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Sega Releases New Super Monkey Ball 3D Trailer

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Roll 'em!

The upcoming launch of the 3DS system in regions outside of Japan has caused a rush of new media and information to start flowing and the nice folks at Sega were kind enough to send over a brand new gameplay trailer of their upcoming Super Monkey Ball 3D release.

The video shows off quite a few of the different worlds found in the game, not to mention some of the special effects that are used. While there's no way to fully appreciate the 3D graphical presentation in this 2D video, you can at least get a feel for what you can expect from the game in terms of themes.

We've been rolling our way through the game for the past week now and should have a review up shortly. Until then, have a look at this brand new video and see what you think.

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SonicMaster said:

Awesome! I really think this is a good candidate for first 3DS game! Can't wait for that review.



Corbs said:

This game has some beautiful 3D in it. These videos and screens just don't do this game justice. Not even close really.



Megumi said:

...Is it just me or are the videos taking forever to load? T_T
This video is only a minute long, and it should've loaded completely already. As I'm typing this, its not even half-way through. o.0



Metroid133 said:

As I see more of this I want it more! I may just have to preorder this! Although....that will make it my 6th 3DS game preordered at launch...



Rockmirth said:

looks like fun but a little easy maybe?
also if you have 3D and tilt controls on wont that break the sweat spot?



DarkLloyd said:

i preordered this along with ridge racer i hope it comes on the same day but i heard ridge racer comes out on the 30th



Corbs said:

Yes, this is a great game that shows off the use of the Circle Pad. If you're going to play it in 3D, you need to use the Circle Pad as moving the system around for the Gyro controls makes it impossible to play in 3D.

@BellGoRiiing - Press play on the video and then the option to change it to 360p will be there.



Megumi said:

Alright, well I already saw it...but I'll keep it in mind next time, lol. anyways, wanted to ask you, if you did see it...does those annoying credits show up every single time you complete a world? xD



grumblebuzzz said:

It looks cute and everything but I just can't really get down with games like this where you do the same thing level after level after level.



Corbs said:

Could someone help me see what BellGoRiiing is talking about regarding credits?



DarkLloyd said:


i think hes referring to each time you complete a world your giving credits to watch before moving on to the next world with sets of stages ?

as far as i remeber the ds one had that and u couldnt skip it because the credits where somewhat of a mini game out of its self



Megumi said:

Yeah, they had it in the DS version, and been told a lot of the games have done it...and were quite annoying since you weren't able to skip them.



Corbs said:

The only thing that pops up when you complete a level is the world GOAL! and then you have a short replay of the last few feet of your roll that can be skipped. I don't see any credits of developers or anything like that. I've even went on YouTube and watched gameplay video of the DS game and I don't see what you're talking about. Now this game gives you a rundown of your statistics and score, but not developer credits.



Yasume said:

Can we expect a review soon? I pre-ordered this game because the reviewers of Famitsu were all positive about it. I would love to read the NLife review as well before it arrives.



Corbs said:

Review should be up early this week. I'm finished with the story mode and now I'm working on the Monkey Race and Monkey Fight.



Megumi said:

Eh, oh well...but yeah, on the DS version after you complete a world (not to get mixed up with "level"), it makes you go through the credits in this bonus at first, but after every world it gets kinda annoying. Hear about it on other past games too, so I wanted to ask about this version.



Corbs said:

Ah I see what you mean. No, there are no credit levels between worlds. Sorry about my not understanding what you meant.



Megumi said:

Its alright, glad to know they took that out of this game...thinking about picking it up some time. Well, anyways...g'night. passes out



djosh444 said:

i played the demo of this yesterday in london, and it is a really nice looking game, mite even get it at launch




Raises hand - Monkey Ball right fan over here. Trailer looks really good. Already bn pre-ordered from way back. Looking fwd to Corbsy's revw!



Issun said:

Looks fun but it doesn't figure on Game's Offer of 20 Euros off PES or Ridge Racer (in France), so I'll take RR, Pilotwings and wait for Monkey Ball in a bargain bin...



Cipher said:

Had an absolute blast with this when I tried it out a few weeks ago, already got it preordered.



Detective_TeeJay said:

Maybe they shouldn't have used the words "eye popping"...

Anyway, great looking game! Too bad my money's already preoccupied on other things.



Lotice-Paladin said:

This type of game will benefit from the 3D, the edges will stand out more so you can avoid going over them as in some cases they have a blind spot in some situations.



winter123 said:

Looks like a nice reboot for the series. I will definitely buy it. I will definitely NOT use motion control though, unless it's implemented amazingly well. I'm sure they are just showing earlier levels in this trailer. I hope they bring back monkey golf!



JoeDiddley said:

I hope that this is good. I feel bad for not owning a Monkey Ball game. None are essential as they are retreating old ground. But if this (hopefully) replaced the Gamecube original as the definitive version then it would be a good reason to own it. And as it's a launch title it has less competition from other 3DS games.



warioswoods said:

The level design looks incredibly bland in the trailer, like just about every Monkey Ball iteration after 1 & 2. I don't understand the use of barriers and grooved paths everywhere... where's the difficulty?

I remember the days of maddeningly skinny platforms plus each level having a completely different feel from the previous (MB1), and I remember the days of fiendish Rube-Goldberg-inspired levels where I couldn't even fathom how to get the ball to the end (MB2). Since then, it's been mind-numbingly bland. What happened???

I'd immediately snatch up a 3DS remake of MB1&2, by the way, complete with the original Monkey Target.



SwerdMurd said:

first game i'm buying--same thing i did with Wii actually. Can't wait to see what they do minigame wise this time around--hoping for more quality and a bit less quantity than last time around!

I agree with the sentiments about the much easier track-driven level design though...hopefully those shots were mostly early-on levels



GamerZack87 said:

I'd already decided that this was to be one of the four 3DS games I get at launch (Rayman comes free with it), but this video is convincing me further to take the plunge!...even though I'd already made up my mind...



Knux said:

I am glad that I preordered this [along with Rayman 3D]. I haven't played a Super Monkey Ball game since the original installment on the Gamecube, so I can't wait!



Yoshidude said:

@#35(that's you, Mikau 94): Well here's the thing, dude, the game was meant so that there was a progressive difficulty in each world so that both casual and hardcore gamers could enjoy it. And besides, those were only the second and fifth worlds in the trailer.



lex0plex said:

I can't decide beween this or Rayman. Will you guys have a Rayman review before launch here in CA?

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