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Retro Gamer Celebrates the N64 with Special Issue

Posted by James Newton

64-bit baby in depth

With Bomberman Hero arriving on Virtual Console today in Europe, the N64 is firmly back in many gamers' minds, while for some it never went away. This month's issue of Retro Gamer magazine is ideal for both, as it's a special collector's edition detailing Nintendo's 64-bit beauty in all its glory.

Taking a look through the system's most collectible games as well as its reception, add-ons and legacy, the issue celebrates the joy of collecting video games with a special spread showing N64 games in mint condition. Nintendo Life reviewer Mat Allen even contributed to the piece, so you know it's high quality.

Check out the video below for an overview of the issue, available now at all good newsagents across the UK, or alternative you can buy Retro Gamer online. While you're at it, why not pick up a copy of Retro Gamer issue 86 which contains a rather good Streets of Rage retrospective written by Editor-in-Chief Damien McFerran with News Editor James Newton.

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sykotek said:

Seems like a well laid out and informative magazine. After watching the video and hearing the word a dozen times, I still don't get what is so controversial about the Nintendo 64.



Ahiru77 said:

The greatest console of all time with an unbeatable line-up that sadly doesn't include Sonic.



James said:

@sykotek It's not the machine that's controversial, but the magazine's decision to include a feature on it.



y2josh said:

Nintendo Life's very own The Fox makes an appearance in the mag I see.



Spoony_Tech said:

@7 Its not the crazy. I used to take my controllers apart and switch the colors around all the time. Makes it look interesting.

So many good memories here. I'm glad Nintendo and Sony didn't join in on gaming or who know what would have happened. The PlayStation was a good system but the n64 holds a special place in my heart. So many countless games worth playing. I could list them all but don't think I need to. Anyone who owned one already knows gaming bliss with this system. Long live the n64 in gaming history. My only disappointment would be no metroid for the system. Also lack of an rpg presents since the super Nintendo had so many good rpgs. It was kinda weird to see none any good on the system. Any one remember the screen shots of the final fantasy that was to be made for the n64? If only square never left Nintendo who knows what would have happened to the franchise. I understand disc was the way to go though!



Splat said:

I'm glad to say I still have my N64 and it works just fine... The thing is like a tank been through hell and back and still kicking.



Simon_Deku said:

Should get this magazine. I'm a serious retro gamer. Auggggggggggggggggg! I hate typing on this CENCORED iPhone!



HawkeyeWii said:

I love the N64 i play 360 at my firends house but am a huge nintendo fan and that is all i have ever gotten for systems, my firend has an N64 at his house that just collects dust in his closet , but I have to beg hiom to get it out so we can play it. I seriously have a way more enjoyable time playing the N64 than playing any calll of duty game or any shooter on the 360 for that matter.



Lotice-Paladin said:

Saw this in WHSmiths but it didn't have much else of interest for me. I guess it's worth it for the article alone.



Ryno said:

The time of the N64 is when I switched to the Playstation but I am a huge retro gamer and want to subscribe to this magazine!



advance_melee said:

My favorite Nintendo system still. N64 has so much countless amazing memories. Gamers nowadays dont play local with friends like I did back then. Goldeneye, Mario Kart, Mario Partys, Smash Brothers, Banjo Tooie, Star Fox, the list goes on. Now kids go online and play call of duty... It will never be the same as nintendo 64s local multiplayer games



UpstateHyrule said:

For anyone interested in an overseas subscription:

A deal can be found through Imagine Publishing's site for a 13 issue order at only £50.00. Not sure what it translates to in the current US dollars (I got mine five months ago) but it's much better than shelling out $10/issue at Barnes and Nobles.



theblackdragon said:

@allthetimeineed: that runs a little over $80-some at the moment. it's a hefty chunk of change when most people are busy scraping those last few pennies together for a 3DS, but in the long run that deal would save people $50-ish if it really costs $10 an issue at B&N. not bad if magazines are your bag :3



Ristar42 said:

I have the first issue of Retro Gamer, bought when it first came out, had hardly any pictures and was intended to be a twice a year publication! Bought every issue since and was really glad when Imagine picked it up.

Its a great mag and although I was never a N64 fan back then (Saturn for me at the time), I'm sure will be an interesting read. Will pick up a copy at the weekend.



Kirk said:

N64 is all good by me.

The mag looks pretty cool all round imo.



Tasuki said:

I have to say the N64 didnt have the library of games that the PS did but it was still a good system. I just picked one up a few months ago for 20 dollars. This was one system that I should have never sold off and the main reason why I dont sell my systems anymore.



Toad64 said:

Hmmm, wonder if this has made it's way to the US Barnes and Noble stores yet...maybe I should plan a trip.



1080ike said:

Ah, the old N64... My first ever game console. I got mine way back, in '01 I think. It was used, so I don't know what happened to it with the previous owner, but it's still working after all these years. Even with the near-hell treatment I gave it when I was six. Can't say that for my DSi, or original DS for that matter. I used to be so mistreatful with my stuff...



Raylax said:

...When did NL turn into the advertising ground for Retro Gamer Magazine?



Beau_Skunk said:

While it's not my personal favorite Nintendo system, (in fact, I kinda prefer the GameCube & Wii personally) it's still a great system, with alot of great games for it. Nice to see them pay homage to this great system.

