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First 3DS Update Sends 3D Video to Your Machine

Posted by James Newton

And for free, too

3DS isn't even officially out in the West yet, and already Nintendo has sent out a system update that adds new features to the machine.

Gamers in Europe receive a pretty stunning 3D video montage of skateboard, skydiving, flowers growing and more, whereas North American consoles get a free music video from OK Go! We'll leave it to you to decide who's got the better deal.

According to Nintendo of America, the update "also enhances the communication features of the Nintendo 3DS system", though upon further inspection of our updated machines not a lot appears to be different. Still, a free 3D video is nothing to sniff at.

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bboy2970 said:

Cool! I'll have a 3D music video to watch come launch day! I like this video too. I saw it like 6 months ago on VH1 but now it will be in THREE-DEEEEE!!!



default12345 said:

I'm looking forward to it!

Though I will not be partaking in 3D awesomeness until tomorrow evening.



Monsti said:

Although Ok Go are cool, I think the montage will be much better to just check out a bit 3D video. Will be downloaded immediately when I get the thing tomorrow. ^^



Megumi said:

Do you still have to manually update it like you did with the Wii/DSi?



Radbot42 said:

this is one of my favorite music videos and I cant wait to watch it in 3D!!!!



James said:

@BellGoRiiing Yep, there's a notification that tells you how to update. It comes through much, much quicker than on the Wii though



Megumi said:

Oh, guess I'm thinking that's how the games will work...when I heard about WiiConnect24 I was thinking the system would update itself and all that...was thinking the same for the 3DS, ah well. lol



OldBoy said:

Nice. I think we got the better deal. What does Japan get though? Guaranteed it'll be better than both those offerings



Hey_Listen- said:

Hey I don't know if you guys noticed this but the picture of your Nintendo 3DS on the left side of the internet page is wrong I think. Isn't the circle pad supposed to be grey/white?



StarDust4Ever said:

Is there much of a selection as far as the free video goes, or do we just get stuck with whatever they give us?



HanChan said:

And the 3DS becomes even cooler! i'm so excited I just can't wait till Sunday!



komicturtle said:

Meh... Nah, I kid.. [Off topic- The word Meh is getting really annoying me these days. Nothing against those who use it. but it irritates.. needed to get that out]

I think Black Eyed Peas' Fergie should be in 3D. A music video of "The Situation" would be sweet... I love her dearly... <3



WolfRamHeart said:

Not my kind of music but I guess it will be interesting to see what a 3D video will look like on the 3DS.



Cheezy said:

I withdrew my $300 from the bank today...I hope the money doesn't get too comfortable. All ready for Sunday!



McGruber said:

Sweet! Can't wait to see this in 3D since I've never seen the regular video. I remember the one on the treadmills being really cool!



TromaDogg said:

@ James Newton

I got my 3DS delivered at 1pm (UK time) yesterday, had it connected to the internet within 5 minutes of opening it, had it switched on (either playing on it or in Sleep Mode) and connected to the internet almost for the whole rest of the day and didn't get any notification about an update whatsoever. I only found out about it from internet sites, then did a manual check for updates on my system via the options menu and lo and behold, there it was, and I was able to download and see the free video.

As of now, I still haven't had any notification about an available update. Quicker than the Wii? I don't think so at this point.



realar said:

We get Ok Go?
Not bad.
I loved Here It Goes Again, seems a good fit for Nintendo.



Roz said:

They also changed that health information thing, more to the right of the button line. Can't wait for the 3dsware and dsware store.

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