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Asphalt 3D Launch Trailer Mirrors, Signals and Manoeuvres

Posted by James Newton

Will it set your heart racing?

Ubisoft's racing series is quick off the starting grid when it comes to DS launches: Asphalt: Urban GT launched with the DS in Europe, Asphalt 4: Elite Racing hit DSiWare after a little pause and Asphalt 3D is pulling up to 3DS on day one.

The latest gameplay footage shows off the gameplay modes featured in the game, including the crashtacular Vigilante mode and the ability to exchange ghost data and lap times via StreetPass, opening up new in-game content as you do.

We'll be reviewing all the 3DS launch games so you can see how this stacks up against Namco Bandai's Ridge Racer 3D soon.

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Magi said:

First person, tons of vehicles, and bunches of customization and I might be down.



Ren said:

I'm a little wary about streetpass features in general. Am I going to have to go to high-school cafeterias to ever use pass anyone on some games? Seems like a stretch to expect most regular working people over 25 in Chicago to be toting their 3d video games around in "sleep mode" to get points, especially with a short battery; We'll see.



Roo said:

Just so folk know, NGamer have posted abbreviated versions of their reviews for the EU 3DS launch games up on their blog. This didn't score very well at all...



SwerdMurd said:

looks a lot cleaner than ridge racer...and kinda has a burnout vibe. interesting....i might pick it up if/when it gets cheap (unless Mario Kart comes out before that happens)



Chris720 said:

Is it me, ot do the roads look jagged to anyone else? Also the framerate looks quite bad and just doesn't look appealing to me... :/



JohnDoe123 said:

I'd like to know why this game is apparently bad. When I tried it, it was great. I was considering getting it but I'll have to wait for a few reviews now. Without this or Lego Star Wars III, which is apparantly bad as well, I have no clue what to get as a second game. Maybe I'll wait and pick up something else...




Who said Lego Star Wars 3 was bad?

Not a lot of Asphalt 3D revws are out yet.

I'm going to get this when the price drops a bit.

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