Also, nice to hear "Bomberman Hero" is coming to VC.



spzero15 said:

My 3 1/2 year old son has been playing n64 for the last 2 months now. it is the first console i have started him on. He has been playing gameboy and ds for the last 2 years but i thought n64 was the most appropriate console since racing games are his favorite.



JimLad said:

Most consoles have at least one truely great game.
The N64 had about 10.

Also: why did no one tell me about this magazine!?



JamieO said:

@Raylax In my eyes it's cool to see an Nlife news piece on this article, I think that an 'N64 Collector's Guide' feature as in-depth as the one adorning the cover of Retro Gamer Issue 87 will be of interest to any N64 fan, not just gamers based in UK.

@sykotek The controversy is two-fold, as Retro Gamer's editor Darran Jones explains first of all many of the mag's cover art has been stunning over the years, so some people think that by comparison a nice hardware pic is not quite as innovative a cover (I like the N64 cover), and secondly Retro Gamer has already covered the N64 as a retroinspection way back in Issue 31. The Issue 31 retroinspection can also be found re-printed in the completely awesome Videogames Hardware Handbook Volume 1.

Therefore the mag is consciously writing for different readers, people like me and @Ristar42 who have every single issue of the mag and newer readers who have not read their hardware features first time around. They have achieved this by compiling their future hardware pieces with a focus upon a collector's perspective, the N64 article is laid out as:

  • Why It's Collectable?: Groundbreaking titles, rare items, exclusives, 'Cartridge Instructions Box' conditions (CIB), different hardware, imports etc
  • The Peripherals: Rumble pak, expansion pak etc... with detail on 64DD too.
  • The Collector's Guide: Top 5 Games to Play, Top 5 Import Games and Top 5 Rarest PAL Games.
  • The Jewel in The Crown: A game that collectors would love to own.
  • The Complete Check List of PAL N64 Games: Broken down into sections from 'Very Common' to 'Very Rare', this check list is invaluable to a collector and I can't wait for future check lists (e.g. I'm looking forward to the PAL Neo Geo Pocket Color one, I think that only 39 NGPC games made it to the UK).
  • Collector Q&A: An N64 collector called Janne Kaitila has a stunning collection of 394 N64 games. Hats off!!

To me this Retro Gamer N64 collector's guide is superb, I hope that they build up loads of these hardware features and release a 'Retro Hardware Collector's Guide Handbook' bookazine.



Mayhem said:

There's also the fact that a certain member of NL (ahem!) was responsible for writing the original N64 retroinspection in Retro Gamer, and was involved in some of this collecting article



Mikanes said:

Posted By: JamieO
Collector Q&A: An N64 collector called Janne Kaitila has a stunning collection of 394 N64 games. Hats off!!

Also known as finngamer ..absolutely greatest N64 collector in hole planet!

Help him to find these two Japanese exclusives:
Nushi Tsuri 64: Shiokaze Ninotte + Puyo Puyo Party (Puyo Puyo 4).

If you've never heard at this guy, check her YouTube Channel and homepage:

Amazing collecting videos and tips in there...



Pj1 said:

I like the comments that 'Retro gamer' is liked within this community! nice, I've given up buying other magazines so that I can enjoy this magazine more. However they havn't reviewed Mario all Stars for the wii yet I was looking forward into reading what they say about it. It's a good magazine and they really do retro gaming justice. Thankyou Nintendo life for giving them some attention, hopefully somone from R.G is reading our comments....



Ristar42 said:

@JamieO Yep, I even find myself buying reprints in that I have both of the Videogames Hardware Handbook' Volumes.
First mag since Zzap! 64 and Sega Force that I've bought every month!



James said:

@Mayhem Sorry mate, didn't realise or I would have given you proper credit from the start. Let me rectify that now



JamieO said:

Shucks, there I was chatting away about both Retro Gamer N64 features and I didn't put two and two together and credit Nlife's retro reviewer @Mayhem for his contribution to them in my comment either. Sorry about that Mat, I didn't realise until after I read your comment. I had a flick through my mags and noticed that you wrote the Retro Gamer hardware articles about the C64, VIC-20 and Vectrex too. Fair play, I read them first time around but I think that I will return to them now, I could definitely use more knowledge about Vectrex and VIC-20 (my mate had one), and I am nostalgic about C64 (my second computer after an Acorn Electron). Great work on the N64 pieces too, mate.

@Mikanes Wow, Janne Kaitila's (finngamer) collection is amazing, thanks for sharing the links to his YouTube vids, I feel humbled as a retro gamer by such an achievement. Fingers crossed that he is able to get hold of those elusive Japanese N64 games, hopefully someone can help him find them following his appearance in the latest issue of Retro Gamer.

@Ristar42 Snap, I buy reprints too, plus I find the handbooks and bookazines to be excellent, because they have so much detailed information all in one convenient to access place. Alongside every issue of the mag and the two hardware handbooks I have the four volumes of 'Retro Gamer Collection', as well as the two smaller early releases of the 'Retro Gamer Anthology', the first of which was published by Live Publishing before the sterling work of Imagine Publishing on the mag (which you note above).

I am a huge fan of gaming magazines (retro and current) and Retro Gamer is one of my favourite mags of all time, although special mention should also go to gamesTM's 'Retro' section, which has many years of coverage under its belt resulting in three more huge bookazines which are definitely worth a read too. I should not forget Edge's retro pieces too, they also have a number of ace Retro special mags. Great stuff!



BeckBockk said:

My heart is welded to the N64. It's got so much value for me as a gamer! N64 is where it all <i>began</i>.

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