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Live Text: The Kong Off

Posted by Nintendo Life Staff

The doctor, the teacher and the saucier go head-to-head

1,090,400 points. That's the record to beat, set by the cheerful Dr. Hank Chien just last week. Now the New York plastic surgeon joins the double-decade champion and hot sauce tycoon Billy Mitchell and the mild-mannered schoolteacher who toppled his throne, Steve Wiebe, to duke it out for Donkey Kong dominance.

What will happen today at Richie Knucklez Arcade in Flemington, New Jersey is anyone's guess. Will Chien cut through the competition with surgical precision, or should he go on sick leave? Will Mitchell spice things up, or did he only bring his Weak Sauce? Will Wiebe teach us all a lesson, or should he go back to school?

Ten players are all going at once, among them Chien, Wiebe and Mitchell, and we're bringing you all the live coverage below. Cast your predictions and root your favourite on in the comments!

Live text updates by Patrick Elliot. On-site administration by Zach Kaplan.

The live feed is over, so thanks for tuning in! You can still read how all the drama played out below. Check back to Nintendo Life tomorrow as we'll be on the scene to report any new world records as they break, as well as an interview with Richie Knucklez himself to be posted in the coming week.

22:30:00 -
And Vinny's out. Just under 600K L14. He tells me he scored a million five on MAME though so watch out for him tomorow! Good Night!
22:20:00 -
Vinny at 556K no reserves L13
22:13:00 -
Vincent Lemay's TwinGalaxies stats: #2 at Donkey Kong [US Set 1] (MAME) Variation: Points (1,050,200) and #4 at the same MAME set, Variation: Points [Level 1-1] (11,800)
22:09:00 -
Vinny has 475K on L12 with two reserves left!
22:07:00 -
Nope scratch that Hank's out. Vinny Lemay's the last one left!
22:05:00 -
Hank and Vinny are the only two left out of eleven
22:02:30 -
Hank- 635K L14 no reserves
21:56:00 -
Young Vinny 378K two reserves L10
21:51:00 -
Hank 542K still no reserves L13
21:49:00 -
Young Vinny 339K all reserves
21:48:00 -
And Steve is out...
Uh-oh Steve at 600K L14 but no reserves left!
Hanks over half a mil!
Hanks got no reserves left 477K L11
21:40:00 -
Young Vinny 275K all reserves L08
21:39:30 -
BTW "Frenzy Marathon Dude" (Joel West) is approaching 7 hours on a single credit. Crazy
21:27:00 -
CHEAT- Billy just restarted! Shenanigans!
21:36:00 -
Hank 430K no reserves L11
21:35:30 -
The live radio shows interviewing players mid comp! Somebody stop em!
21:34:00 -
Billy at 463K no reserves L12.
21:32:00 -
Steve's about to crest a half mil, all guys L13
21:28:00 -
Steve on the other hand has 463K all reserves L12. Hot Damn!
21:24:00 -
Billy approaching 375 no reserves L10...
21:23:00 -
Hanks down a dude! 344K L09 two reserves left
21:19:00 -
Don't forget Young Vinny! Replay going strong 140K L05 all reserves (3 guys)
21:18:00 -
Steve 393K three reserves L11 still leading
21:13:00 -
Hank approaching 300K three reserves L08
21:14:00 -
Billy over 300K one reserve L08
21:13:00 -
Steve over 350K L10 - Hank 265K L10 - Billy 275K L08-- Steve's in the lead
21:05:00 -
So last runs. Here' the standings: Hank 210K all guys L06. Billy: 205K 2 guys L06- Steve: 315K all guys L09
21:00:00 -
Vinny's startin up again. Last games must start w/in the next two mins.
20:58:30 -
Whoa scratch a zero from that "best" score. He did not crest 7 million! Lol
20:57:30 -
Ooh. Vinny's down. 706500. His best today was 7425000. Impressive sir!
20:56:00 -
Young Vinny bustin 700K on L16! Elevator board!
20:52:00 -
Young Vinny 680K L16
20:51:00 -
Hank 120K all guys L05 pie factory board...defeated!
20:48:00 -
Young Vinny approaching 650K L15
20:43:30 -
Steve at 175K all guys L06
20:43:00 -
Vinny Lemay at 600K L14 no guys left. He's the youngest DK player here too!
19:56:07 -
Eric died for good at L09 344400
19:45:07 -
Sirius Radio is about to do a live show from here. Listen while you read!
19:44:04 -
Eric Howard is at 313K one reserve L08.
19:43:11 -
Erp I mean Eric Howard!
19:42:09 -
Billy on L04 lost a guy and is restarting. Hank still resting. Its Steve and Billy back again!...and Steve Howard.
