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3.6 Million 3DS Consoles Sold Worldwide

Posted by James Newton

"A smooth start" says Nintendo

Nintendo predicted 4 million 3DS sales in its first month, but the company's investor meeting reveals it didn't quite hit it, selling 3.6 million consoles around the world since its Japanese launch on 26th February.

On the software side of things, around 9.43m 3DS games have been sold around the globe, with two titles passing the million mark already: Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition and one other, though Nintendo didn't reveal its name.

For the coming financial year, Nintendo expects to sell 16m 3DS consoles worldwide and 62m units of software, a number that will be very attainable considering Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and Super Mario 3DS are both set for release in the next twelve months.

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JayceJa said:

not really surprising, more units would have sold if the first party games were out, but so many people are buying it still admitting they didnt want any of the launch games really, so it seems like a good amount



citizenerased said:

I'm one of the probably large amount of people who haven't bought one yet because of disappointing launch titles.
I haven't really heard a lot of buzz about the 3DS, but then I also don't go out much is this becoming a big success with the casual crowd thanks to talk shows/late night shows etc too?



XCWarrior said:

Well with sales lower than expected, you think they will drop the price to $200 so it's in my price range?

Well Nintendo, get some worthwhile games on the thing now so I WANT to buy it.



James said:

@NintyFan They didn't announce either but SSFIV's million sales were confirmed last week. My gut instinct is Nintendogs but we don't know yet.



Raptor78 said:

I was bought a 3DS on launch night as a present, but only allowed to open it on my actual birthday (april 13th)... and I am eager but also frustrated by the late may update that will be coming out and I dont think that has helped with first month sales but im sure once it is released it will spark a lot more attention. Hopefully Nintendo will reward early adopters a bit of free eStore credit
...those that havnt got the 3DS I would seriously recommend it but c'mon Ninty we want the update now. lol



Tate24 said:

It true wasnt many great launch titles on offer!

i got SSF4 free with 3DS but it just didnt hold my interest for long it great game just not my sort! id prefer marvel vs capcom any day.

I then bought pilotwings which was lackluster and waste of my money!

thankfully my second purchase was the best SW CHRONICLES which was really value for money plus it really good fun:-)

but am sure sales pick up once may hits:-P



moosa said:

I'm still a little annoyed at people complaining about the launch games. Yes, I do understand that it's not as appealing without a Zelda or Mario game that everyone needs to buy. But I own SFIV, Pilotwings, and Ridge Racer and they're all great games. I'm sure Shadow Wars is a lot of fun too, Rayman is always a classic, and a lot of the other games may not appeal to everyone but would probably make some people very happy. It's definitely not a "BAD" launch, but I know people will continue to complain about it without having ever actually played any of these games.



citizenerased said:

Funny thing is that people who have played the games also complain about the lack of content.

I mean, that's kinda normal with launch games cause they get rushed and everything, but yeah.



Arcanum said:

If Nintendo and Capcom work together to make a
limited edition Monster Hunter 3DS
They would sell sooooo many 3DS's in japan
i want one of those o-o



motang said:

That's pretty good numbers for a new system that has only been out for a month or so.



CaPPa said:

I bought SSFIV, Pilotwings, PES and Nintendogs with my 3DS. I like them all but the only one that really benefits from the 3D is Pilotwings.

I had also bought Okamiden and Ghost Trick for the DS just before I got my 3DS and I've mostly been playing those the past week. Both of them are great and I can't wait until the 3DS starts producing such games.

It looks like a couple of good months ahead though, with DOA Dimensions and the eShop out next month and then Zelda in June.



Roachant said:

Wow, I know that nintendo is a little dissapointed with this number but considering that it launched in march of all months, and the country that is the biggest supporter of the ds had three major earthquakes in the past few months and still face an uncertain future, I think these numbers are amazing. I didn't think it was this popular!



TheKingOfTown said:

These numbers are actually really good, considering the price range and the launch line-up. Plus, the DS sold better at first because it was released in the holiday season.

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