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Chrono Trigger is Coming to Virtual Console in Japan

Posted by James Newton

Will the Western world follow?

It's one of the most requested games for Virtual Console: Square's Super NES classic Chrono Trigger, but its chances of coming to the Wii's download services in North America and Europe just got a bit of a boost as the game is coming to Japanese Virtual Console next month.

In its native country the game would retail for 900 Nintendo Points, and is due to land in April. While this obviously isn't a confirmation that the game is heading to the West, at least the game is heading to a Wii download service somewhere in the world.

We'll keep you posted on any developments.

Thanks to the Clinker for the tip.


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JayArr said:

I've just traveled back from the future! This story is true! It also is eventually released in EU and US!



joker said:

I was just thinking about this today. I'd say chances for a EU+NA release are pretty thick seeing how FFVI got released in Europe last week.



Cia said:

Yeah, this is great news! If it comes i'll download it and FF VI at the same time.



rwq said:

Yayy! Amazing news. But here comes the obligatory question: For PAL territories which is it? 50 or 60hz?



James said:

@rwq We don't even know if it's coming to PAL territories yet, so it's a bit early to say



Issun said:

Seeing that it took 2 months to come out in Europe for FF6, I'm pretty sure we'll wait that amount too. And also the demand is quite high, so I'm sure they'll release it soon.



moosa said:

I've just played the PS1 version of this. I LOVE it! To anyone who hasn't experienced this game yet, you owe it to yourselves to play it one way or another.



skywake said:

Very hyped about this because I didn't end up getting it on the DS...... but the strange thing is this game seems like a better fit for the DS than the Wii's VC for some reason.

........maybe I should get it on DS when the 3DS is pwning sales in that magical period when "last gen" games are still selling but at uber cheap prices.



Chunky_Droid said:

Did Chrono Trigger come out in Europe? I know it never came out in Australia. If it never came out in Europe you can expect it as an import at 60hz



Bass_X0 said:

It never came out in Europe on the SNES.
Why do Square's RPGs cost 900 points in Japan? Some kind of good game Tax?



Link79 said:

I'd say the chances of a U.S. release are pretty good. The DS remake has been out long enough now so sales shouldn't be effected. Kirby Superstar was released on VC despite there being a DS remake also.
It's about time this game got a release.
Love It!
Oh and to all those Earthbound nuts out there. Sorry but Chrono Trigger is better.



Scarhino89 said:


800 Wii Points for you, dear Amercians.
900 Wii Points for Japaneses and us Europeans (A Hanabi Festival is necessary).



Rensch said:


I wasn't expecting this as they released it for DS a few years ago. I played the DS version but I love it so much I'd download it for VC anyway. I heard the DS version did not sell very well so perhaps that's why they release it now.

The absolute best candidate for the next Hanabi Festival if you ask me.



StarBoy91 said:

Well, this was quite unexpected!
I have it for the DS. Chrono Trigger's one of my top favorite RPGs.



Spoony_Tech said:

Don't care! I have it on my DS don't need a download version. Good price though for those who want to try one of the best rpgs of all time.



RadioShadow said:

As there isn't a EU Version that runs at 50Hz, they will count it as an import. So they will give us the US version, but set it to run in PAL 60.



Azaris said:

Oh nice too bad i already have the ds version still im glad their keeping at this here's hoping vc gets all the se rpgs eventually.



Rapadash6 said:

Chrono Trigger is definately one of the best RPGs ever and I'll be picking it up for sure when it arrives in the states but I can't help but lament the companies choice to completely ignore the Enix sides back catalog. I mean I can't be the only one clamouring for Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia and Terranigma, am I? Not to mention the Dragon Quest (Warrior) series.

Also I think the Virtual Console is starting to slowly become relavent again, thanks to the surge of awesome game announcements lately. I still really want to see Star Fox and Yoshi's Island but if games like Super Adventure Island and Mega Man X are what's released in the meantime, there is no reason to complain.



MasterGraveheart said:

I have the SNES version. I have the DS version. I still say WOO HOO! Bring on other RPGs! Terranigma! EarthBound 1 and 2 (I recognize Mother 3 as EarthBound 3). Illusion of Gaia! Secret of Evermore! Bring 'em on!



MeloMan said:

Good news even if I don't download it again... Do I really want to play this an 8th time complete in my life? Short answer yes, but I'm too busy with other games currently, so I'll let those that have either sat on the fence or denied playing it have a shot. DO. NOT. MISS. THIS. GAME. PERIOD. WHOEVER YOU ARE.



CanisWolfred said:

Am I the only one who noticed that Mega Man X is also coming to the Japanese VC?

Edit: Nope, good ol' Angelic Lapras King noticed, too.



MarkyVigoroth said:

...this adds hope to a lot of Virtual Console titles...
Then again, I wonder if this was a given due to Final Fantasy being released...



Pj1 said:

This is great news! I have a Japanese version but it doesn't work on my SNES, another VC title that is worth the wait So does this mean we're get 'Earth bound'? hopefully Chrono Trigger will come to Europe...



kurtasbestos said:

If this comes to the US I might try it out so I can once and for all figure out why every nerd on the internet won't shut up about it. Take THAT, Internet nerds!



manleycartoonist said:

Am I the only person that didn't like Mega Man X? I owned it on the SNES and barely played it. Didn't even feel like a Mega Man game.



Kevin said:

Chrono Trigger for the VC? Yes! Another title I can take off my Amazon wishlist now.



IAmChristinaAguilera said:

Of course it's coming to North America. May be a few months, but it'll get here. Whelp, notwithstanding a release of Yoshi's Island or one of the arcade Street Fighters or some completely unexpected oddball surprise release (translated version of Marvelous: Another Treasure Island or Nazo no Murasamejou pls), that basically completes my Virtual Console.



IAmChristinaAguilera said:

Oh, and Secret of Evermore, but I'm not sure if it's ever coming. If we get an American-tailored, Japanese-made Square game in Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest, we might as well get an American-tailored, American-made Square game too (that's a better game anyway), right?



Token_Girl said:

y 900 points? That's silly.

Still, I'd pay an extra buck for this game, given how good I've heard it is, and it'd still be cheaper than the DS cart. Guess they've made all they will from those, so now it can go on the VC. Glad I held out to play this game on the glory of the big TV!



StarBoy91 said:

I still think Square-Enix should release SoulBlazer and the rest of the Enix line-up of games to the VC, but it is nice to see that they're going to bring Chrono Trigger to the VC.



Knux said:

I hope this comes to the VC in America, because I would buy it on day one.



ps2fan said:

I own both the playstation and DS version. Is the SNES version different from the playstation one?



cheetahman91 said:

Sweet. Will definitely be downloading this one when it comes out. Also agree with anyone who says that Soul Blazer should come too.



Kurachi said:

never had this in EU (where i live) so this is great news
i dont play handhelds, so this game will be mine once its in EU

btw, i see some negative posts which say its not sure if pal gets it, but we got FFIV and several others

its not my nr1 wanted VC game, as i never knew it on console, but i'll give it a try, and i bet its gonna make me happy
i'll buy it no matter what, 900 points isnt that bad
i'd say some wiiware titles are much worse with their prices, IMO

it will take a while to come, so i wont watch news everyday, but i'm happy to know this

ps. i bet alot of people have been waiting for this
and i have, even though some say: it might not come
i'm sure we all get it, yay



FigetingPigeon said:

OH MY GOD!! Please SquareEnix release this game in both Europe and the US. I've never had chance to play this game before. Hopefully with how kind SquareEnix has been with us Europeans lately, we may see a release here. Fingers crossed!!

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