19:38:34 -
Steve was still plugging along on that last dude got killed around 616K on L16
19:36:16 -
Erics over 200K all guys L06
19:30:05 -
Check out this sauce! #kongoff
19:28:03 -
Billy and Hank resting. They earned it!
19:27:22 -
Eric is approaching 200K all guys L06
19:26:33 -
Sorry steve had only one reserve. Now he is on his last guy L14 515K
19:21:57 -
Steve is at 510K two guys L13
19:20:37 -
Eric Howard, the only Killscreener today is playing again. At 150K all guys L05
19:13:39 -
Hank got to 810K on that last run. Billy kept restarting. Steve approaching 500K on L12
19:10:00 -
Sorry for the radio silence phone died! Recharging will update score stance in a second
18:46:42 -
Check out this sweet shirt! #kongoff
18:43:25 -
Steve over 200K L07 only one reserve left
18:42:18 -
Billy approaching 200K two reserves L06
18:40:36 -
Hank's on L14 just died! 642K no guys left. Last chance. Last time he got one away from the Killscreen from this situation
18:37:52 -
Steve 160K two reserves L06 pie factory board
18:33:11 -
Steve 140K all guys L05
18:30:46 -
Billy over 100K all guys L04
18:29:00 -
Hank at 585000 one guy in reserve L13
18:27:39 -
Steve over 100K all guys L05
18:18:34 -
Steve at L02 35000 all guys
18:17:03 -
Billy starting over again.
18:16:28 -
Hank hittin half a mil with one reserve L11
18:15:33 -
Hank's neighbor Mark (DK JR Champ) is at 230000 L07 two reserves
18:13:47 -
Steve starting up again
18:12:22 -
Hank's GF is tearing it up at Centipede. #kongoff
18:10:39 -
Hank at 460000 one guy in reserve L11
18:09:48 -
Billy is at 136000 2 reserves L05. He didn't restart!
18:07:53 -
Steve lost last guy on L14, score 621400. A good run.
18:05:10 -
Correction: The cabinet may say "Berzerk" but the game is Frenzy.
18:04:53 -
Correction: besrzerk guy is actually playing "frenzy"
18:02:18 -
Billy is approaching 100K all guys left on L04
18:01:43 -
Re: Joel West in the Berzerk picture. He's going on the "longest play on a single crest" title now, hence the timer. At about 63500 for points. The stats below are correct.
18:00:44 -
Sorry about that, his name is Joel West, not Phil Younger
17:58:47 -
The man in the Berzerk picture is Phil Younger, #6 fast bullets champ (76,850) and #4 slow bullets champ (119,340).
17:55:54 -
Steve at 550000 no guys left L13
17:54:06 -
FYI The Berzerk world records are 401,130 on slow bullets (Phil Younger) and 350,340 on fast bullets (Steve Wagner)
17:53:17 -
Hanks at 325K on L08. Just lost a guy on the elevator board! Only one reserve left
17:51:10 -
Richie Knuckles to Billy "I would never cut you hair"
17:50:03 -
This guys been playing Berzerk for almost 3 hours! Going for a record #kongoff
17:47:50 -
Billy started over again. Perfectionist! If he loses a guy before Level 6 he starts over.
17:46:32 -
Hank 277500 L07 2 guys in reserve
17:44:54 -
Steve at 470000 L11 still one in reserve
17:40:40 -
Hank at 230000 with 2 reserves starting L07
17:39:30 -
Other players are returning now.
17:38:38 -
Billy just died on L05. Still had 2 reserves but restarted anyway.
17:31:29 -
Steve at 370000 last board of L09 one guy in reserve
17:29:48 -
Just Billy, Hank and Steve are playing. The other hopefuls are gone (at the moment). Epic!
17:27:51 -
Steve at 340000 L09 one guy in reserve
17:25:57 -
Hank at 120000 all guys left L05
17:22:03 -
Billy starting L01 over again
17:21:00 -
Hank: 75000 L04 all three reserve guys left.
17:18:17 -
Steve lost a guy! Last board of L07. At 268K
17:13:44 -
Steve at 235000 all guys L07
17:08:09 -
Steve approaching 200K all guys still L06.
17:05:58 -
Hank's back too now. Love that menacing start-up music.
17:03:46 -
Billy keeps restarting...
17:02:33 -
Steve is on L05 145000 with three guys in reserve
17:01:59 -
@zachkaplan thnx for the #KongOff updates. iPhone pushing every bit of news. 
16:54:23 -
Steve Wiebe is back at it! via @nintendolife
16:51:57 -
Steve is back 65000 all guys L03
16:50:36 -
In a side note, this lil tike just broke the world record in "Ice Cold Beer" by Taito. #kongoff
16:22:44 -
Seems likes folks are taking a break. Just snapped a pic of Hank in our reader-designed T-Shirt!
16:15:15 -
