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3DS Down to £179.99 in UK as Price War Rages On

Posted by James Newton

How low can it go?

Last month Nintendo's James Honeywell said 3DS won't be this cheap forever, but price-cutting on the console continues apace as select UK retailers are selling the console for just £179.99 going into the Easter weekend.

GAME and HMV both have the console available to buy from today for £179.99, with Gamestation set to follow soon. Online giant and Amazon also has the console at £179.99, but retail opponent is sticking to £196.99 at the time of writing.

How much lower can the 3DS price go in the UK? Has this latest round of price-chopping convinced you to grab the machine now, or will you wait to see if it goes down further?

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GameLord08 said:

Mm-hmm, we want to see which one of them can do the limbo best. Then we can just reap the rewards while they're at it.



ColtTheNotsoEpicGamR said:

I'm curious to see how low the price will go I'm expecting it to continue to fall intill the e-shop launches and then it'll probly rocket back up again



ReZon said:

Still holding out until there are some decent titles out, but a US price drop would certainly encourage me to reconsider picking one up sooner than later.



WesCash said:

180 pounds is about $280 dollars Canadian. The 3DS sells for only $250 up here. The world economy is strange...



SsuperMarco said:

well, for one thing, everything in USA and Canada are cheaper than the rest of the world. Heck, maybe the 3DS at Canada/USA is even cheaper than Japan. lol



J-Forest-Esq said:

WHAT!? GAME told me they were having a "spring sale" which "would not last long". I could have saved £20. Oh well, hopefully this will convince more people to buy it.



Chris720 said:

@3 I agree. With the lack of the eShop, Browser and other features the 3DS is pretty pathetic except for Music, games, AR and Mii Plaza. I say this because the DSi had this from the get-go.

And I haven't found a single hit where I live... obviously too expensive in this economic climate.



Lotice-Paladin said:

If GAME and HMV are doing it, prepare for it to go lower then those guys...since GAME normally don't ever lower the price that much unless they get at least a healthy amount of profit from it!



JebbyDeringer said:

North America has much more purchasing power because we love to buy tons of stuff no matter how crappy it is (no relation to the 3DS).



Doma said:

At this point in time, i’d only pay that much for it if a decent game was bundled.
Not enough to tempt me, sorry.



Treetop said:

Hmm that's risky for Nintendo lowering the limbo is risky but wht the heck gimmie gimmie! LOL



adam99 said:

i couldnt believe it when i bought a 3DS for €260 and i saw that in England it was the same as buyin a DSi over here in Ireland! (only £180-£190)



Crunc said:

I wish the price wars would come to the US. But to the tune of a $100 discount. At $150 I'd bite. I finally got to try the 3DS at the Nintendo World Store in NYC and it is fun, though it didn't blow me away by any means. $250 is just too much money. It's got to come down substantially in price. Maybe $200, but definitely at $150.



Ryno said:

I cannot believe how expensive the 3DS is in Europe compared to North America and the crappy USD!



Linkstrikesback said:

Unless I'm mistaken, remember that north american prices DO NOT INCLUDE TAX on the number you see at shelves.
UK prices DO INCLUDE THE TAX on the numbers you see. Without our 20% VAT, it'd be ~$240. So ignoring our horrific tax, this is lower than Americas prices. Starting to wish that I had waited to buy mine, althgouh technically I would only have saved £2 using a game bundle at the moment.



indenmark said:

They had to drop the price, and should drop it even further.

180 quid for a hand held with no games available for it?

No thanks!

I'm taking a wait-and-see attitude until there are at least a few must-have games available for it...which will probably be Christmas. Then I'll be tempted to wait a few more months, when the price would probably be lowered again, as a way to combat the post-Christmas sales lull.

They just should have waited and launched the 3DS at Christmas, with Mario, Zelda, and a dozen or so other top-shelf games, rather than the sorry lot they actually rolled out with it.

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