Monday sees the release of Remote Racers, a 3D racing game on DSiWare that joins the likes of Asphalt 4: Elite Racing, Ferrari GT Evolution and more in bringing speed to the service. If you're one of the few gamers who thinks you'd have more fun parking cars than driving them, hold onto your Nintendo Points until Valet Parking 1989 reaches DSiWare later this year.

Set in California in 1989 – we're not sure why – the game offers a story mode, in which you presumably rise through the dog-eat-dog world of valet parking to become the greatest living valet, as well as an endless mode for when parking cars is all you want to do.

The game's feature list mentions mullets, ice creams, shoulder pads and teen movies. Ladies and gentlemen, start your predictions for Nintendo Life's review score: now.

Zordix AB today announces the release of the preview film for Valet Parking 1989™ for the Nintendo DSiWare™ service.

Valet Parking 1989 is a game where you park cars for a living, trying to please both guests and boss to make enough money to buy your dream car! As if life wasn't hard enough with guests and an evil boss riding your back, you have to look out for those pesky pedestrians thinking they own the sidewalks! Clients with no patience and expensive cars in narrow parking lots make for a frantic game with screeching tires skidding between people and concrete. Included is both a story mode and an endless play mode where you simply aim for the high score on each stage.

The game is set in 1989, a time when pink was more pink than it has ever been before, a time when Hollywood celebrities really were celebrities, cars guzzled gasoline like there was no tomorrow and pedestrians weren't a protected and endangered species.

Park and return cars to patience impaired guests.
One evil bossman! intense and manic gameplay.
Set in a neon lit California 1989.
12 story mode levels all with their own challenges.
Shoulder pads galore.
30 characters that you may or may not (n)ever have heard of.
Mullets, mullets everywhere! 15 songs (quite but not like, anything you heard before)
Two words, handcuffs and ice cream.
15 cars, big and small with their own quirks. Never ending play, with or without a teen movie story.
A nice ambulance, you will need it!

Ignite the dream, put the pedal to the metal!