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High Voltage Cancels Animales de la Muerte for WiiWare

Posted by James Newton

Another casualty

WiiWare has had a rough time of it these past few months: Super Meat Boy was canned in November, then last week it lost Bloktonik, and now High Voltage's Animales de la Muerte has been cancelled for WiiWare.

The game was originally announced back in 2008 as a Wii-exclusive, with its gameplay focusing on shooting undead animals, but now the game will only see release on PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox 360. High Voltage Software's Eric Stoll told Eurogamer the studio's reasons for the switch:

We felt like it was maybe a better fit on the next gen platforms, both content-wise and gameplay-wise. We can have more enemies on screen, and it's probably a little more acceptable to have really over-the-top violence in an Xbox game than on the Wii.

It wasn't only technical concerns that led to the decision: Stoll believes the game simply wouldn't have sold well on WiiWare:

That definitely factored into our decision as well. I'd definitely say Xbox Live games outsell WiiWare games.

Sadly it seems this kind of thinking is becoming more and more common, as WiiWare's restrictive file size limitations and other factors leave it lagging behind other formats.


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wanderlustwarrior said:

I'm only surprised it took them until now to announce it. I'd hope it was because they tried as hard as they could to make it fit.

Ah well, wasn't for me anyway. And it wasn't because of the violence thing (Madworld and No More Heroes are two of my favorite games), it's because it just didn't look interesting to me.



SMW said:

I thought they canceled the WiiWare version ages ago? They said it was due to size limits, so they were switching to retail. Looks like retail doesn't stand a chance either now.

Either way, I will definitely miss this game. I was really looking forward to it. I guess its just another great game that I will have to miss out on.



motang said:

The very low threshold for the size limit is very bad. Nintendo needs to fix that, but unfortunately I don't think they will with Wii, but I am sure they will with Wii's successor.



EdEN said:

Pure BS. They could release it on 3DSware or as a retail 3DS game (zombies in 3D!) instead of going to PS3/XBLA since those have many, many zombie games.



The_Fox said:

Good for them. Maybe this chain of events will make Nintendo take a long, hard look at the sizable number of problems facing Wiiware.



Hardy83 said:

This is the year the Wii will be carried by first party software. I really really REALLY doubt we'll see any quality third party games, unless pushed by Nintendo themselves.

Heck, I'm amazed they haven't tried to port Conduit to PS3/360 as a digital game or something.



Token_Girl said:

While I hope Nintendo does learn something from all of does make me angry when devs announce a Wii exclusive than remove it from the Wii altogether. Honestly, what about this game did they not know going into development would make it a bad fit for Wii and a good fit for PC/Xbox/PS3. More enemies? Would have known that would make the game better. Content? It's not like the Wii/PC/PS3/Xbox demographics have changed all that much.

It seems like this is happening a lot. I wonder if Nintendo is encouraging these devs to make the games from the get-go, but then when their near completion Sony and Microsoft see their potential, snatch them up, and then the devs say screw Ninty, we can make a better game now and get better sales?

The answer would be to let users boot games from the SD card and remove or greatly expand file size limits. The Wii can certainly run games like this. We're not talking Halo here I don't think.



HappyHappy said:

I knew it wasn't coming out on the Wii in the first place so I'm not really disappointed.



Neko_Ichigofan said:

Sup Newton I see you're a busy bee as always

by the way I hope this trend of wii/wiiware exclusives abandoning nintendo all together slows down



MeloMan said:

I'm actually not mad about this, and I've stopped being mad actually. Vblank's game Retro City Rampage will likely be cancelled too, and I also wouldn't be mad at that. Dev's are trying to send a message to Nintendo that "underpowered and cheap" ain't gonna cut it no more, and I don't blame them. Further, with the winds are beginning to shift and wind down for this generation of consoles, soon there will be a new horizon to tackle. It's sad, because alot of devs are partial to Nintendo, but Nintendo doesn't offer what it's competitors offered in terms of size and likely pricing (royalties) and releasing of games on WiiWare/DSiWare. I can't blame them for wanting to maximize profit.



Objection said:

They finally outright canned it for WW? I thought that had been confirmed back in 2009.

But I am interested that this might still see a release on other platforms. But I'll believe it when I see it.



Pod said:

Well well, that's just like, too bad, man.

Nintendo is terrible at advertising WiiWare content, so the service's downward spiral is hardly surprising.

Anyway, I'm happy to hear about the game again, and I can just play it on PC, like with Super Meat Boy, no harm done.
I'm not in a hurry to purchase anymore WiiWare anyway, until Nintendo secures me some sort of online profile, so I won't lose the games along with the system.



ETLN said:

Nintendo need to offer more freedom to the developers and publishers off WiiWare, half the problem is how Nintendo themselves choose the pricing for the titles, and then they never have any sales. They really should let the publishers choose the pricing, and give them freedom to change it whenever they please, as how iOS and Android is done. While then Nintendo will get less money from each sale that most likely would make it up in volume as I'm sure more items would be sold. Nintendo's online strategy is all wrong and that is why it fails in comparison to Playstation Network and Xbox Live.



HeroOfTime007 said:

Aww, this sucks, but we saw it coming anyway. I don't understand why the Wii has such an amazingly small hard drive and why Nintendo did not release any new revisions, I rather have that then colors. SD cards are not a fix either.
Guess Ill get it off Steam if its on it. The game still looks great.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@10 Conduit 2 will probably prove otherwise, but other that that, I agree that the Wii looks very lean this year on 3rd party offerings so far.