Hank Chien is STILL tearing it up! Live Text: The Kong Off - Retro News @ Nintendo Life via @nintendolife
16:12:29 -
Highs so far: Billy: 821K Steve:585K Hank:981K
16:09:27 -
Steve died just over 400K
16:02:48 -
Steve is at 375000 L10 no guys left
15:47:37 -
Billy just started over again. Hank is on break
15:45:33 -
Steve is at 250000 L07 one guy in reserve
15:36:42 -
Steve is at 175000 with one in reserve L06
15:35:01 -
Hank died one short of Killscreen but took event high score at 981500
15:28:33 -
Hanks got hi score
15:25:45 -
Highest score so far abou940K. Hanks on last board with 937'K
15:21:52 -
Hank's over 900000 on L20! First board.
15:19:31 -
Confirmed: Billy is wearing a flag tie.
15:17:44 -
Hanks at 875000
15:14:35 -
Hank at 850000 on L19
15:12:22 -
Billy's out again. - think steve just stopped too but around 900000. Will check soon. Hanging by Hank
15:09:47 -
"I'm playing it safe now" - Hank
15:08:52 -
Hank's over 800000 on level 18
15:03:22 -
Close call. Hank thought he died. Still tickin!
15:02:36 -
Hank on L17 no guys 750000
15:01:40 -
@superpowerbros Get an autograph!
15:00:56 -
Billy keeps starting over... And signing stuff!
14:58:47 -
Hank lost his last reserve. This is his last chance.
14:56:41 -
Hanks over 700000 on L16
14:56:06 -
"@superpowerbros: Hank lost a guy on last board of Lwd to a flame. He has one guy left in reserve at 695000 #kongoff" whoops meant L15
14:55:32 -
Hank lost a guy on last board of Lwd to a flame. He has one guy left in reserve at 695000
14:51:43 -
And its beat
14:51:09 -
Hanks on L15 elevator board
14:48:15 -
Gonna stay on Hank he's at 650000 with two in the bank L15.
14:47:06 -
Billy starting over again. Each time he restarts he hovers over the competiitions shoulders for a bit. Psyching them out!
14:45:25 -
He literally beat it mid tweet.
14:44:53 -
Hank's on the elevator board of L14. Let's see how it goes ... Already beat! That was quick!
14:43:29 -
Just spotted an attendee in our Team Chien T-Shirts! Still can't see if hanks wearing one...
14:41:10 -
Hank's over 600000 in L14 still with two men in reserve
14:37:09 -
Billy is starting up again. Hank on L13 at 575000 with two guys in reserve.
14:30:26 -
Hank's over 500000 with two in reserve on L12
14:25:36 -
Steve around 300000 three guys L08
14:24:24 -
Billy's down! No killscreen.
14:21:57 -
Hank Chien is killing it! via @nintendolife
14:20:04 -
Hanks at 450000. Still has those same three guys in reserve.
14:19:17 -
EH is also #1 at Popeye [Revision D] (MAME), #1 at four different settings of Mega Drive/ Genesis Road Rash and #2 at one setting of Baseball Simulator 1.000 (NES)
14:19:05 -
Billy is over 800000 on L19 with a guy in reserve! Getting close!
14:17:35 -
Eric Howard is the #5 DK player in the world (957,400)
14:16:34 -
Bonus: Eric had a guy in reserve at his killscreen. Going out with style
14:15:25 -
Steve is at 222000 L07 three guys in reserve
14:13:49 -
He had 941800! Its now the top score
14:12:40 -
Eric is at killscreen!
14:10:38 -
Crowds getting big. Player Eric Howard is approaching a kill screen.
14:06:07 -
Billy's got one guy in reserve. Climbing to 700000
14:05:05 -
Hank cresting 350000 still three guys in reserve.
14:04:50 -
Steve Sanders's top official DK score is 290,300, ranked #34. Sounds like he beat his high score. He is also #3 at Joust (Points [Tournament Settings/Single Player]), and has high scores in Frogger, Pac-Man and Super Pac-Man.
14:04:13 -
Billy just had 666000 MuHaHaHa
14:02:19 -
Steve Sanders. That's Billy's buddy. He is on the wildcard cabinet at 300000
14:00:54 -
Another player is at 800000 in the Pie factory board of level 20.
13:59:42 -
Billy at 638000 L15
13:59:09 -
Hank on L08 three guys just ove 300000
13:55:50 -
Steve at 60000 three guys L03
13:54:22 -
Richie Knuckles is fixing another cabinet for a player. Jump button problems. #kongoff
13:52:38 -
They are also letting attendees play a wildcard machine. Highest was around 600000
13:51:05 -
@superpowerbros Is Roy Schildt in there?
13:50:52 -
Current high score running is 750000 with a guy in reserve
13:50:04 -
Steve is back! His machine is running again.
13:49:20 -
Billy is on L13 two guys left at 545000
13:45:38 -
