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Jill and Wesker Show Their Moves in New Resi: Mercenaries Video

Posted by James Newton

Into battle once more

If the rumours are true and Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D is indeed set for release on 17th June, it's looking like being a very good month for 3DS owners as the trailer below shows.

Returning characters Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker pop up in the game to dispense justice with both barrels, blowing up the infected, Majini and practically everything else that stands in their way. Wesker's one-handed shotgun looks to make short work of most enemies, while Jill prefers the soothing warmth of a rattling machine gun. Whichever you prefer, the game looks set to have you covered when it launches later this year, either on 17th June or, perhaps, on a different date altogether.

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HawkeyeWii said:

Holy crap is any one else pooping their pants over how good the graphics are? There are many years to come with this handheld too. Oh boy I can't wait!!!



HawkeyeWii said:

Lets just hope that the Revelations is this good looking. OMG I will be set for life with these two games.



DarkLloyd said:

well its it comes out in july so it shouldnt be too far off for you guys as well



Killamancer said:

I have never played the mercenaries mode on re4/5. Is it like a slower paced left 4 dead(i'm hoping so)?



Kingbuilder said:

Looks amazingly awesome. Guess I'm gonna have to get all of the Resident Evil games Capcom releases this time around.



Supremeist said:

This game looks extremely amazing. I'm getting my 3DS this Saturday or Sunday. I'm picking up Street Fighter IV with it and I'll just play that until this comes out.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

Hey Kilamancer, go play this now!!! Preferably RE4's MERCENARIES on GCN. I pre-ordered RE4 on GCN, that was in January of 2005. My friends and I STILL go rounds on MERCENARIES. And I'm talking on GCN, Wii, and 360. It is a great amount of fun and will be the best multiplayer title on the 3DS. This should have been a launch title!



1080ike said:

I FINALLY completed my GC RE collection last week, and now it looks like there'll be another large batch released for 3DS. Happiness.



daznsaz said:

it looks proper smart the sawn off shotgun looks like a good weapon cant wait and get demo of revelations too



2-D said:

That's a 3DS game. That's a 3DS game within 3 months of the console launching.
When devs eventually 'get used to it' we're gonna be in for a treat!



Kriedler said:

Wesker looks f'ing awesome. He was tied with HUNK for my fav in RE4's mercs, and it looks like I may be using him again

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