JakobG said:

Unfortunately, they're right.
At least Nintendo will learn from their mistakes.



Knux said:

Not surprised, it's obvious WiiWare has been a lost cause for quite some time.




I fear for all the other wiiware games that were announced a long time ago but we haven't heard anything from. Also, I bet they'll be even more games that the NA and Japan get that the EU doesn't.



Wolfenstein83 said:

I don't know much about this game in the first place, but I do know High Voltage puts out some good stuff, so what gives!?
"I'd definitely say Xbox Live games outsell WiiWare games."
Oh, that's it?
Well, I am not surprised about that, especially since the 360 has had demos to download, while WiiWare is just catching up in that department.
Not to mention WiiWare does have a few gems, but there is alot of crud to dig through to find them.



jbrodack said:

This is actually good news as I thought this would be completely cancelled. The fact that its coming out for steam, ps3, and xbox is good to hear. I'm thinking more and more people are getting either ps3 or xbox in addition to a wii. Plus since this is on pc nobody should have to miss out on this.



astarisborn94 said:

I think the size limit is biting Nintendo in the *** now. The situation should be fixed by next gen, thought, considering Nintendo's expanded online offering in the Nintendo 3DS.

@Hardy83: There's always The Grinder and Conduit 2, so we have a shot at having a decent third-party title not entirely backed up by Nintendo.

@jbrodack: I think people will still entirely miss out on this game if their PC can't handle it. My PC probably won't be able to handle this game when it comes out, which makes me glad to have a PS3.

(Also getting sick and tired of people saying PS3/360 are next-gen systems, they've been out for half a decade like the Wii plus the Nintendo 3DS just released a few days ago)



Demonic_St33V said:

As much as I hate to admit it, XBox Live Arcade and Steam do get more of my gaming dollars these days than Wiiware. Last game I purchased was actually Beyond Good and Evil HD (although I beat it on the Cube, had to play it through again - love that game).



brainofj said:

It's more than the size limit (although that is a huge roadblock). Nintendo has created a perfect trap for themselves with the Wii. The system has been pushed for so long now as a "casual" platform and a "party game system" that services like VC and WiiWare, which are more geared for true gamers, have been overlooked. Likewise, physical media games have suffered because the system is aimed at audiences that aren't looking for Little King's Story or Conduit or Madworld; they want Rock Band and Wii Party. The market for 3rd party developers is almost non-existent at this point on the Wii; nobody buys their games enough to justify further development, and Nintendo has no desire to change their marketing strategy. This is a grave Nintendo has dug, and with their focus now on the 3DS, the grave's only getting deeper.



rjejr said:

Writing is on the wall for the Wii. I remember reading about this game waaaay back and thinking a game about shooting dead animals wasn't coming out on the Wii even then so I'm not surprised. Yes Nintendo has Wiiware demo downloads now, but where are the sales? Such opportunities they have, buy a Zelda or Mario N64 game, get a related SNES game free. The Wii is number 1 on the back of Just Dance 2 plain and simple. I wonder how many people who own that - and a lot do - have even downloaded the free Katy Perry Fireworks song? The Wii had built in WiFi loooong before the Xbox360 but it was barely utilized. The 3DS and Wii are 2 ships passing in the night, and the Wii is sinking.



Vinsanity said:

Well, High voltage talked about this a bit on IGN Game Scoop awhile ago, when they were on to talk about Conduit 2. They said that, while they didn't lose money on Gyrostarr and High Voltage Hot Rod show, that it wasn't an avenue worth pursuing going forward unless Nintendo expands awareness for it. It was a cool little bit about Animales after they talked about Conduit 2 - I'm surprised that Daemon Hatfield brought it up:) But it's worth a listen. It was from a couple weeks ago; I believe they also talked about Explodemon for PSN, so maybe that can narrow down the week.

As a multiconsole owner though, I don't care. I also don't care about top down shooters unless they're REALLY something special, y'know? This looks like it could be one, but There's SO MANY of these on XBL and PSN already! Not to mention, HVS is also working on the Grinder, which is ALSO a top down shooter on PS3 and X360. It's kinda hard to drum up enthusiasm for it now.



TheGreenSpiny said:

Yeah... content wise this game just not gonna gel with those other Wii games like No More Heroes, Madworld and Manhunt 2. This would fit some much better with the Kinectimals/Dance Central crowd on the 360.



TheGreenSpiny said:

@Vinsanity: Perhaps if HVS made better games than Gyrostar and High Voltage Hot Rod Show, they would have made more money. Gyrostar was one of the first games I bout for WiiWare and it was complete garbage.



New_Age_Retro_Hippie said:

@TheDarkness: Perhaps they weren't the best games, but that doesn't mean that WiiWare doesn't sell. The problem with WiiWare is that those games sold poorly for the wrong reasons. If WiiWare were popular and were well set up so that customers could make informed decisions, they would have avoided the games on the critic and user ratings. As it is now, they avoided it because Nintendo takes a neutral stance on promoting its service. It almost seems like with each download service, their stance is that they'll fix it in their next attempt, which just isn't an acceptable stance to take.



DrDaisy said:

This is ironic. Wii was supposed to be the only current-generation console to have this game, and now Wii will be the only current-generation console not to have it. This is really sad too. WiiWare has yet to have even one M-rated video game.

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