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Wii Unlikely to Catch a Traditional Pokemon RPG Title

Posted by Trevor Chan

Home consoles are better for other things

As part of Nintendo's Q3 Financial Results Briefing last month, it was revealed that the company has several Pokémon projects planned for handheld systems DS and the 3DS, as well as the home console Wii. Exactly what sort of game the latter will be is unclear at the moment, but according to Junichi Masuda, co-founder of Game Freak and director of Pokémon Black and White, a traditional Pokémon RPG on the Wii is unlikely.

When quizzed by IGN about the likelihood of bringing a Pokémon title that's part of the main series to the Wii, Masuda's response was:

I don't think so. I think the Pokémon core series is always going to be with handheld hardware, in the future as well... I consider handheld hardware you can carry around with you as almost being equal to being with Pokémon, always. I think handheld really matches the idea of Pokémon that we have. Also, you can communicate and transfer data all the time, whenever you want with a handheld. That's also a match with the Pokémon concept.

Even with the increase in connectivity on home consoles, Masuda still feels that what's best for the Pokémon series is the ability to house it within portable devices, enabling players to go anywhere and not be restricted to the sofa. However, he does admit that it would be nice to work on other systems if they were more portable.

Obviously the home console allows people to get together, for parties, and those sorts of things... Maybe in the future, if we can think of a way to do something cool with that, then that's the sort of environment we can work in.

So it looks like the type of Pokémon games we can expect to see on the Wii will follow the trends of releases such as Pokémon Battle Revolution, and PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure. Oh joy.


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Lotice-Paladin said:

Kind of obvious considering the games are about trading as the USP.

I'd like it if GAME FREAK made at least one new franchise and give Pokemon a break (we have generations 2, 4 and 5 from the DS era and the other two generations on the GBA now).

Anyway, I expect another Pokemon game to be released in 2012.



zeeroid said:

Rather than a full-fledged and standalone Wii title, what I really want to see them create is a more connective experience between the DS games and the Wii. For example, in the next iteration of Pokemon Stadium, it would be nice if there were a way to seamlessly play the actual game on your handheld while watching the action up on the TV, using the 3D assets on the Wii title. The optimal case would be the ability to completely replicate the action of the DS game, but alternatively just the battles would suffice. Imagine if every time you played Pokemon Black or White at home on your couch, whenever you landed in a battle, it would instantly be replicated on your television using the 3D Pokemon models and animations. Pretty amazing, right? And entirely feasible. That is, if Nintendo were to give a crap about its fans.



Objection said:

You could at least try. It's pretty obvious no one has done so with the existing WIi titles.



Knux said:

Basically, most Pokemon home console games are shovelware, and the handheld games are golden. I wonder what Pokemon games are in store for the 3DS?



Azaris said:

The only reason they won't do it is to force multicard multiplayer if they put it on a disc the multiplayer would only need one disc per household (unless they go online) as far as a more portable console just make a pokemon game for 3ds for now it has more horse power then wii



Terra said:

I'd pretty much given up all hope on a proper Pokemon adventure for a home console. I'd be happy with another Colosseum type Pokemon game though, quite enjoyed that title. That reminds me, I must buy Pokemon XD: Gale Of Darkness one day



Rensch said:

If there is one game that would be able to breathe some new life in the series, it would be a console RPG. I'd love to see it, many fans would. Why does Game Freak remain so ignorant.



motang said:

What a shame, with number of units out there you think this would a no brainier!



Portista said:

Aww man! I always wished to have a Pokemon game on my Wii. Now I'll have to give up all hope.



supermonkey117 said:

very big shame indeed could you imagine the actions you could pull off with the will controls even adding your mii as your character even creating your own badges and gym online your right montang it is a no brainer it woeked well on game cube why not the wii.



Aronos said:

How do they know, unless they at least try.
Whatever happened to experiementation and creativeness?
I would by that game in a heartbeat if it was actually an RPG and not a stadium or spin-off.



jpfan1989 said:

With the 3DS having more power it is possible that we may get future pokemon games that look more like Colosseum or Gale of Darkness.... only on a handheld



salty1264 said:

the good thing of having on the wii is 4.7 GB would be a lot bigger and more modes and features than 512MB on ds



Doma said:

A party game focus for the home consoles?... ugh. All i want is a properly updated Pokemon Stadium 3. Why did they allow those games to get screwed up so badly.