Hank's on level 06 still three guys just crested 200000.
13:42:49 -
Steve's machine is not fixed. Its getting gutted. #kongoff
13:40:34 -
Billy's at L12 at 457000 one guy left.
13:39:22 -
Billy was just playing one handed. Resting chin in other hand. Gangsta!
13:38:10 -
Hank still at three guys at 150000 L05
13:32:43 -
Hank back over 100000 three guys L04
13:31:52 -
Dean Saglio's TwinGalaxies stats: #1 at 3 MAME versions of DK, his higest score there being 1,136,400 (Donkey Kong [US Set 1]). He's ranked a bit low on a lot of arcade games, also #2 at Championship Sprint [Rev 3] (MAME), #2 at Jail Beak (MAME), #1 at Stocker (MAME) and a bit lower on some more MAME games.
13:31:27 -
After steve left they're servicing his cabinet. Not sure why. Seems fixed now.
13:29:24 -
Billy's cresting 375000 with two guys. Level 10.
13:27:54 -
He just died on level 16. Game over.
13:27:08 -
Highest score 780200 first run. Dean Saglio.
13:25:44 -
Steve at 210000 lost a guy. Only one left so he's restarting again.
13:23:22 -
"@superpowerbros: Other high scores: 566000 L14 2 guys left. 682000 L15 no guys left. Unkowns."
13:23:04 -
Kyle Goewert was at 693000 L15 when he lost his last guy.
13:22:57 -
Other high scores: 566000 L14 2 guys left. 682000 L15 no guys left. Unkowns.
13:18:24 -
Billy just got on L08 at 250000 with 2 guys left
13:14:21 -
Dang, Hank is starting over again. Must be a haunted cabinet
13:11:51 -
Billy just crested 200000 L06 two guys left.
13:10:42 -
Hanks starting over again...
13:09:19 -
Steve cresting 100000 with two guys left on L04
13:07:39 -
Lead score lost a man. On last chance at 583000 L13.
13:01:59 -
Lead score is 540000 by an unknown. L12 one guy left.
13:00:08 -
Steve lost his last guy! Starting over...
12:58:29 -
Hank just lost a second guy. He is restarting.
12:57:38 -
Billy at 90000 with three guys on L04
12:56:22 -
Billy's buddy from KoK by his side. The dude he took the record from back in the day.
12:54:57 -
Hank back over 200000 with two guys left on L06
12:53:28 -
Highest current score is just over 500000 with no guys left on L11. Not sure who he is.
12:50:15 -
Steve at 430000 still on last guy. He's on level 11.
12:48:50 -
His neighbor Mark Kiehl is beasting L10. Wait, he just lost a dude. 370000 with one guy left.
12:46:30 -
Hank at 150000 L05 three guys left.
12:45:34 -
And in case that was ambiguous, Mark Kiehl is the #1 DK Jr player in the world. A challenger appears!
12:44:57 -
Billy just finished L02 and got up to check the other scores. He's in a black suit.
12:44:31 -
A little info: Mark Kiehl's top DK Jr score is 1,307,500. His only other high score is the XBLA game I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MBIES 1NIT!!!1 - #13 with 470,090.
12:42:42 -
Billy do-over again. Back at L02 with 36000 and three guys.
12:40:10 -
Mark Kiehl. That's his name.
12:39:07 -
Guy next to Hank at 300000 with two extra lives at L08. He's the DK Jr champ Mark
12:36:37 -
Hank at 70000 with three more guys on L04
12:34:42 -
Steve at 315000
12:34:03 -
Who but he just died! Zero guys left...last chance for Steve...
12:32:19 -
Steve making short work off the elevator board! Moving on...
12:30:22 -
Steve at 275000 only 1 guy left on L08
12:28:22 -
Billy is on L06 w/ 2 guys at 195000
12:25:56 -
Guy next to Hank crested 200000!
12:23:35 -
Hank started over! His dude died.
12:21:58 -
Steve at 224000 with 2 guys L07
12:20:15 -
Billy at 110000 with three guys finished level 04
12:17:58 -
Billy is at 90000 at level 04 with three guys
12:17:28 -
Billy is at 70000 with three guys left at level 04
12:16:13 -
Hank 95000 L04 with three guys
12:15:40 -
Still a long way to go though...
12:15:31 -
He just claimed the high score on the machine!
12:15:21 -
Steve still at 2 guys with 175000 L06
12:11:43 -
Hanks just crested 100000 with three guys left
12:07:54 -
Now he's on the elevator board
12:07:33 -
Live coverage from The Kong Off! Chien vs. Mitchell vs. Wiebe! #kongoff #kongrecord @ Nintendo Life via @nintendolife
12:07:17 -
Steve at 130000, 2 lives left at L5
12:05:37 -
Billy died at 38,000! He started over at Level 1... shaky beginnings, eh?
12:03:32 -
L3 40000 three men left
12:02:59 -
Hank- 35000 & climbing, L2

