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Iwata: Ocarina of Time 3D Will Release in June 2011

Posted by James Newton

New screenshots look stunning

Excited about Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D for Nintendo 3DS? Of course you are. Would you like to know when you can play it? According to Nintendo President Satoru Iwata's keynote speech at this year's Game Developers' Conference, you can get your Hylian fingers on Link's adventure in June this year.

Iwata didn't elaborate if this is a global release date or simply a territory-specific one, but if at least one set of gamers in the world is playing Ocarina of Time in 3D this June, that'll boost the Earth's overall happiness all the same.

Nintendo also released a set of stunning new screenshots from the game, which you can see in our Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D screenshots gallery.


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Arcanum said:

YES!...but is that here in US? THAT is the question....I also hope they work just a bit more on the graphics as they seem a bit...well not as good as they can be.



pixelman said:

I panicked there for a sec and read that as next year. Guess I'm still adjusting to living in 2011, lol.

The screenshots do look nice... I'm gonna put aside some cash for this baby. :3



TeeJay said:

@ 1

Because of Summer vacation? If so, then me too. This game better be polished to the max if they're gonna make us wait this long.



Punny said:

This and the new Super Mario game are making today awesome. I'll have my 3DS in July, so hooray!



Linkstrikesback said:

I'm a little disappointed about how random the improvements related to graphical changes seem. For one thing, the the wooden lonlon ranch fencing still looks paper thin, and frankly, crap, but the redesigned Hyrule Market looks brillant compared to the original





I bet some of the other big hitter games like Kid Icarus will come in the summer too hopefully!



Kevin said:

Nintendo telling us AGAIN its coming out in June. We already knew that. Please tell us the actual DATE!



LztheQuack said:

Hang on, I do want to point something out. If this was only a Japan date, why would they announce it here in the States?



Stine said:

I just played and beat OoT for the first time, and yet I'm already interested in getting this. Will probably purchase it when I'm ready for a second playthrough



Tylr said:

They're not done yet, so they obviously will go back and polish some things up, the fences in Lon Lon Ranch need some work...



DrCruse said:

The polygons look nice; maybe Dreamcast quality with a bit of extra shaders. The environmental textures, however, are very blurry



James said:

You guys have the highest standards for polygon fences I've ever seen.



Capt_N said:

Some graphics still obviously need tweaking, but I'll definitely get a copy of this to sell on eBay. Perhaps one for myself, should I get a 3DS, or decide to get one.



Pastry said:

@pixelman, That is exactly what I did.

I'm not buying a 3DS until either OoT 3D, Paper Mario or Mario Kart comes out.



Bassman_Q said:

The graphics don't look THAT much different from that of the original (specifically the screenshot w/ Epona and the skeletons), but graphics aren't a problem compared to gameplay, so I'm satisfied.

Doubt I'll be playing it anytime this year, though. Still have my second playthrough of the original to complete...



1080ike said:




Fuzzy said:

Tree chopping restrictions at Kokiri Forest has resulted in skinny fences being made so they can get the most coverage from their limited resources.



argus said:

I have a rant. Everyone realizes that it's not going to look like this on a 3ds, right? Those promo images are 800x480, but the 3ds screen resolution is 400x240. It must be running on some sort of dev system. This is one of my pet peeves, because promo images like this are very misleading. Nintendo has also done the same thing with Skyward Sword images - there are promo images of it that are much higher res than what the Wii can actually display. It gives a false impression of what the game will look like on an actual system.



warioswoods said:

(sing along)
Hey Nintendo,
Why don't you come to your senses?
Your polygonal fences
Leave much to desire.


Yes, but that actually makes the screenshots look worse than the real game, not better. Seen on the small screen — and with a different image for each eye, for that matter — they won't look jagged or full of sharp polygonal edges they way they do here.

Most importantly, no one will be complaining about fences.



DarkLloyd said:

as soon as i get this game in my hands im going to hold it up while the treasure chest music play



argus said:

@warioswoods - I know what you mean, but I disagree... overall, I think the higher res images make the game look better. In these shots, you can see more detail than a 3ds will be able to show. For example, if there is a small object that is 40 pixels in these images, then it will be only 10 pixels on an actual 3ds. Fewer pixels means less detail, and an actual 3ds will have 4x fewer pixels than these images.

I still think the game will look great on a 3ds, though! I'm just being picky.



PaperLucario said:

It's great that we have somewhat of a launch date. There are two things that, while I doubt they will do it, would like to see them do. The first thing is for the heck of it, gold cartridges for preorders like how the original did. And while I doubt it a lot, I'd like to see the original Fire Temple theme (you know, the one with the chanting), i know about the public outcry rumor around that theme, but that has recently been proved false by GameTrailers. If none of that, I'd want to see something new in the game, like how Mario 64 DS had extra stars.



komicturtle said:

I dunno- I like the visuals. It's N64 meets Gamecube. It's nostalgic and fresh at the same time.



Token_Girl said:


The 3DS does display an 800x240 resolution in 2D I believe, so since all the screenshots are in 2D they are an accurate representation of what the game will look like on the system (there's no way to show an accurate representation of what games will look like in 3D anyways).



Doma said:

Won't be worth the price if it's only a re-skin. Where the hell are the extras Nintendo?

Master Quest had more interesting changes than this. That was FREE.



Monkeh said:

As I was reading, I was like: is it June for Europe?? Until I read: "Iwata didn't elaborate if this is a global release date or simply a territory-specific one, but if at least one set of gamers in the world is playing Ocarina of Time in 3D this June, that'll boost the Earth's overall happiness all the same."

Argh, I guess you're right about that! So here's just to hoping it's a global releasedate.



argus said:

@Token Girl: The top screen displays 800x240 when the 3d is turned on and 400x240 when the 3d is turned off. Since these images are simulating "3d turned off", it would be accurate to show up images that are 400x240. These 800x480 images are in no way accurate. The 3ds simply cannot display graphics that are this high res. It would be like showing a Blu-ray screen capture to promote a DVD.

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