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Snakebyte Preparing a Cure for 3DS USB Charging Woes

Posted by James Newton

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A new console, a new range of accessories from the usual suspects: MadCatz is working on 3DS accessories and iMP Gaming's creepy 3DS cases are bordering on notorious, but Snakebyte is hoping its upcoming starter pack for the console will emerge top of the pile.

The press release mentions the usual "synthetic leather-pouch" containing "three gaming modules", three telescoping styluses, two screen protectors and a set of headphones, but the most useful part could be the universal USB adaptor for charging the console from any USB port.

The starter pack lands in Europe on March 25th for €19.99.

snakebyte announces Starter Pack for 3DS

Just in time for the 3DS release the handy all-in-one-solution will be available in stores

Hemer, 07/02/2011: snakebyte will make the perfect set of accessories available to owners of the brand new 3DS in Europe on 25. March 2011, at the same time the new handheld will be available in stores across Europe. The Starter Pack, which has already been very successful with its 3DS-predecessors, offers its trademark snakebyte-quality for a great bundle-price and gives players the opportunity to get a carefree start with their new 3DS.

The snakebyte 3DS Starter Pack consists of the following products:

  • Premium synthetic leather-pouch for the 3DS, three gaming modules as well as a stylus
  • Three color sorted, telescopic styluses
  • Two residue-free, clear screen covers
  • Universal USB-adapter to charge 3DS and other devices
  • USB charging cable for use with USB adaptor or any USB port
  • Sturdy protective cover for six gaming modules
  • Ear buds with 3.5mm stereo jack

The snakebyte 3DS Starter Pack will be available at retail and online places in Europe on the 25. March 2011 for a suggested retail price of 19,99€.

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Terra said:

Might pick one up, I have one of their DS cases that I won on an NL competition (Before becoming a reviewer) ages ago and it's served me well.



Arcanum said:

Cool. I'd buy it mostly for the screen protectors. but...anyone know if the protectors might throw off the 3D effect?



TeeJay said:

@ Arcanum

You'll buy it for the screen protectors? I thought everyone would get it because it helps greatly against that battery issue with the USB charging. >_>

As for the 3D effect...well, they wouldn't release something that would do that, would it? Then again, I once got a third-party DSi case that didn't have a hole for the place where you store the stylus, so my stylus was trapped in the case and I had to use my extra...



motang said:

Awesome, but why didn't Nintendo enable the 3DS with USB charging out of the backwards if you ask me.



Robo-goose said:

Not to smash your hopes or anything, but wouldn't that present two problems?
1. If you wanted to play your 3DS while charging it, you would have to lay on your back, thus looking toward the light making it harder to see the screen.
2. Solar panels heat up. A lot. Your 3DS would be greatly damaged by the heat.

EDIT: I just realized that the charger doesn't have to be on the 3DS.



Raylax said:

@Robogoose: Yeah, but no-one wants to play their 3DS with a long wire hooking it to a big solar power satellite dish device thing strapped to their back :3



MasterGraveheart said:

Those USB adaptor sounds like it's right up my ally. I have a USB wall jack, so I hope it works with that. I enjoy playing handheld games in my front room, where there is no computer in sight, so this would really come in handy.



HeroOfTime007 said:

Meh, does ayone know if the DSi battery replacements will fit into the 3DS? an 1800 mAh could add a few more hours.



Morpheel said:

can't we simply use the USB-DSi ones already existing, then? the 3DS uses the same charger, doesnt it?



ianmage1 said:

I saw a case called the Nintendo 3DS Pull and Go Folio that can hold 29 game cards. I think I'll go with that.



James said:

@Kevin I believe it's coming to America as well, I've been in contact with Snakebyte and they've got a range of 3DS accessories heading to America.

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