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ELI-ASH said:

So if they lose all there lives is that it?? or do they have like a set amount of tries.



ELI-ASH said:

Like about 4 years I though about attempting to break the Dance Dance Revolution Marathon Record(Guinness). Just never got around to it do(Like working with a charity and have unbias witnesses just a lot of stuff). The current record is 13.33 Hours. (Thats strange I remember reading that some guy did 34 hours guess that one wasn't official)Not a score based one but an endurance type.Will defiantly try sometime in the future do.



Raylax said:

Are we gonna have a live text every time one of these three boots up a 30-year-old arcade machine? Before anyone points out that not everything is going to appeal to everyone - fair comment - this just seems... Well I could understand a live video feed, but this is like listening to football on the radio. Where the rules of football are changed so that the game restarts every three minutes albeit played ever-so-slightly-faster. And nothing genuinely exciting ever happens. Wouldn't it be better to just have an article on it when it's over?



theblackdragon said:

@Raylax: you said it yourself, pretty much — if you're not interested, don't follow it. obviously there are people here who are interested, so don't be a party pooper, dude :3



Zach said:

@Raylax This isn't any old time, it's historical - first time they've ever gone at it under one roof at the same time!



Raylax said:

I wasn't complaining as such, it's just got me riddled. The live text is more-or-less just a list of increasing numbers. It seems completely arbitrary, I don't get it xD
I am fairly interested in who wins it, NL's been following it enough to not at least have a passing interest, but recording the contest itself - especially over live text - I don't know.

Well fair enough, I guess this'll go on my list of things I completely didn't get. I'll wait for the winner's article.



Zach said:

@Raylax I see what you mean. Personally, checking in on something I can just read every now and then, or pay attention to when it gets hot, takes a lot less effort and concentration than watching a video, plus it's easier to follow with exactitude. And on top of that I get to play this game for review while I do it!



Luffymcduck said:

Heh, been watching this for almost 40 minutes now. It´s mignight already and I´m getting sleepy though. yawn...



Supervada said:

How long is this anyway? Anyway, they better keep Jumpman aka Mario away from those barrel because DK is going crazy. XD



Supervada said:

Yo Zach. Is that live cause I would watch but my wifi is satellite which is



Zach said:

@Supervada Our live feed had technical difficulties, so it's down to refreshing for updates. That's pretty close to live though



Supervada said:

This is long but crazy! They don't have no bathroom break so yea best for them to use adult diapers. Joking! I better stop teasing. XD



SwerdMurd said:

yet another example of steve's overhyped-ness. I guess being the first person noticed helps grow you a fanbase...but he's clearly the worst.

Team Hank forever.



PatrickElliot said:

Actually Steve got a killscreen today to take the lead with 986,900...until Hank got one too and edged him out with 994,400. Still no millions though!

That would be interesting. This is how they all play on their own machines though.

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