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Get Fired Up Over This Conduit 2 Weapons Preview

Posted by Trevor Chan

What will gamers pack next month?

It's a shame that Conduit 2 from High Voltage Software has been plagued by several delays, but if in-game improvements come as a result, then it's probably worth it.

While we wait for the first-person shooter sequel to hit both sides of the Atlantic next month, producer Keith Hladik and six-year veteran at HVS releases a brief preview of weapons that will be at players' disposal. New ones have been designed, and old ones have been tweaked and refined. Weapons have been given secondary functions, and human weapons now have iron sights and scopes. Some of the Trust and Drudge guns have also been revamped.

Head over to the SEGA blog page to find out how The TCP Launcher does more than just firing grenades, or how a section of The Hive Cannon has been removed to make way for something that will surely bug your enemies. Want to know more about some of the new hardware in the game? Read how The Dark Star (previously known as "The Black Hole Gun", "The Brahmastra", and "The Killa") utilises dark matter to launch an attack that distorts space-time.

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3DS said:

Pre-Ordered with 39 days till release in the uk ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh



Chozo85 said:

This is the one Wii game i'm looking forward to. The first Conduit wasn't terrible but it failed to live up to the massive hype which was in part created by the developers and publisher. It looks like there have been a few lessons learnt and I'm hopeful this will live up to expectations.



Corbs said:

I'm not buying another HVS product until Animales de la Muerte hits a Nintendo platform. I'm officially on strike.



HeroOfTime007 said:

The new screens there look even more improved then previous screens.
I look forward to using the Dark Star online.



pixelman said:

I saw this like... months ago, lol.

@Corbs: They officially said it ain't coming to WiiWare. 3DSWare is a slight chance I guess, but they said it's coming to XBLA or PSN.



HeroOfTime007 said:

I think from seeing Weapon Preview and the video posted he thought that the trailer was the feature.



pixelman said:

@TrevorTheChan: I saw this video that was "Uploaded by SegaAmerica on Jan 18, 2011"

And yeah, I assumed all this was was the trailer judging on the title. My bad.



Kreegs07 said:

Will you be able to play this online with a friend using the same TV? Like on Halo?



TrevorTheChan said:

Anyways, I didn't think the weapons were that bad in The Conduit, but it's always good to see developers trying new things and striving to make them better. Is there anything you guys want to or don't want to see weapon-wise in Conduit 2?

Online seems to be a one-player affair, although there are offline multiplayer modes that can be played via split screen.



King_Boo said:

I'd like a non damage round, you shoot an enemy and they glow or something so if they run off and take cover you can then snipe them through a wall. Or a smoke round, sticks to them and obscures their view.



Corbs said:

Yeah pixel, I know it's not coming to WiiWare, that's why I worded it as "Nintendo Platform" in my post. I don't care what system or what media format it comes on, I just want it on a Nintendo system. And I'm not buying another HVS product until it is.



Kreegs07 said:

Ahhhh that's a shame. I much prefer online games that you can bring a friend along for the ride.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I agree with that weapon name change. "Dark Star" is a much better name than "Black Hole Gun" and those other two names are way too weird.



siavm said:

@Corbie I hope it is fake. Because most of the good games this gen are not on Nintendo consoles. Nintendo made some of the good this gen but not the third parties putting games just on the wii. Owning more than one console this gen (with handhelds included) is a must this gen, if you want to play the good games that come to all platforms.



Corbs said:

@siavm - For me, the best games this generation have been, by far and away, Nintendo first-party titles, handheld and console-based. That being said, I tend to agree that it's been a good generation to own multiple consoles and handhelds (which I do). But covering Nintendo systems makes me want to see many of these games that I love and I anticipate released on a Nintendo system - for my sake (so I can review them) and that of our readers.



danschemen said:

this is the third time this video has been posted. maybe just put a link to the first one instead



HeroOfTime007 said:

19. Kr5eegs07

I believe the only wii game with something like that is MArio Kart Wii, and I asked HVS about it for The Grinder and the response was that Nintendo doesnt allow as much freedom with third party online games so they couldnt do it. But that was before Conduit 2 was even announced so maybe their policy changed.

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