Stadium and Snap were only good home console games. I see Hal labs were partly responsible for those, so i can begin to understand why.



Noire said:

This is exactly as it should be imo. The core Pokémon game is and should remain uniquely a handheld experience, because it's perfectly suited to that format and not to a console. Not to mention that since it's inception it has become Nintendo's handheld killer app. Why would they want to lose that?

I'm glad Masuda-san sees it a similar way. :3



Traxx said:

He just told us, there may be a Pokemon-Minigame-game for Wii, cause thats one hell of a party.



BulbasaurusRex said:

What we need is a console Pokemon game with 3D multiplayer battles; a story mode like Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkess; battle challenge facilities like the Stadium games and Battle Revolution; rental Pokemon, multiplayer minigames, and the ability to play the handheld games on the TV like the Stadium games; and character customization with unlockables and online battling like Battle Revolution (except they should allow us to battle 6 on 6).



Tylr said:

Pokemon XD:Gale of Darkness was dang EPIC sauce. I don't see why if they can make a game that good on GCN, why can't they make another sequel to it on Wii, which it could only gain from? Battle Revolution was about battles, no adventure, i find it extremely disappointing. I'm getting tired of seeing sprites for pokemon...there's just a load more possiblities with a home console so i don't honestly see why a handheld is satisfactory for them. They're really throwing some good future pokemon game possibilities out the window...



Yadoking said:

I don't mind the Pokémon games coming out at the pace they are. It's going nicely, but I would like another Game to be made by them. Non Pokémon Gamefreak games rule too. Maybe a Pulseman sequal =O



Marioman64 said:

if they want us to have a feeling of always being with our pokemon, why in gods name did they take the pokewalker feature out of black and white?



Highwinter said:

Pokemon XD was really quite good, I wouldn't mind if they did something similar to that but even just a new Pokemon Stadium would be useful. Just as long as it's not like Battle Revolution, which is flat out one of the worse games I've ever played.



Linkstrikesback said:

Well, I'm not interested if it doesn't have a decently long story mode. I liked XD enough that I would buy sequal, and the two gamecube games were a good break from "get badges, beat Team xxx after 6-8 badges, go to elite 4."
Even though they were basically the same plot, it was well disguised in comparison to every handheld game, where they don't even try anymore ...



GamerZack87 said:

"So it looks like the type of Pokémon games we can expect to see on the Wii will follow the trends of releases such as Pokémon Battle Revolution...Oh joy."

Hey! I quite enjoyed Pokemon Battle Revolution! Of course, I had Pokemon Pearl to accompany it...



JimLad said:

Yup, people were asking this with N64 and GameCube, it aint gonna happen.



rockman0 said:

Well, it's always been like that. Pokemon XD and Coliseum were not main games, but were still RPG-styled games. I'd love a Pokemon Battle Revolution game with some kind of RPG element to it. Do that for me now, Nintendo!



ToastyYogurt said:

@JirachiFan: No, the 3DS doesn't. Just because it has screenshots that loom like the Wii doesn't mean it's not more powerful. Nobody really knows how powerful it is, but it can't be more powerful than a home console.



darklinkinfinite said:

Honestly I wouldn't mind if they kept the main Pokemon games on the handhelds but that doesn't mean a Pokemon RPG wouldn't be good on home consoles.

Personally, I've always wanted a game that follows the first season of the TV show. I know Pokemon Yellow kind of did that, but I mean a proper story-based RPG where your pokemon team is built up according to the story, Team Rocket is there with all their silly antics, you meet up with all those odd supporting characters, and event-style matches that don't follow the typical pokemon formula, like Charizard and Magmar 1-on-1 on top of a volcano, etc.

Unfortunately I'm expecting something along the lines of Pokepark or Pokemon Channel instead of something noteworthy. Hopefully Nintendo proves me wrong.



MasterGraveheart said:

You wanna know what kind of game the Wii SHOULD have? Not a game at all. Rather, an updated Pokémon Box like we had on the GameCube! I'm getting flooded with fossels here and Ii don't believe in releasing Pokémon! @.@

Oh, something else that would be cool... a link up with the DS/3DS that lets you go into a MMO world and challenge trainers there. Maybe participate in events.



rockman0 said:

It'd be pretty hard to play your Wii in class while you should be listening to the teacher go on about the Law of Conservation. :



SuperTogepi said:

this totally stinks because i love the pokemon RPG's and it would make pokemon even better if they put it on the wii

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