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Rev Up for Remote Racers on DSiWare Next Monday

Posted by James Newton

Vroom vroom indeed

QubicGames, the team behind AiRace and sequel AiRace: Tunnel, is bringing a land-based racer to DSiWare next week in the form of Remote Racers.

The official PR calls it "the greatest 3D racing game in some time", which isn't necessary a tough feat on DSiWare considering the last racing game to hit the shop was Ferrari GT Evolution in April 2010, but the trailer below looks like the game may provide some fun.

Remote Racers will set run you 500 Points when it pulls into the DSiWare service station on Monday.

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Oregano said:

AiRace is awesome and this looks good too!

Hope these guys are working on 3DS.



Hardy83 said:

This company would be smart to graphically upgrade this engine and start making some 3DSWare games similar to this and Air Race. It's a good engine.



SlyGuy29 said:

It looks fun, but I find it weird that all the places look some what the same if you look at the bottom screen.



Tails said:

I agree the game looks fun almost a little like Mario Kart. Maybe there is hope for this game. Here's to hoping it sells well on DSiware.



LuWiiGi said:

AiRace is great and this looks fun too. They should make AiRace for 3DS.



cheapogamer4life said:

Might instant download this one as I'm always looking for the next good DSiware racers. Gotta have a way to adjust the difficulty though.



moosa said:

What's up with all the doctored, high-res screenshots? Seriously.



SilverBaretta said:

Kinda reminds me of Penny Racers (I think that's what it's called), which I believe was on N64 and in arcades as well. I haven't played AiRace or AiRace Tunnel, but this does look nice.



Junkface said:

Looks good hope its as good as thier other games. I have faith in them these guys make good games.



lOnE-WolF said:

Looks good, nice to have a less serious "party racer" type game on the service. A lack of wi-fi or wireless might be a sale breaker for me though...

500 points looks like a good buy if racing games are a favorite of yours. I'm waiting for the review.



DSman59 said:

I enjoyed AiRace and this games looks nice, too. I also like the soundtrack, framerate looks stable. This might be the first DSiWare games I'll download this year. Not interested in [the overpriced, IMO] Shantae.



shinesprite said:

At first I thought this was just a cheap WiiWare game, but seeing as its DSiWare, I'll consider this.



Azikira said:

Well, it looks like it has the potential to be some fun. Though I did happen to notice that some of the cars drove through corners of walls... I dont know, I'll definately need a review for this.



Vinsanity said:

It always seems like the first thing studios go to when they try to make a Mario Kart clone, but don't have a stupid license (example: M&M's or Shrek or something), they end up making an RC car game. It's just not fresh anymore (it was when Acclaim made Re-volt for the N64), and there are too many mediocre RC car games out there on Steam and PSN/XBLA and whatnot.

That being said, this does look like a pretty solid racer. And for 5 bucks, it'll probably be worth it. I'm just saying...doesn't look very original, unfortunately. I wish they would've looked to games like Beetle Adventure Racing, Top Gear Overdrive, San Francisco Rush 2049 or StuntRacer 3000 - all from the N64 era - for some inspiration. I mean c'mon - in '99 they were making games where the cars had wings (Rush 2049)!

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