When it comes to video game carrying cases, few companies consistently roll out products as high in quality as Hori. Not only are their DS and PSP cases favourites among gamers looking for something sturdy and protective to carry their favourite portable game system around in, but their cases are also generally very affordable as well. It's just a shame that more of their products aren't released outside of Japan.

After the success of their line of DS and PSP Pouch cases, Hori are back, this time with a wide range of carrying cases for Nintendo's upcoming 3DS system. We were lucky enough to get our hands on their newest 3DS Compact Pouch case (in beautiful aqua blue) and we decided to put it through its paces and see if it held up to the usual high standards the company has become so well known for over the years.

To begin with, the 3DS Compact Pouch case looks very similar in design to that of their DS line, so much so that at first glance it would be difficult to tell them apart. The case comes in three colours: maroon red, aqua blue, and black, each with a light gray cushioned interior. Once again the case has a few pockets inside that will hold your 3DS game cartridges, although the company chose to do away with the soft plush pockets and have replaced them with a clear plastic vinyl covering that closely resembles the material used in CD carry cases. It's a small change, but at least it will allow you to better see what game you have inside the pocket without having to remove it.

Although this is a soft case, the outer material is fairly sturdy and should offer some protection in the event you drop it with your system inside, but it's easy to see that this Compact Pouch is more about keeping your system protected from scratches than it is saving it from a sizable drop. The case features a double zipper that can be opened from either side and even has the cloth interior wrapped up around the inside in order to keep the zippers from scratching the system, a nice touch if you ask us. You'll also be able to carry three 3DS cartridges inside of the pockets on the inside, also kept far enough away from the system to avoid any scratches.

It's difficult to fault Hori for keeping things simple with their cases and it's one of the things we love about their products. It's also nice to see a carrying case that's as nice to look at as it is functional. The bottom line is, if you're looking for a reliable case to carry that shiny new 3DS system around in and don't mind going to the trouble of importing one, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better case than this Hori 3DS Compact Pouch. And at only $9.99, it's quite the bargain.

Play-Asia currently has these Hori 3DS Pouch cases in stock for $9.99 each.