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Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 Likely to have a Bigger Budget

Posted by Trevor Chan

First episode success gives developer more gold rings

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 marked the welcome return of the blue spiky one's 2D home console adventures after a long hiatus, and now, four months after the release of the debut title in the latest episodic adventure, talk is starting to flow on what we can expect from Episode 2.

Brand Manager Ken Balough has been participating in the official discussion thread on the SEGA forums on the topic of upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 (as spotted by fan site The Sonic Stadium). Confirming that the game is in the early stages of development, Balough assures that Episode 2 will not be a rehash of past titles and will feature new zones that we have never seen before.

Although the first episode had little to complain about ― be sure to read our Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 review if you haven't already ― Balough acknowledges there were improvements that needed to be made:

I certainly cannot deny there were some elements that could have been done better - and I could say that about most games I've worked on. That's why Episode II gives us that opportunity to address them (or as much as possible)...

At this juncture, limited details are available but one thing SEGA is sure about is the momentum that the first episode has gathered, allowing the company to take on feedback and work it into the follow-up title. Episode 2 will likely be blessed with a bigger budget too:

SoA and SoE are both giving feedback and input on Episode II. Episode I did very well for SEGA commercially, and thanks to everyone's support, we definitely have a lot of traction going into Episode II... This usually means better budgets, etc. That said – I see a lot of really great ideas going into the next installment.

As for when we can expect to see the game in the Wii Shop Channel, Balough says: "You definitely wont [sic] have to wait years and years a la Duke Nukem Forever".


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47drift said:

All I ask is that the jumping and momentum physics are fixed. Aside from that, I had a blast with Sonic 4 E1.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

At least make it cheaper!!! 1500 points did not justify the content I got with the game. 1000 points maximum please.

And yeah, improve it. I was spoiled by Colours, but the game didnt have the MD feel I was hoping for.



suburban_sensei said:

I hope they use the budget wisely. Spend more time working on the physics and momentum like 47drift said, and I would be pretty happy. Hopefully they could also throw a little more time into the music.



Link79 said:

I really enjoyed Sonic 4 Episode 1. Too many people seem overly obsessed with the physics that weren't exactly like the Genesis games.
It didn't ruin the game for me at all. Also I thought the music was great. If you didn't like Splash hill's theme you might wanna have your hearing checked. It was a bit short but I still loved Episode 1.
Bring on Episode 2!



James said:

I really liked the first episode once I got used to the physics, which I think will be their number one priority with this new one. Of course the addition of one of my favourite Sonic characters can't hurt, and I'd like to see more of a Sonic CD vibe to this one in general, especially with music.



Highwinter said:

I know the Sonic franchise gets a lot of hate these days.. but it's with good reason and after the travesty of Sonic 4, there's really nothing they can do to interest me. Give it to a new team of developers, who can do something completely different or let it die.



Link79 said:

@ Highwinter
Wow a Travesty? I take it you didn't like Sonic Colors either?
Sombody sure is optimistic.



BulbasaurusRex said:

As long as they fix Sonic's acceleration, then I'll be happy. Adding some momemtum would also make it better, but at least you can adjust to that.



Crunc said:

This is a wasted effort. Bring a sequel to Sonic Colours out instead. Sonic 4 was woefully mediocre and not worthy of a followup.



Objection said:

Although I haven't played either, the general consensus of my friends and online buddies is that Colo(u)rs was great (espeically for a Sonic game) and Episode 1 was short and kinda meh. I'd like to see them continue to make good full retail games instead of short, episodic titles. Very rarely does that format work. Like, usually only if your name is Telltale.



Knux said:

Considering how much I loved the first episode, it sounds like the second episode will blow the first one out of the water.



Linkstrikesback said:

Needs tails back for co-op. And more zones. 12 (13) w/o counting the bosses was ok, but there should really be at least 20. I can't help but think the wii version size limitations were holding the rest back :/



WiiLovePeace said:

Finally news about Sonic 4: Ep. 2! Myself & a friend worked together (by each having 2 turns at a level & handing over the controls if our turn wasn't successful, or fast enough) to complete the first episode & we totally loved it! Seems like forever since the first episode came out, glad to hear this one is chugging along but it couldn't hit WiiWare fast enough!



Pastry said:

Why can't they call it five? The games don't have continuous stories do they?

I wouldn't have bought Mega Man 10 if I just thought it was a level pack to Mega Man 9.



melvin2898 said:

I like the elements of the original series. The other/newer Sonic games make me sick. It goes too fast for me.



RionaaM said:

I don't think Episode 1 was really necessary. I mean, they practically ruined the running phisics, with the slower acceleration and slope climbing mechanics. And the levels were all remakes, so it seemed like playing good ol' Sonic 1 and 2 on the Genesis, only without the stuff that made those games great.

I really hope they fix the phisics on Ep. 2, and this time, give us NEW levels, not old levels with different paths.



thaantman said:

can't wait, loved episode one, the physics took some getting use to, but it didn't hinder the experience. I just want the game to be cheaper and throw in tails & knuckles so i can get 3 times the replay value, and maybe sum sort of multiplayer, like on sonic 2 & 3 it would be split screen and you could race through the stages



MikeyMikeMike said:

Definitely looking forward to this. The physics didn't feel natural but after a half hour or so Sonic was doing what I wanted him too, possibly even in a more precise way (not really sure where I stand on this). What I want to see out of the next version though is: Levels that do not resemble those of the past (nostalgia was nice but enough), multiplayer of some kind, new powerups-rocket skates, diving suit, high jump shoes, gloves for wall climbing etc..., maybe some vehicles, some kind of RPG style abilities tree (it's a good basic formula but I'm ready for some depth).



Mach-X said:

I dont get why people are poo-pooing this news. It enough people liked ep 1 and it sold well enough for Sega to make a followup. Just because YOU personally didn't like it doesn't mean Team Sonic should give it up. Honestly the negativity people have in regards to upcoming games drives me nuts. Do people even LIKE videogames any more? Or do they just like to hate on things?



Starman49843 said:

^ I think part of the reason it sold well is because people WANTED to like it, but wound up not liking it. The demo was not available until way later. Does not liking a video game mean you don't like video games in general?? Is being disappointed with a video game not a good enough reason to express your negative feelings about it?? Does expressing those negative feelings about a game that left you feeling disappointed mean that you just like to hate on things??



JimLad said:

^ Yah, they tread a very fine line when they say they're continuing where the MegaDrive games left off.
If they wanted to ensure people liked it, they should have kept the exact same graphics, physics and style of music, ala Mega Man 9/10. After all that's what people wanted: more of the same. Some nostalgia was there in the level design, but not enough to warrant 1500 points I think.



Link79 said:

@ Mach-X
I know what you mean. There's far too much negativity in gamers these days. So many people hating on new games just because. I can see why some were not as impressed with Sonic 4 Ep 1 but I don't think it was a wasted effort. There is of course room for improvement. Just make it longer and less of a Rehash and I'll be happy.



Starman49843 said:

^ So you're saying that all the legitimate reasons everyone's given = "just because"?? People hating on new games "just because" may be true in many cases, but not this case methinks.

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