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3D Sound Adventure Nazo Waku Yakata Gets Sited

Posted by James Newton

Websited, that is

Yesterday we reported on Capcom's 3D sound adventure Nazo Waku Yakata, and now the publisher has opened a website to show off the game's graphical side too.

The official website contains a few small screenshots showing some of the strange situations you'll find in the mystery mansion: bees, matches and old crones feature, though no sign of the already notorious "bathing suit massage" stage.

There's also a small sample available of the game's three-dimensional Otophonics sound system, which is worth a listen.


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Roo said:

Misread that as '3D Sonic Adventure'. Not sure wether to be disappointed or happy that I was wrong...!



Ren said:

neat demo, and cool artwork too! This should be a cool game, especially with even a little 3d in the cartoon images.
Unfortunate that the "massage" stuff is whats is peaking peoples curiousity, looking at the art style I doubt it will be anything risque, so I think people should keep their pants on about it.



bboy2970 said:

Very much looking forward to this! That sound sample was pretty cool and the art style looks like a cross between Layton and 999 (both of which I absolutely love). I hope its not too weird not to make it out of Japan though....

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