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Enjoy the Sights in this Conduit 2 Environments Trailer

Posted by Trevor Chan

Where will Agent Ford's mission take him?

We've been treated to a brief weapons preview in High Voltage Software's first-person shooter Conduit 2, now it's time to take a peak at the in-game environments that we'll be utilising said weapons in via SEGA's new trailer.

At just over a minute in duration, the trailer is indeed a short one but long enough to show some of the exotic places gamers will be battling it out in. From dangerous Trust territory deep in the Bermuda Triangle, to the frozen conditions of Siberia, to the temples of mountainous China, gamers will attempt to prevent the alien invasion in a variety of locations. If you thought the city of Oxford, England is just a place for study, think again.

Conduit 2 launches in Europe, and North America next month.

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Objection said:

I saw this trailer on another site the other day, and i hate to be the one to vocalize this, but I really hope that its the trailer that is making the models and texturing look so mediocre. I genuinely hope its compressed video and not lackluster art,since the trailerlegitimately looked worse than Conduit 1, among many other games. I'm hoping that's not the case, and I like that there's a co-op campaign this time around.



pixelman said:

That looked awful. The maps look like they're little arenas. :/ Probably going to wait for a price drop on this one.



pikku said:

Textures look really muddy and washed out. Goldeneye still looks better IMO. I'll probably borrow it, and GE and whichever one I like more I'll buy.



y2josh said:

It all looks so dark. I thought they were going for colorful in this one.



Colors said:

Dosen't really interest me but I might get it someday. But I only like FPS's if they aren't too gory and graphic (CoD: Black Ops nearly made me sick)



MasterGraveheart said:

I like it so far. Graphics do not a great game make... but color adds a lot for me, so well done. I was surprised that I'm not bad at Goldeneye, so I may go online with this Conduit.



Ren said:

Geez. people are seriously jaded by the wow of HD from other consoles, but I guess I can understand why. I'm not really a FPS guy, but I never liked aiming with a d pad, though, so I still think a good Wii FPS has an inherent advantage with the pointer controls if the gameplay and missions are at least passable. I'll wait for the word on this one.



daznsaz said:

some of it looked good other bits bland hopefully the makers played goldeneye and got some ideas



JimLad said:

It probably won't be as pretty as Goldeneye, but from the features they've listed it's multiplayer is going to kick the crap out of Goldeneye's.

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