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Splinter Cell 3DS Trailer Sneaks Up and Grabs You From Behind

Posted by James Newton

Sam Fisher reels you in

It's a double-whammy of Ubisoft launch game trailers this week: first we saw gameplay footage of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars, and now stablemate Splinter Cell 3D has received the trailer treatment.

There's not much in the way of gameplay footage available, but with three weeks yet to go until the game lands we're sure there'll be plenty of content available before March 25th rolls around.

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citizenerased said:

Can't wait for this hastily ported mess of bad framerates.

(based on the impressions of others, of course, but still)

The game doesn't look anywhere near the level of the first screenshots announced, look up some more recent screens. Ubisoft's screwing up again.



SwerdMurd said:

yeah sadly these games have never done much for me....still not willing to give up on shadow wars though



moosa said:

I definitely think that Splinter Cell could benefit from the 3D treatment. I never expected much from this particular game though.



MeloMan said:

... And here's the other of Ubisoft's games that might get a play from me.



DJA said:

I only have a DS, and I've found that all Ubisoft games are terrible. I just don't trust them for portable titles. They just pump out shovelware.



siavm said:

If only it looked better than the original ds one then I might consider it. But it does not. None of the Ubisoft games look good for the 3ds. Maybe asphalt 3d but that is the only one. I really hope the assassin creed game they are making is not low quality like these launch games.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

The Stealth Genre is MADE for the 3DS - I will wait for the reviews, but I think this might be my launch title.




This is a port of one of the best Splinter Cell games right? Not for me, but interesting. Let's see what the final revw says before righting it off eh.



Wolfenstein83 said:

Might sound silly, but I think this might be the first Splinter Cell game I will actually buy and play.
Not saying the others were not any good, but I just never got around to playing the other titles.



jeffrey3133 said:

i would have wish that activision waited a little bit longer and released a Goldeneye 3DS because the one on the DS really wan't impressive at all but the wii one was insanly good

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