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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Wins BAFTA for Best Gameplay

Posted by James Newton

The only award that counts

Nintendo's jewel in its Wii crown, Super Mario Galaxy 2, was honoured at the BAFTA Video Games Awards last night, taking home the award for Best Gameplay. The plumber beat competition from Heavy Rain, God of War III, Mass Effect 2 and more, though Mario's space sequel lost to BioWare's space sequel in the Best Game category.

Regrettably Mario lost out in the Best Original Music category to Heavy Rain, and also finished behind Call of Duty: Black Ops in the GAME Award of 2010, but at least he took home the shiny gold statue for Best Gameplay which is, after all, the most important thing.

No other Nintendo titles took home awards, with Sega's Sonic Colours losing to Cut the Rope in the Best Handheld Game category.


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pikku said:

Suprising that DKCR or KEY didn't make it on there. It made it on almost everybody else's lists, iirc.



Lan said:

i can't stand call of duty. it's just a fad. it replaced halo as "the" shooter. lately i've seen battlefield taking cod's place though



NIN10DOXD said:

COD SUX! I have played those games and they are not that great They really dont have much storyline and they are too similar.(even more similar than pokemon games)



NintyMan said:

Great that it won Best Gameplay, but I'm a little disappointed it didn't win Best Original Music.



Kevin said:

SMG2 is a million times better than the crap known as Call of Duty.



daznsaz said:

COD is scripted all the way your pushed from one scene to the next it doesnt know what free roaming is its just hyped like lady blah blah



ToneDeath said:

Well to be fair the first Modern Warfare WAS a great game, but Black Ops, although pretty good itself, just isn't in the same league as Mario.
I think Red Dead Redemption deserved an award or two, but I read that Rockstar apparently refused to allow, supposedly because they felt that GTAIV was snubbed at the BAFTA's a few years ago.
Hey, maybe next year they should give Ocarina of Time a 'Best Game Ever' award.



Link79 said:

Somebody thought Call of Duty had better music than Mario Galaxy 2?
You gotta be kidding me right? Now excuse me while I rock out to the Melty Monster theme.



Lotice-Paladin said:

I nominated that, although I haven't played it and it was the only game I would of liked to win over all the others (despite not being a Galaxy fan).

Colours losing to Cut the Rope? I've never even heard of that game and I would of said Kingdom Hearts or Valkyria should of won that category.



TheBaconator said:

I think if Galaxy wins best gameplay, wouldn't that mean it is the best game as well? Also, I admit I did play Black Ops for longer than I would've preferred, (My friends like guns and not liking Nintendo) and I never even noticed the Soundtrack. I mean, there are so many other deserving games then Black Ops for that award besides Galaxy. There is Halo Reach, Red Dead, and Professor Layton just to name a few.



the_randomizer said:

Oh give me a frikin' break! Super Mario Galaxy 2's music didn't beat Crap of Duty's soundtrack!? Don't make me laugh! Isn't COD a fish anyway?



komicturtle said:

I doubt ANYONE will remember or even commend CoD's soundtrack. Just multiplayer. Sorry, but Mario Galaxy 2 snatches and devours the wedding cake when it comes to soundtrack.. Maybe the soundtrack is good... I wouldn't know since I never played it. But I have seen my brother play it and really, I didn't notice any.. music...



CaPPa said:

People are misunderstanding the article. COD didn't win best music, it won the GAME award of 2010. Best soundtrack (music) was won by Heavy Rain.



MasterGraveheart said:

I should be glad that SMG2 won the most important award... in regards to the fact that we lost best music to Heavy Color-Drain and Game of the Year to Call of Duty Rehash Ops (and Mass Effect 2 in other places, groan)... inhale WHAT KINDA BULL IS THIS? I DEMAND A RECOUNT! CHECK THE EAST GERMANS' PANTS! And Sonic Colors losing to "Cut The Rope" and Shantae: Risky's Revenge not even nominated in the handheld category... you know what? IGN, ScrewAttack, BAFTA, the nternational science whatevers, and the like are dead to me. I'm gonna start my own game critics group! With blackjack! And hookers! In fact, forget the game ratings and the blackjack! Ah, screw the whole thing.



JebbyDeringer said:

I agree with the best gameplay award, the gameplay is top notch in SMG2. I'm not really into Mario's music, All the Mario games have catchy music but it's really not my style, I'm more into darker music whether that's electronic or neoclassical. As for best game I highly doubt it should have been Black Ops but I just started Mass Effect 2 last weekend and it's one of the best games I've ever played. The whole package is done so well. And as much as I like Mario his games will never be immersive like that.

Mario winning the best game award is like giving the best picture award at the Academy Awards to a Pixar film. It's possible but unlikely.



