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Rising Star Releases Little King's Story Concept Art Online

Posted by James Newton

For your eyes ONI

Wii adventure Little King's Story was a critical, if not commercial success, with countless gamers falling in love with it since it went on sale two years ago. European publisher Rising Star Games realises the game still carries a loyal following, and has released some concept art exclusively for members of its Hoshi club.

The art depicts dragons, mushrooms, snails and more, all hand-drawn in the game's signature style. We've reposted two of the pieces of art here, but if you want to see the other images be sure to become a Hoshi member at Rising Star Games for exclusive images.

Update: Rising Star Games has boosted the members-only section with even more exclusive concept art, including what looks like a giant tree dressed like Elvis.


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Robo-goose said:

I've always loved seeing the concept art for games. It gives you a basic view of the highly detailed characters.



Bigdog said:

Such an incredible game. Wished it would have sold well, developers earned it. Don't think it's possible to raise this to another level.



James said:

I've seen screenshots of this running in HD and it looks even more amazing than normal. Makes me wish for a Wii HD even harder than normal!



EdEN said:

Were exactly on the rising star site is this concept art? I can't find it!



EdEN said:

@James Yes I am. Just found it. I was looking on the Blog and the Forums but realized there's a sidebar on the Little King's Story section of the site showing the concept art.



James said:

Ahh, cool! The dragon piece in particular is great, I think I may have found my new desktop wallpaper



WolfRamHeart said:

The artstyle is what first drew me to this game. I always found it to be so unique and charming. Thanks for posting this little find James. Oh and I loved the tagline for this article!



HeroOfTime007 said:

Don't see whats so great about this game. The Gameplay is okay, but painfully dull half the time. The lack of Wii IR controls is idiotic and sending units controls like a boat. The graphics are quite awful, like an ear;y Game Cube, and even worse is the 360's bloom and blur added in. And then there's the public domain music... How did the developer go under from debt if this game's production values were non-existent?



XCWarrior said:

I own the game, still need to start it but have others to finish first. Can't wait, looks like a fun time.



erv said:

This game is very, very good - I hope there's more of this quite unexpected but brilliantly executed stuff waiting for me in the future!



FantasiaWHT said:

You need to check your copy editing... You contradict yourself in the first sentence - if "countless gamers" bought the game, then it would be a commercial success.



RevolverLink said:

As much as I adored LKS, I didn't get the many Harvest Moon comparisons that it received when it was released (beyond the whole spouse thing).

I actually thought it had much more ActRaiser in it's DNA than Harvest Moon.



Zach said:

@FantasiaWHT He doesn't say "bought," he says "fell in love with," so I don't see the issue. Besides, he just means that of all the people who fell in love with it, not one of them was a Count. A surprising amount of Countesses, but no Counts.



James said:

Incidentally guys I spoke to RSG and they've uploaded some more artwork in that section now. Enjoy!

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