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ESRB Rating Sheds Light on Cubic Ninja Gameplay, Buttocks Fragments

Posted by Zach Kaplan

UPDATE: New info and screens

We don't know much about Ubisoft's upcoming 3DS title Cubic Ninja, but recently an ESRB rating summary has appeared that clears a few things up – for one, will there be butt fragments? Yes, there will.

This is a puzzle platformer in which players guide a boxy ninja through over 100 mazes. As players float and bounce around each level, they must trigger door mechanisms while avoiding spikes or collapsing walls. Damage to characters includes getting comically crushed, poked, or thrown into the screen. During the course of the game, a frog-like character may eat players' ninja and emit blocky fragments from its buttocks.

Suddenly, we're very much looking forward to this one. Are you?


Shortly after posting this, we received a full press release from Ubisoft, perhaps the most intriguing detail of which is that the game will be a buttons-free experience, operating entirely on the twists and turns of the system's gyroscope or circle pad. You can read the full press release below.

What: Cubic Ninja™

Platform: Nintendo 3DS™ system

When: Summer 2011

Details: Ubisoft is happy to announce Cubic Ninja™, the Nintendo 3DS™ title that lets you play without ever touching a button. Simply tilt and turn your Nintendo 3DS to solve challenging puzzles, outwit devious enemies and escape intricate traps.

Cubic Ninja places you in the role of CC, a brave little ninja with a distinctly cubic shape. The princess of your beloved kingdom – plus a few of your ninja friends – has been abducted. It’s up to you to save everyone! You must tilt and turn your way through over 100 eye-opening levels, defeating adversaries such as Woofbot, Scorchbot and more! From raging infernos to elemental forces of wind and water, your enemies will do whatever it takes to stop you.

But you won’t be stopped. If you have to tumble till you’re dizzy, or survive raging waters just to rescue the princess, then you will. Because you’re Cubic Ninja. And that’s how you roll.


ELECTRIFYING GAMEPLAY – Who needs buttons? Tilt and turn controls guide Cubic Ninja through more than 100 challenging levels. Or simply use the Circle Pad.

MASTER NINJUTSU SKILLS – Outwit cunning traps and rescue your fellow Ninjas by earning and unleashing mysterious Ninjutsu skills.

CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS – Race through a level as quickly as you can, share a ghosted replay of your best run, and dare your friends to beat it.

UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY – Create your own pulse-quickening levels and display them as a QR Code that can be shared with players all over the world.


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sillygostly said:

Gotta love the ESRB and MPAA for their completely inane (and occasionally cryptic) rating descriptions.



V8_Ninja said:

ESRB descriptions always sound like part of a skit off of Comedy Central. And to be honest, I never want them to change.



Spoony_Tech said:

This actually looks like a 3dsware game. It doesn't look high budget at all but we will see.



shinesprite said:

I'll need a video before I can start to form an impression, but due to the description above, I suddenly have expectations for this game.



Oregano said:

This is one of the most interesting 3DS games and it's budget priced in Japan so they know they can't compete with the big guys.



Corbs said:

We just uploaded 8 new screens of the game and some info on it. It's coming summer 2011. It worries me that the game uses only the gyro controls as they're not very friendly with the 3D of the system. Super Monkey Ball is nearly impossible to play in 3D with the gyro controls.



Corbs said:

I see it will also allow for use of the Circle Pad. I feel much better now.

And thanks catcher82611. It's a bit weird a 3DS game won't use 3D, but hey, if it's good, who cares?!



Corbs said:

I'd like to see a new i-Ninja game on 3DS. I miss the little fellow!



sykotek said:

@Corbs: I'd like to see a new I-Ninja game too, but that'll likely never happen since the company that made it, Argonaut Games folded less than a year after its release. As far as I know, I-Ninja died with them.



Corbs said:

Nope, Namco now owns the rights to i-Ninja, acquired fully upon Argonaut's demise. But will that mean a new game, probably not considering how the original sold.



Retro_on_theGo said:

No button controls at all actually turns me off a bit. But it sounds and looks fun. Plus it reminds me of meat boy. I'll definitely consider this.



ToastyYogurt said:

It looks like Commander Video got shrunk down to Meat Boy size and is jumping around the Aperture Science Lab.



Ren said:

why, then, would the box art say that it plays in both 2d and 3d mode then? Look at the images. it'd be rediculous if it wasn't in 3D. I wish this was a launch game, I'd totally go for it.

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