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Iwata: Ocarina of Time 3D "Crammed with New Content"

Posted by James Newton

But keeps quiet on just what

While plenty of gamers are looking forward to revisiting Link's first 64-bit outing when it comes to 3DS in the form of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has hinted the title will still have plenty of new and interesting things to offer gamers this year.

Speaking to Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto, Iwata remained tight-lipped about what exactly will be new in Link's adventure, but had this to say:

Of course, the Nintendo 3DS version of Ocarina of Time is crammed with interesting things that weren't in the Nintendo 64 version, but we'll wait to talk about those [closer to] the release.

If you have one, activate your Speculation Mode now.


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JakobG said:

I'm hoping for more sidequests.
It would really add up to the overall experience if you had a lot of additional substance, like optional items or hidden challenges.



Fuzzy said:

I've been sold on this game from the beginning. Anything extra put in is just a nice bonus.



grenworthshero said:

This is looking more and more like a day 1 purchase for me. But, if I do, this will be the most expensive console I've ever bought, and it's a handheld.



Omenapoika said:

Sidequests! Enhanced and expanded areas! Collectibles like the figurines in the Minish cap (=more masks??)!



Highwinter said:

I'm not expecting anything big. Usually when Nintendo say something like this we can expect a few extra pieces of dialogue or an extra quest at most. I think those expecting new dungeons or something like the Unicorn Fountain finally added are really setting themselves up for disappointment.

Though that would be pretty amazing



Kriedler said:

Haha, old news
But, they'd better add a lot of stuff that's actually optional/avoidable, at least. People love to tarnish classics with overdone remakes



Danglybits said:

We could always think back to the Zelda IV DX remake
we got:
the Photo man /side quest
a few bits of extra text
and a extra Dungeon with a bonus for finishing it.

At the time it was good but i hope for OOT 3D they do a bit more as the game was meant to have a lot more extra stuff with the N64DD (I know some/most become Master Quest & majora mask but they mast have more)



Spoony_Tech said:

How about a side quest where you get to witness what sheik (spelling) does in the future to set things up for link. I'm thinking a lot like how resident evil 2 did it with two separate story paths. It would give us a viable way to control her without having to mess up the main quest. 5 hours would be nice. Doesn't have to be long!



SilverBaretta said:

I would say they're going to put in whatever things were cut out of the N64 version, as I know there was quite a bit. Ice Cavern regaining its status as a full dungeon, maybe?



Morpheel said:

i hope they mean the dungeons (of time, ice and wind) they cut out of the original and new cutscenes explaining what happened to some characters! (like link's mom!)



Link-Hero said:

I've been hoping to hear this ever since they've announced the game. I'm now definnately going to buy the game when they release it.



komicturtle said:

High res pictures of Mario, Peach and Luigi in Hyrule castle

Hope it's still Mario 64 art for added nostalgia.



Token_Girl said:

I'm hoping they keep the original game intact, as I'm thinking this will be my main version of the game once I get a Wii2, and I can't play the Zelda collector's GCN disk anymore. I wouldn't be surprised to see some art galleries and multiplayer minigames like in the DS Zeldas. I wouldn't mind longer dungeons/extra dungeons either - as long as there's an option to play retro.



Doma said:

See the first screenshot, stuff like that is probably all he was referring to. I doubt it will be anything that actually effects the game, they would of mentioned so sooner otherwise.



Sadsack_Awesome said:

Nintendo: Young Link now wears a real tunic and not just a tunic with shorts!
NL: That's the new content? O_O



Jnes4 said:

I hope this game gets succesful enough so that nintendo can put out a same remake to Majora's mask...



Slapshot said:

The truth is revealed, and Link is actually an Angry Bird!

Both of them do have cool slingshots.



NintyMan said:

I've just thought of this, but maybe that arwing enemy they originally scrapped would be in it?



Squiggle55 said:

well i'm going to speculate there's going to be something that has to do with streetpass. I think Nintendo is going to go full steam ahead with their first party titles when it comes to streetpass and getting people to walk around with their 3DS. This is what I hope at least. I want every game to connect somehow.



SwerdMurd said:

overhauled battle system making it more remeniscent of the recent Ys series games?

...A man can dream, can't he?



Kid_A said:

New stuff like, bigger Hyrule field? More dungeons?




danschemen said:

maybe they will add majora's mask, the whole game! not likely though but then i would have to buy this game first day even if i don't get the 3ds first day



Snipes said:

About the Majora's Mask... The cartridges are supposed to be 8gb right <_<?



1080ike said:

Hey, just the fact that the Water Temple is made somewhat more functional, along with the updated graphics/sound, pretty much made this a day 1.



MeloMan said:

I've done good to resist the urge to journey back to the Kokiri Forest... but if they mess around and tell me that Majora's Mask will be in this cart along w/ OoT and OoT:Master Quest, then I will buy it, period. Either that, or depending on the content of what's "crammed" in there, I may still consider. Curse you Nintendo!

Update: I just learned my friend is getting it no matter what... cool, I'll just borrow it from him, no worries



Punny said:

I hope it's not just the Master Quest. Maybe new side-quests and new songs to go with them?



TeeJay said:

As a bonus, I say Nintendo should program the ability to at least knock Navi to the floor with a sword swing.



EarthboundBenjy said:

What did the GBA version of A Link to the Past have crammed into it? .... One extra sidequest, one extra dungeon, and one extra ENTIRE GAME.

I hope this has a port of Four Swords on it - the one thing stopping most people from enjoying Four Swords now is the bizarre GBA link cable set-up.



IronMan28 said:

I'm thinking new enemies?
Maybe a greater focus on everyone's favorite race, the Gerudo? Maybe they'll increase time spent in their village...that would be sweet.
Heck, I'd settle for more Goron sections (they didn't have enough of their race in Ocarina, either; in my opinion).



aSourOrange said:

Well, I had a great experience with the original, the only change I could hope for is for more long, hard temples, more enemies. And a few items wouldn't hurt would they? That's pretty much it.



StarDust4Ever said:

They'll probably just add more side quests, possibly a few extra dungeons as well, like how in Mario 64 each world got an extra star (usually a switch or silver star mission), then they also added a few more areas and the option to play with additional characters.

Some of the additions felt a little tacked on, but overall it presented a nice balance between satisfying retro gamers as well as giving them something new.

Being a hardcore Mario fanatic, I largely passed up the entire Zelda series, but I think after playing through 3D Dot Game Heroes on the PS3 (a charming game which is based largely on the old NES Zelda), I might be willing to give Zelda/Link another try.



k8sMum said:

wait...OoT isn't a launch title, is it? i thought we were looking at june/july time frame..........

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