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Nintendo Names Cynthia Gordon New Corporate Affairs VP

Posted by Trevor Chan

Denise Kaigler's replacement commences next month

As Nintendo's range of hardware expands, so too does its family of employees. The company has announced the hiring of Cynthia Gordon, a strategic communications professional with over two decades of consumer-brand experience, as Nintendo of America's Vice President of Corporate Affairs.

Gordon will officially start her new role on 14 March, replacing Denise Kaigler who in November 2009 revealed that she was giving up her position at Nintendo after two year's service, due to strains on her family life brought on by the amount of commuting required by her professional life. Kaigler then went on to secure a role as chief marketing officer at 38 Studios.

Gordon's appointment comes approximately two weeks prior to the launch of the 3DS outside of Japan. The new VP of Corporate Affairs will work out of Nintendo's Redwood City office, reporting to the vacant role of Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, a position currently managed by NoA President Reggie Fils-Aime since the departure of Cammie Dunaway last October, who chose to pursue a career outside of the interactive entertainment industry. Incidentally, Fils-Aime once held that very position earlier in his career.

On what Gordon will bring to the table, Fils-Aime says:

Cindy brings a wealth of smart, strategic brand experience to our team... As we prepare to launch our new Nintendo 3DS system on March 27, her expertise will help keep our momentum going strong through the rest of the year.

Prior to joining Nintendo, she was the Digital and Social Media VP at 360 Public Relations, VP of Public Relations/New Media at Universal Orlando Resort, and the Director of Global Communications at Dunkin' Brands.

With the upcoming launch of the 3DS alone, Nintendo is sure to have a busy future ahead and we at Nintendo Life wish Cynthia Gordon the best of luck as she embarks on her new role at Nintendo.


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MasterGraveheart said:

Welcome to Nintendo, Cynthia Gordon! Hope you survive the experience!

("Welcome to (team name), (person's name), hope you survive the experience" is a registered trademark of Marvel Comics... I think...)



Capt_N said:

Hopes this means the direction of Nintendo will be effected even if in the smallest bit, for the good of the consumer. Welcome aboard, Cynthia!



JayArr said:

It seems the DS isn't the only thing Nintendo upgraded.
What's up foxy cougar?



SwerdMurd said:

not too shabby looking. Good to have an attractive counterpoint to Reggie's enlarged-to-133%-in-the-wrong-places-on-a-copy-machine face.



PSICOffee said:

Great, so the new drone pretty much replaces Cammy? Let's hope this one actually knows a thing about video games. But who am I kidding? We all know this blond chick was picked for her looks and specialty at selling to the casual crowd right? I won't judge her yet, but what can she possibly know about hand-held video games? Specifically anything more than what the common buyer or even a "fanboy" knows?



SilverBaretta said:

@PSICOffee: You realize the article lists some pretty impressive credentials involving marketing, right? As long as you're good at market studying, you can adapt to pretty much any marketing situation, even if you've never really dabbled in it before.



Sylverstone said:

Good luck Ms. Gordon.

Be prepared to be loved (or hated) by millions (and MILLIONS!) of Nintendo fans.



Cipher said:

Cynthia isn't 'replacing' Cammie Dunaway like some of the comments suggest. Reggie's the acting exec VP for sales and marketing at the moment as the role hasn't been filled since Cammie's departure in October. Like the article says, Cynthia's replacing Denise Kaigler, who left in November 2009.



Token_Girl said:

I hope people realize there's a lot more to corporate marketing than presenting at E3. That's only the .001% of the job we see. The other 99.999% of the job is done behind the scenes. Are you excited for whatever Nintendo games are releasing in the near future? That's partially because they developed a strategy to let you know about these games and get you excited for them in a variety of ways.

You may not have liked Cammie at E3, but if you ever rushed out to buy a Nintendo game at launch then the marketing techniques she developed and/or managed were working. It looks like Cynthia Gordon's got some impressive experience, and I'm sure she'll do a good job (and I'm sure that's why they hired her).



WaveGhoul said:

Well she's 10 times more pleasing to the eyes compared to miss Soccer mom Dunway if that even But she most likely won't know a thing about gaming.

Anyways, if this is even commercial related, I guess this means more bland and incredibly lame office-like Nintendo commercials. But there have been recent exceptions like Super Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid: Other M, DKC Returns and Kirby's Epic Yarn. It's just the 'Wii' titles that get the ultra lame treatment, even the DS related commercials do like the recent DSi commercials Nintendo has been churning up, just awful!



Robo-goose said:

Very well spoken. Very, very well spoken.
Some people seem to only care about what's put in front of them, and not what operates the thing they see.
Normally, there would be no problem with that, but when you look away from the Ekcs-Bocks, and toward the people who made it, then you need to take that into consideration.



MeloMan said:

Reggie: "Do you know anything about videogames?"
Cynthia: "Mmm... I played Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit, Carnival Games, and Target Toss Pro Bags, for 30 mins. each during the week. I got really aggressive one day and downloaded Cozy Fire... you'd be surprised how many ways you can stack logs.
Reggie: "........ maybe I should've been more specific...."

I hope she isn't like this, please prove me wrong....



LordTendoboy said:

Note to NOA:

Please stop hiring these outsiders who know nothing about videogames or the industry. Look at Nintendo of Japan, Saturo Iwata used to be a developer at HAL, so he knows about the ins and outs of game development. Why can't NOA hire people who actually worked in the gaming industry, on the front lines?



PSICOffee said:

@SilverBlacktail I realize she'd be great for the job and can adapt. But that doesn't help if she is asked questions by gamers like Cammie was. Yes, I know she's not directly replacing her, but if she doesn't know about videogames she might as well be considered doing so.

I don't hate the woman (yet) and I hope the best for her.



Edwrd said:

she's very attractive, will Reggie be able to keep it in his pants heheh ... j/k ^^

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