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New Patents Reveal Balance Board Motorcycle Game

Posted by James Newton

New patents unearthed

It's been a while since we saw a Nintendo-published game that uses the Balance Board, surprising considering the number of boards sat in living rooms around the world, but a new patent filing has revealed a motorcycle game could be in the works at Nintendo Software Technology.

The application shows a first-person motorcycle game controlled with the Balance Board, with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk acting as handlebars. Players would control the motorbike (or, in another example of software, a jetski) by leaning their body left or right to pull off sharp turns using all three controllers.

As with most patent applications, the existence of this filing isn't evidence of such a game being in development, but if it were in the works we'd expect to hear more about it at E3 this year.


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dustin_g said:

I think the vitality sensor will be part of the wii 2 controller, think about it.



WaveBoy said:

I wish I had something to hold onto instead! Instead of having my arms floating in the air. lol



tripunktoj said:

Excite series is currently overexploted, and with a fpv, What about Mach Rider Wii?



Dodger said:

I would prefer a F-Zero wii but that probably wouldn't use the balance board. This might be cool.

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