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We'll be Forever Collecting Carrots with Bobby Carrot Soon

Posted by Trevor Chan

Game submitted for lotcheck

It's been a long road for FDG Entertainment in getting Bobby Carrot Forever ready for release on the WiiWare service, and the end of that road is finally in sight.

We've brought you exclusive screenshots of the latest instalment in the puzzle series, which also launched on iOS devices, we then brought you the trailer and game details.

Now we can tell you that the game has been submitted for lotcheck, taking us that much closer to the game's release.

Gamers will be tasked with collecting carrots and planting easter eggs within the levels. Only when all carrots have been collected will the exit be active. Of course, there will be puzzles and obstacles in your way. Players will be able to take on 70 levels with additional levels available via download.

Stay tuned as we wait for release details.

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Raylax said:

Looks really good. I hope they sorted out the tiling though. See:
The rapids in the middle of the river, and the far-left tiles on the tree.
Or this, for a better example. Square tile edges everywhere and not exactly a great sense of flow (that wall is vertical, yet the grass to the side is flat. And the clouds are... I have no idea any more). It's a shame when the graphics are this polished that the tiling sucks so hard D:



Nightwalker said:

Whenever I see a rabbit-related game, I remind myself of Jazz Jackrabbit... Would love to see a Jazz game on the 3DS.

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