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New Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars Trailer Stealths In

Posted by James Newton

Launch title in action

Considering Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars is one of the launch titles for 3DS things have been eerily quiet on the gameplay front, with not even a sniff of footage. Until now, that is, as Ubisoft has revealed the first trailer of its upcoming tactical title.

While the video isn't exactly chock-full of gameplay it does show off what the game looks like in motion, an improvement on screenshots at least.

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moosa said:

It about freaking time we start getting some of this media out there.



SwerdMurd said:

Man I was dead-set on bashing this game (I already have actually) but after seeing it in action I feel the need to eat my words. Looks quite nice...dunno how much the 3d effect will really matter but hell--out of a fecal launch lineup this looks surprisingly buyable.



citizenerased said:

Ubisoft is dropping the ball big time. Again.

Only the Rabbids platformer looks decent, everything else apparently has framerate issues (including Rayman 2, that 12 year old game, lol)

I'm so close to boycotting Ubisoft completely.



Radbot42 said:

Looks like advance wars, which I sorta like, This might actually be the best launch title



pixelman said:

I agree with Swerd — this does look pretty darn cool. I'm eager to see how the critics received this.



Drewciffer said:

So it's like Fire Emblem X Advance Wars?
Single People on chess style turn by turn gameplay but with guns and explosives and ?

or are the troops all generic?
Gah im torn between excitement and disappointmenttt!



bro2dragons said:

@Nintendoftw: he didn't say "chess" he said "chess style." Advance Wars and Fire Emblem are games in which you take turns making strategic moves against your opponent just like in chess. ignorance does not provide a right to jump on another man's case.



astarisborn94 said:

I actually kind of like this game. Glad to see that good 3DS games may not totally require 3D to be fun, even thought I like the concept.



potomas said:

the guy who is making this(julian gollop)is a bit of a legend here in blighty.He made classics such as xcom and laser squad.Might just get this



Varoennauraa said:

This is the only interesting launch game until summer. But I think there is something wrong with it, because they kept videos secret until this late. I'm actually a fan of Gollop and I love this type of games, but I'm still in doubt.

No multiplayer? No buy, sry Gollop.




Doesn't look that good to me. Ghost Recon into a strategy game? Interesting, but what about an FPS? The wii Ghost Recon game was very average. Could this be another disappointment?

Could've done it on the DS without the raz-mataz visual cut-scenes.

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