It's a shame that Conduit 2 from High Voltage Software has been plagued by several delays, but if in-game improvements come as a result, then it's probably worth it.

While we wait for the first-person shooter sequel to hit both sides of the Atlantic next month, producer Keith Hladik and six-year veteran at HVS releases a brief preview of weapons that will be at players' disposal. New ones have been designed, and old ones have been tweaked and refined. Weapons have been given secondary functions, and human weapons now have iron sights and scopes. Some of the Trust and Drudge guns have also been revamped.

Head over to the SEGA blog page to find out how The TCP Launcher does more than just firing grenades, or how a section of The Hive Cannon has been removed to make way for something that will surely bug your enemies. Want to know more about some of the new hardware in the game? Read how The Dark Star (previously known as "The Black Hole Gun", "The Brahmastra", and "The Killa") utilises dark matter to launch an attack that distorts space-time.

Weapons Trailer