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3DS Had Best First Day Sales of Any Nintendo Handheld

Posted by James Newton

Take that, GameBoy Micro!

It might be a little early in the day to talk about the 3DS's launch success, with in-depth statistics set to be available in the NPD Group's next report on 14th April, but Nintendo is obviously pleased with the console's day-one sales, claiming it beat every other Nintendo handheld's launch day figures in North America.

While the company didn't say exactly how many units the machine sold, as a point of comparison the DS Lite sold around 136,000 in its first two days on sale, so use your own calculation methods to extrapolate the 3DS's likely day one sales. Whatever number you come out with, multiply it by $250 and gasp at the serious money that fell into the coffers of games retailers on 27th March.

If you bought your machine on day one, you're now part of a Nintendo record. Give yourself a pat on the back.


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Golgo said:

Phew...that's gonna be a lot to recall if they can't fix it!

(I'm kidding, I'm kidding!)



Ron_DelVillano said:

@Dez the tagline is making fun of how poorly the Micro sold. I was just expressing my sympathies for the poor under-appreciated and under-sold console.



RyuZebian said:

I just got mine! Now if you excuse me, I'm going to enjoy it. And pat myself on the back.



Morpheel said:

My game boy micro is will always be perfect in my eyes.

I preordered on day -90, am i part of the records?



Knux said:

Awesome, I am on the record for helping Nintendo print bucketloads of money!



bboy2970 said:

Great to hear! I hope the 3DS has many years of stellar sales ahead! Also, I really like Gameboy micro. It my have only sold like 2 million units but that just makes my special 20th anniversary system that much more special!



iSonic said:

Yay! I've never been apart of a record before, let alone a Nintendo one. :3



Burn said:

Super, but now everyone will want to cash in on that success. Let's hope some quality developers jump on the 3DS bandwagon soon, I can already see the shovelware piling up.



DarkEdi said:

In Mexico the 3DS has a price of (aprox) $500 dls. Why Nintendo doesn´t do something about this? I won´t buy the 3DS until it has a drop price in this country.



Tails said:

3DS will get fixed up soon and when it does be prepared for E3. i got a feeling we will have a very worried Microsoft and Sony by time E3 shows up. Congrats though Nintendo on a job well done.



Retro_on_theGo said:

So Is my name going to be in a giant list of other names in the Guinness book of world records or something?



NintyMan said:

I'm not surprised one little bit. And I don't care much for the Micro since I chose an SP back in the day instead.



EliPro said:

This is off subject, but everyone watch Tail's video he is Tails86 and does Wii-kly reviews.



Pj1 said:

The more I play 3DS the more I really do get a 'wow' factor, yeah the occassional sore eyes but 'Pilot wings resort' is great! I can't wait to see what Nintendo do with Mario. Nintendo are enjoying the sales figures and for that Well Done Nintendo....
So will the Wii successor be a years wait before they announce it?........



motang said:

3DS is awesome loving it! I am glad I got, and SSF IV 3D is an awesome launch title.



realar said:

Part of this number- pats on back!!
But seriously Nintendo I want to see the numbers on this launch.



IronMan28 said:

Strangely enough...the stab taken at gameboy micro now makes me want to buy

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