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Retro Handheld Games Now Digitised on the Internet

Posted by Trevor Chan

Game & Watch titles included

Fans of the old handheld games like the ones in the Game & Watch series are in for a treat when they find that several in said series ― as well as others not related to Nintendo ― have been "digitised" and put on the Internet for all to enjoy.

Games like Donkey Kong Jr., Mickey & Donald, Merry Cook (also known as Chef), and Space Bridge are just a few examples of the seventeen that have been put up on the Pica Pic website. Although controls have already been mapped to the keyboard, players can customise their preferred layout. High score tables have also been included where players' top scores from the past week or month can be viewed, as well as an all time leaderboard.

So if you want to relive those Game & Watch days, or reacquaint yourself with games like Bartman: Avenger of Evil, or The Terminator, head over to the Pica Pic site now. With more games to be added, one of which being the Game & Watch Zelda game, retro fans will do well to bookmark this website and bring it back up whenever they are in need of a time-killer. That is, until Nintendo dispatches its legal team.


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moosa said:

I was questioning the legality of this from the moment I read the headline.



Tasuki said:

Ok I am confused. I thought we arent allowed to talk about these kinda things here.



theblackdragon said:

@Tasuki: Not on the forums. :3 With regards to what news articles are published, though, the discussion needs to remain on topic and relevant to the article at hand is all, and of course we don't need any links provided — people can google for themselves.



madgear said:

Oh you people just chill out and enjoy them. Unless Nintendo come up waving a cease and desist notice, I wouldn't worry about it. Don't take it upon yourselves to become Nintendo's legal department - there's no rule book we need to follow on a site such of this, just a set of guidelines set by the owners.

If you are really going to worry about the legality of some digitised LCD games from over 30 years ago, you need to relax more.



DrCruse said:

A few of these games currently available for download for profit on the DSi. Essentially what your saying is "It's fine to pirate games until we get caught"



Chunky_Droid said:

"Not on the forums. :3 With regards to what news articles are published, though, the discussion needs to remain on topic and relevant to the article at hand is all, and of course we don't need any links provided — people can google for themselves."

I should however maybe point out that the link is provided in the news source



iphys said:

Fun, but just not quite the same thing as having a 3DS right now.



KaiserGX said:

G-Man? More like G-Woman IMARIGHT. Seriously though I think that game is spazzing...



madgear said:


No, I'm saying it's not our concern to worry about it. If Nintendo's lawyers have a problem then that's up to them.

Some of you remind me of those people at work who report you to management because you brought a pocket tv into work during the world cup. Killjoy is the appropriate term.



sketchturner said:

Very cool site! I still own Donkey Kong Jr. I also own a rare title called Air Fighter that is AWESOME. It's pretty much identical to Aerogun Field, except you have to shoot the planes while trying rescue life rafts about to hit rocks. It's very hectic and was one of my favorites as a kid. My dad and I were very competitive going for high scores.



shinesprite said:

Great little site, but I wish they had more of a selection.

@everyone_concerned_with_the_legality_of_this Technically, sites like this are allowed to post older games, so long as they are browser-based (no downloading), provided they have an actual copy of the game (game license). In the end, many of these sites negotiate with their respective copyright owners to "lend" out a copy of their game over the internet. Besides, I really doubt this will have much of an impact on sales and it's not like the site is making money off of these.



theblackdragon said:

@Droid: i meant by users, silly :3

@shinesprite: that 'game license' you refer to gives people the right to play their games and lend out, trade away, or eventually resell their physical copy. uploading software code to the internet is another. even if the person involved built those games from scratch (which is likely) as opposed to ripping off official software code, there's still copyright infringement to consider, especially if they accept donations to keep the site operational. in the end, it's up to Nintendo's C&D team to do something about it, if they plan to do anything at all, though.



Token_Girl said:

There are only 2 actual Nintendo Game & Watch games on the site (Zelda, which isn't up yet, and DK Jr.). Chef is actually a Russian clone, so it's not like the end of the world if this site has to remove those two games. I don't think they're making money off this site, so it's not the end of the world.



Meta-Rift said:

"[...]until Nintendo dispatches its legal team."

They haven't done anything about vNES/vGBX/vSNES, and those have been around for a while.



motang said:

That's soo cool, I want to go the Game & Watch from Club Nintendo once I have enough coins.



Capt_N said:

I wonder if Nintendo will put more G&W games up on Club Nintendo, if they think this is proof ppl want to own physical G&W handhelds?

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