The_Fox said:

I call bullsh*t. Mass Effect 2 was far superior to SMG2. Ah well,at least Mass Effect 2 won Best Game over the competition.

Need for Speed beating Halo: Reach and Starcraft 2 in multiplayer? Also crap.



jeffrey3133 said:

@The Fox yeah blow the shi* outta everything yep definetly totally because yeah shooters always win.......right.......



The_Fox said:

I'm honestly not sure as to what you're trying to get across there. Is it that you think ME2 is a shooter? That Stracraft 2 is a shooter?



X-145 said:

CoD Black ops is only good for its online. I put a total of 3 hours into the game (2 months spread out between online and campaign). After I beat it, I said "Now what?" I'v put atleast triple the time in to SMG2 and I'm STILL getting the green stars! I got these games at the SAME TIME! Same day. SMG2 is my favorite all time game. It deserved to beat CoD, though it is a good multiplayer game.



zeeroid said:

At the moment, I'm utterly obsessed with Mass Effect 2, having clocked a cumulative 100 hours now and climbing (playing it for the first time on PS3). It definitely deserved to win Best Overall Game, although I wouldn't argue against Galaxy 2 either. For Best Gameplay though? If Galaxy 2 didn't take that one, then we'd have a serious problem here... BAFTA. So, good call!



Kid_A said:

Ah, thanks for the edit, that makes it clearer.

That's not to say Heavy Rain didn't have an incredibly by-the-numbers soundtrack though. Galaxy 2 and Red Dead should have won, in my book.



1080ike said:

I like the fact that SMG2 won best gameplay, and I'd like to say that it should have won Best Game, but I have yet to play ME2. And again, I would like to say that it should have won Best Music, but I've never played HR, either. As for GAME... COD (Fishy!) shouldn't even have been nominated. Multiplayer? Fine. Graphics? Whatever. GAME? No, just no.
And on the subject of portables, how did Sonic Colors lose to Cut the Rope? And how was Shantae, Pokemon, and Professor Layton not even nominated? The world is a screwed-up place.



NintyMan said:

SMG2 had music that would rock your socks off (Melty Monster Galaxy, Time Attack, and Final Bowser Battle to name a few) and it even had most of the past SMG themes in it! The music is wonderful! It irritates me that some people can't listen because they refuse to listen.



Odnetnin said:

Regardless of its quality (which I would not put up there with most of the other nominees', and yes I've played it), I can't help but feel disappointed in the public voters for choosing a game like Black Ops as the pinnacle of the industry in 2010. Without getting into a rant that's a bit trippy, even the actual nominees like Mass Effect, Red Dead, SMG2, and maybe Halo, Rain, and Limbo are so much more representative of the potential of gaming for atmosphere, storytelling, creativity in gameplay, fun in multiplayer, player interaction, and powerful messages (respectively), than what is simply a blockbuster piece of entertainment./notbittrippyrant



CaPPa said:

I did enjoy Black Ops, the campaign/story was pretty good, the multiplayer was the usual COD fare and the Zombie mode is great. I also bought Mass Effect 2, but it never succeeded in really grabbing me and I never finished it (I will try going back to it sometime). Red Dead Redemption was great for a while, but it seemed to wear thin after completion and the multiplayer novelty only lasted for a couple of weeks. The Undead Nightmares add-on gave it fresh life, but that seemed to go the same way, after completing the story mode and a couple of weeks of multiplayer I haven't returned to it.

All of them were clearly great games but none of them compared to SMG2 for me. That game gave such pure gaming joy, so its gameplay award was well deserved, but in my eyes it was the overall GOTY too.

@ Odnetnin
I would guess that Black Ops being multiplatform helped a lot in the votes, as it unlikely that a 360/PS3 only owner would vote for another systems games, where as an owner of any of the 3 systems could vote for Black Ops.



Ahiru77 said:

Since Gameplay is the only thing the hardcores talk about these days.......SMG2 rules the gamer's world.



Monkeh said:

Truely this game does have devine gameplay. It was another reminder for me as to why I still love Nintendo.



supermonkey117 said:

game play is most important like war rock on pc graffics are terrible game is amazing and the final fantasy series 3 4 6 7 8 9 10 my faverates resident evil origanal cant say you dont love it classic silent hill 1 awsome parasite eve 2 but the wii gives sm beutiful games mario galaxy metroid prime 3 and the awesome donkey kong country never forget the classics 1 n 2 didnt like 3 and the one and only eternal darkness witch i realy want on the wii. but mite not be such a good idea after mad world i thoght the game was alright but the wii is a family consol and never got accross but there just my views



Simon_Deku said:

Cut the rope, makes sense. Cut the rope is great, it deserves the best handheld game award. But if it was competing with Sonic Colours Wii, then I'd go with the blue blurr.

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