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3DS Console and WiiWare Games On Offer in Abylight Contest

Posted by James Newton

Will you be the lucky one?

If you didn't win our 3DS giveaway you might want to take a look at Spanish developer Abylight's website on Monday.

In a contest to promote the studio's WiiWare game Fish'em All, Abylight will be giving the game away to 150 people between Monday and 27th May. One of those players will be chosen at random to win a Nintendo 3DS console, not a bad prize at all.

The contest will be open to residents of the UK, Germany, Spain, France and the Netherlands and kicks off on Monday over at the Abylight website.


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DarkRoy said:

lol @ Italy being ignored by the gaming community. We deserve it at the moment.



shinesprite said:

Even if this was in America, I wouldn't enter. I won a copy of the game in their last contest.



WolfRamHeart said:

When I first saw this story I thought that it was also announcing that Fish'em All was coming to the 3DS.



Roopa132 said:

I'm the first commenter that can actually win this thing?

I'm definitely going to enter. I've been entering every single 3DS giveaway I could and obviously I never won but as long as you don't have to do anything more than clicking "participate" I'll do that
Not that I want a 3DS that bad. I'll just buy one at the end of the year when Zelda is out if I don't win. (which I won't because I never do)



Tasuki said:

@Aviator: Is this a NL contest? I understand that NL can only give away what they are given. I wish someone would give them NA 3DS to give away.



Aviator said:

Oh I thought it was a NL contest, my bad. If you looked around in the states, you would have found various contests for 3DS'.



Gameday said:

Hmm another contest that doesnt evolve the usa...? Well good luck once again to everyone else.



RedYoshi999 said:

You think the US has it bad? Look at Australia. We virtually never get a contest. (which isn't NL's fault)



Mange said:

I´m not allowed to enter this contest. Nevermind.. I played the demo and it didn´t appeal to me. Would be nice with a free 3DS though.



Henmii said:

I don't see the connection between a wiiware game and the 3DS, but I may enter since I would love a free 3DS!



Omega said:

They have 150 copies of their game and one 3DS. Hm, the other way round it would be more interesting.



Nacho-Abylight said:

Hi everyone,
thank you for your patience! We are processing the queue and sending out gifts as fast as we can. Mind that we do not have any special Wii (just our home ones) and we are doing it with our hands...
Submissions are coming in smoothly but there are not yet enough, so keep applying and tell your friends!

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