnt playing gamecube, it was merely a smash bros console.
anyway, i am sure nintendo will pack us with surprises like a new mario game, and who knows... a smash bros ? (i can dream of it, but i still cross my fingers)



ThumperUK said:

I'm unsure why people are stupidly questioning the official figures or assuming Europeans aren't buying 3DS's??
I got mine at midnight Friday (along with 20 or so others at the local Gamestation).

Friday morning I had 2 streetpass Mii visits while at the local hospital, plus several since just by having my 3DS while out shopping.



b_willers said:

Before the launch Nintendo UK had stated that 140,000 of the 185,000 UK machines had been pre ordered. It looks like some of the retailers were telling porkies to try and claim as much stock for them selves. A walk around the high street during the week showed there are units in stock at most retailers so its not quite the start some like myself were expecting. I expect things to change when people actually get to play it, marketing and awareness for this product seem pretty low at the moment.



Bass_X0 said:

I'm unsure why people are stupidly questioning the official figures or assuming Europeans aren't buying 3DS's??

Its April Fool's Day. Its kind of a tradition to not believe anything the internet says on this day be it a ridiculous joke or the absolute truth. Any other day there would be no doubt in regards to the figures.



Slapshot said:

I was one of only 4 people picking up a 3DS at launch, and I live right outside a major city.



KDR_11k said:

Eurogamer had retailer comments on the issue some days ago, this story is true.

Glad to hear the thing isn't flopping, with all the supply still on shelves I was worrying about it but it seems like I might be able to get some more street tags soon.

Also cyan system FTW.



PSICOffee said:

I lol at all the Europeans who think the North Americans are serious in their jokes about thinking this is an April Fools joke. We know it's real. In an ironic and funny way it's almost as if we pulled an April Fools joke on you.

Well, whatever. Although there is still a possibility this story might still be false...




April Fools ends at midday. If dun after that, the April fooler becomes the April Fool.

Hardly surprising the 3DS is selling so well



PSICOffee said:

@LEGEND It may be midday over there, but here it's not even noon yet. I've never even heard such a ridiculous rule before, but to each his own.



Bass_X0 said:

I don't think that rule applies online. Its the whole day. Although April Fools Day does end at noon in England. I don't know where else has the same rule.



TeeJay said:

Never heard of the noon thing. So April Fools is only a half day? What a rip off!



MasterGraveheart said:

@slapshot: I was one of two people who waited for it myself, but y'know, I'm not worried. Because if you lived OUTSIDE a major city, it stands to reason people went into the city for the bigger event and where, arguably, there would be more available. And don't fret. When I went to the Red Wings game this past Monday, I got 3DS StreetPass hits, so this thing is selling.



ThumperUK said:

The noon rule probably only applies to the UK as other countries couldn't work it out!



Slapshot said:

@MasterGraveheart.... Actually, there were no major events for 3DS in the city either. 3DS will be like every Nintendo console and continue to sell like crazy for years to come. Let a Monster Hunter release on it, and it will really fly!

Congrats on getting to see a Red Wings game, I missed them playing against Atlanta last year, even when I had tickets already, because I had surgery. It was a major bummer, as I've yet to get to see them play!



Traxx said:

Well, the Nintendo 3DS isnt selling like hot cakes, unlike when the Wii was released for instance.

There are various reasons for this:

  • no christmas
  • no christmas means not many children will get this thing...
  • ...because its frigging expensive!!! 250€ isnt the same like 250$!!! We are ripped off here once again...
  • same goes for the games: most shops have prieces above the standard pricing
  • marketing about 3ds is more like "dont use 3d too much or u will experience eternal agony"

I think Nintendo missed a big chance here. A more reasonable pricing would have had a real significant impact on improving the sales.



Skogur said:

There was a event in sweden the day before 3DS was released. I think this is true, i live outside the city. And i get streetpass hits.

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