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Master Higgins Has Not One But Two Upcoming Virtual Console Games

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Another Adventure Island game added to the queue

Only last month, we reported that the OFLC had rated the second NES outing of everybody's favourite overweight islander based on a real person, Master Higgins, thus very likely meaning it was on its way to Virtual Console.

Well, the OFLC has struck again, and has rated yet another Adventure Island game. This time, it's Super Adventure Island, the first title in the series to appear on the Super Nintendo.

The game goes back to the basics of the first NES release, basically featuring just the axe, boomerang and skateboard, and it's also noticeably shorter; still, it's quite an enjoyable little romp. It also has a catchy, upbeat soundtrack composed by Yuzo Koshiro of ActRaiser and Streets of Rage fame.

With Bomberman Hero and these two, it looks like Hudson is fully supporting the Virtual Console again! Any other games you'd still like to see from them?


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D33G said:

Cool! I've never got an Adventure Island game. Are they any good?



Corbs said:

I'm a huge Adventure Island fan, but the only one I never really cared for was this first SNES release. I liked the RPG-esque sequel on SNES, but not this first one too much.



Tasuki said:

I was never big on the the SNES one but that might have been cause of my age when it came out. I did like the Second one on the NES especially when you got to ride the dinosaurs. Might pick this one up when it comes to VC and give it another shot.



Link79 said:

Yes!!! super Adventure Island! I always wanted to try this one. Now just get the 2nd and 3rd Nes games on there and I'll be a happy guy. Ever since Hudsons takeover we've sure been getting alot of Hudson games. Must be their way of saying thanks for all the support over the years. Hudson/Konami we thank you!



StarBoy91 said:

I like Super Adventure Island, though I think it has some flaws, imo. Yuzo Koshiro's music here is really good.



cheetahman91 said:

Glad to see that Hudson hasn't forgotten about the AI series. Now if only they would get Super Bonk 2 rated...



Lotice-Paladin said:

Why didn't I wait for this to release instead of Wonder Boy?

This is the one I remember at my cousins house where he shook his backside at the screen when you don't the time it was so funny.



BJWanlund said:

Well, if Hudson wants to work with Nintendo to release the other two Mario Party N64 titles, I'd be a happy camper.

And @deegan714, I played the Adventure Island II Game Boy equivalent (Adventure Island GB) and really enjoyed that game. If you like sidescrollers and difficult platform games, that'll be right up your alley.




Vinsanity said:

Okay, this is sweet! The 2nd and 3rd NES Adventure Islands look like some of the best platformers for the system. I remember one of them added ridable dinosaurs? Something that, post-Yoshi, people thought was impossible on the NES - we were such stupid kids:)
And Super Adventure Island? Well, if you need to know if this is good or not, than all you need to see is this episode of Continue?:

*Spoiler Alert: That episode is AWESOME



MeloMan said:

Another SNES game that got by me. I'n lovin' the AI love, I may get 2, 3, and Super AI beaten yet...



GeminiSaint said:

Yes! This makes my day and gives me some hope for the future of the Virtual Console. I'll download it as soon as I get the chance, same with AI2. By the way, this game has an amazing soundtrack.



gojiguy said:

This makes me so happy.

Even though Hudson may never make games like these again at least they are focusing on filing the VC with them! : )



KingMike said:

I always thought this game was average (even in 1992, when it was one of the first video games I ever played), but I suppose I shall get it if it comes to VC to show support for the series.



outrun2sp said:

good game super adventure island. Hope 2 comes out as that one was like the wonderboy, monsterworld games.



weirdproq said:

Bomberman 64 (N64), Bomerman 64 2 (N64), Hagane (SNES), Super Adventure Island 2 (SNES), Super Bomberman (SNES), Super Bomerman 2 (SNES), Super Bonk (SNES), Super Bonk 2 (SNES/import), Adventures of DinoRiki (NES), Adventure Island 3 (NES), Nuts and Milk (NES/import) and Raid on Bungeling Bay (NES).



Rapadash6 said:

Huge update!!! I went to the ESRB to see if they had happened to add this game too but to my surprise SUPER ADVENTURE ISLAND 2 came up instead!!! Super Bonk has also been on the ESRB site for a while too so that should be coming to the US anytime.



blackknight77 said:

I also checked the ESRB as well and Super Bonk and Super Adventure Island 2 are listed. I expect we will see many Hudson games this year for the Virtual Console.

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